Thursday, August 4, 2011


It's officially I'm 28. I was born at 4:58pm back in 1983. Granted I'm in Alabama today, so I turned 28 at 3:58pm central (weird).

I got back yesterday from my usual whirlwind pilgrimage to New York. It was crazier than usual, but I did a lot of things, went a lot of places and saw a lot of people.

Today is a low key birthday day, but that's okay. I've been celebrating for a week already and I have a birthday happy hour with my Auburn peeps planned for tomorrow.

Nice to meet you 28, I hope we get along well!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

2010 Cups of Coffee

Even though I haven't had time or desire to blog lately I thought I should let yo all know my 2010 coffee count was 477. I wish I could have hit 500, but I'm pleased nonetheless. Most of these coffees came in the for of VENTIs or LARGE DD Iced Coffees.

It's been very weird to NOT be counting my coffees this year. It was a fun little project.

I'll be back to blogging eventually, right now I'm too busy LIVING to be blogging :P