Tuesday, December 7, 2010

BCS Bound

Auburn DESTROYED South Carolina and is headed for their first trip the BCS Championship Game!

It's always GRRReat to be an Auburn Tiger, but this season has been one helluva ride!

This is footage of Toomer's after the SEC Game:

Friday, December 3, 2010

Friday 5

1. Boyfriend: Many of you may have seen this on Facebook already, but just wanted to mention it here. I have a boyfriend. He's really awesome. It's all still very new and young. I'm very happy and I'm sure I'll talk about him here at some point in the future.

2. Auburn Football: Unless you are living under a rock than you probably know Auburn is having an AMAZING football season (even if there was scandal surrounding it). We are 12-0 after coming from a 21 point defecit to beat Alabama AT Tuscaloosa. Unreal. Tomorrow we face the 'Cocks of South Carolina in the SEC Championship. If we win the game then we are headed to Arizona for the BCS game in January. We are currently ranked #1 in the BCS polls. It's great to be an Auburn Tiger!

3. Staycation: I spent Thanksgiving break here and it was stellar. I got to sleep, clean, unwind etc. Some highlights including hiking through Chewacla State Park, running in a Thanksgiving morning Turkey Trop 3 mile race, attending an Orphan Friendsgiving dinner, hanging out with the boyfriend and like I mentioned watched the Iron Bowl.

4. Winter Break Plans: I really enjoyed my time here for Thanksgiving, but I am looking forward to being in New York for Christmas. I WAS going to drive, but between a friend's wedding down here and my plans to be in Nashville on New Years, flying was a better option. Plus my mom really prefered that I fly and she is paying for my flights. So I'll be in New York 12/20-29. I'm excited to see people, run on the boardwalk by the beach, to NYC, and maybe even play in some snow!

5. NKOTBSB: So I'm REALLY considering getting tickers to the New Kids on the Block/Backstreet Boys joint Tour this summer. What a Teeny Bopper Dream. Stupid Kevin in BSB needs to take off his cool kid hat and rejoin BSB. I mean all of NKOTB is EASILY older than him. I'm sure he could use the money!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

New Tattoo

I got this beauty this weekend. It's been somewhat of a mantra for me this year. I couldn't be happier with it!

The Serenity Prayer

“God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference. But God, grant me the courage not to give up on what I think is right even though I think it is hopeless.”

I shared this helpful prayer with a younger friend of mine who is just not entering her quarterlife crisis. It's a crazy time for all of us, but you need to learn to thrive in chaos!

Monday, November 22, 2010

10 Years

A good friend of mine totaled his car today, thankfully both him and his passenger are fine.

I then weirdly realized that today is the 10 year anniversary of my car accident in high school. It was devastating. I had had my license for 3 months and had been making payments on a NEW CAR THAT I WORKED ALL THROUGH HIGH SCHOOL TO BUY. This day back in 2000 was the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. We didn’t have classes, but we had mass. I usually skipped days that were just mass, but since it was my senior year I figured I would go. I was making a left to park behind my high school and was hit by a mini van. I NEVER saw the mini van. Thankfully the front of my car took the damage and me and my passenger were fine. The car wasn’t totaled, but it had A LOT OF DAMAGE. After I got it back my mom wouldn’t let me drive to HS the rest of the year. I eventually had to sell my nice “new” (aka had the whole front of the car fixed) and ended up getting an older Jeep my sophomore year of college. I loved that Jeep and only cracked a tail light on it over 5 years!

November was a shitty month this past decade. 2000 - Car Accident, 2001 - Grandma passes away, 2007 - Dad passes away.

THANKFULLY 2010 as a whole is a new slate and has been very good to me. I have high hopes for this decade. Big things are gonna happen.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Rest In Peace Daddy

Missing you everyday Daddy: April 25, 1949 - November 18, 2007

My Dad was awesome. He is pretty much the reason why I am as awesome as I am. My Dad was born in Brooklyn and raised on Long Island in the same town I grew up in. He was the first in his family to graduate college (with a Art degree) and after being a hippie in Southern California he went back for a Masters in Education.

My Dad was an art teacher in a low income, minority school district and he LOVED IT. He spent his ENTIRE career there (33 years). After teaching for 20ish years he went on to administration. He was a middle school assistant principal for a number of years and a high school assistant principal for a number of years. They wanted him to be principal, but he didn’t want to deal with politics.

When I was in first grade my Dad started a Saturday enrichment program for K-12 students. Some of my favorite childhood memories were from that program. My Dad also piloted a night school program within the school district so people could get their HS diplomas.

My Dad was a pretty big deal in the K-12 Education world. Even after he retired he couldn’t stay away. The last year of his life he was teaching in an education certificate program at a Dallas Community College.

My Dad was great at what he did. He was loved, feared and respected. I see so much of him in myself.

I should also mention that my Dad was and probably will forever be the funniest person I ever knew. He was witty, sarcastic, smart, quick, etc. Freakin’ hilarious. I thank him for my stellar sense of humor.

We both loved the beach, margarita swirls, Broadway musicals, slot machines, Law & Order: SVU, etc.

The last 3-4 years of his life I pretty much talked to him everyday, even multiple times a day. Since he was retired he was available to talk whenever. I generally would calling him when I was walking to and from class in grad school. Even if it was just a few minutes we’d have a great chat. I can honestly say we were best friends.

When I think of my Dad the first thing that comes to mind is the laughter. It makes me sad that so many people in my life didn’t get to meet him or will never have the chance. He would have been such an awesome Grandfather, awesome.

I do still plan on dancing to “On the Street Where You Live” from My Fair Lady at my wedding. It was a song he always sang to me when I was little and we always talked about dancing to it at my wedding. I’m not quite sure who I’ll dance with, maybe my sister.

To close one of the readings at his funeral was from Ecclesistes 3:1 and I find this part so fitting:

To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven…A time to weep, and a time to laugh; a time to mourn, and a time to dance…

Today is a time laugh and celebrate.

Love you Daddy!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Lovin' Life

I PROMISE major updates once I get through this week. Work is still busy and life has just been chock full of awesomeness. Plus Iam kicking off FULL MARATHON training today.

I'm honestly on top of the world right now!

Oh and today is my Freddie's 3rd birthday. Can you believe it. I love my little guy.

Monday, November 8, 2010

It's a bird. It's a plane. No, it's a blog post!

Football Weekends

If you haven’t heard Auburn Football is kind of a big deal. Pretty much everyone including those living another a rock have heard of Cam Newton. I had my very own run in with Cam while he was on his scooter driving around campus. I crossed in a cross-walk in front of him and lost my cool due to sheer excitement of seeing him randomly out and about.

My sister and one of her friends came down for the Arkansas game in mid-October. I always enjoy having my sister down and it was great to have her friend Colleen visit and experience Auburn for the first time. I scored them great tickets for the game and not soon after the game started them were all about Cam. It was a great game and I’m glad my sister FINALLY got to see an Auburn victory – she has seen them lose both times previous that she had been in for games. A lot of fun was had.

One of my favorite game day experiences thus far has to have been the LSU game. We were the only 2 undefeated SEC teams and someone was going down. It was also the last game that Time, Michelle and I were going to be together at. Despite having our tickets together – we rarely had all 3 of us at a game due to various commitments. The LSU game was action packed. A lot happened in our end-zone which I love. Auburn WON and Cam Newton and Zac Etheridge came over and stood on the wall RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME. Like 5 rows away. RIGHT THERE. It was amazing. I was actually on ESPN

Next weekend 11/13 is our last home game against Georgia. Should be a good time. I’m hoping to make it to the Iron Bowl game in Tuscaloosa since I have opted to not go to New York for Thanksgiving and stay here for a MUCH NEEDED staycation. I have been on the go so much that I need some time to just lay low and relax.

The MAIN reason I dropped off the blogosphere was due to orientation leader selections. We had 3 straight weeks of interviews in October. We were hiring for both our freshmen camp counselors and transfer orientation leaders. We did a week of a combined first round group interview. We have over 110 camp counselor applicants and over 65 orientation leader applicants. We narrowed both pools after the first week and then did a week of individual second round camp counselor interviews followed by selections and callouts then a week of individual second round orientation leader interviews followed by selections and callouts. It was crazy, but also very rewarding.

Somewhere in the mix of things I ran a 5K sponsored by the Student Government Association. I was up way to late the night before and had drank slightly throughout the weekend. Somehow despite not being properly prepared for the race AND having my ipod die after 1 mile I set a PERSONAL RECORD of ~27min and 30seconds. A-MAZING. My goal is a 23:28 time by May when I hopefully run the Race For Hope in DC again. I’d love to have shaved 10 MINUTES off my time with a year.

So aside from my 2nd half marathon that I already blogged about I really got to enjoy the city. New Orleans was only 5.5 hours away. My friend Melissa is from Louisiana and was able to hook us up at a cool/creepy bed and breakfast in the old Garden District. Out side of the race we did a lot of walking around and riding on STREET CARS. Seriously thee street cars were so old tyme I LOVED them. There was so much to see and do. I loved the old houses – the architecture was amazing. I am fairly certain I could have looked at wrought iron balconies and other decorations all day. I also loved how arsty the city was – such talented painters and musicians.
Of course we hit up Bourbon Street and Frenchmen Street. Also keep in mind I was there for HALLOWEEN – it was madness. I was a little too tired and sore for hijix. HELLO I ran a half marathon that day and was wearing GIANT shoes. I should mention that I was a drag queen for Halloween. Her name was Ikea Wonderland and she was fabulous! Oh and my good friend Jacky from college also happened to be visit a friend in New Orleans the same weekend so we got to hang out a few times which was AWESOME. I’m so glad I got to go to NOLA and I really can’t wait to go back. If you haven’t been GO. I can’t wait to fully day drink and explore cemeteries on my next visit!

I am currently in St. Louis for the annual National Orientation Directors Association Conference. I’m thrilled ot be spending time with colleagues at institutions all over the country and to see my bestie Kelly!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Not my words, but great ones nonethless

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.
Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.

It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us.
We ask ourselves, “Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, handsome, talented and fabulous?”

Actually, who are you not to be?
You are a child of God.

Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you.
We are all meant to shine, as children do.

We were born to make manifest the glory of God within us.
It is not just in some; it is in everyone.

And, as we let our own light shine, we consciously give other people permission to do the same.

As we are liberated from our fear, our presence automatically liberates others.

-Marianne Williamson

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Jazz Half Marathon

Work and life have been crazy, but I am going to try and update on things. They just may be out of order. Let's start with my half marathon.

Friday - hit the road at 5pm with my friend Melissa for the 5.5 hour drive to New Orleans. Stopped halfway for a quick dinner with a friend in south Alabama - I specifically picked a place I have eaten at before and get a club sandwich with a mac and cheese side because I don't want to try anything new the night before a race. Get to NOLA around 11pm. We are staying at charming/old/creepy/cute bed and breakfast in the Garden District. Settle into the room, lay out race stuff, sync my playlist to my ipod. The last thing I do before trying to fall asleep is "remove" my ipod from syncing/charging. I remove the ipod when it's safe to remove and I look to make sure the playlist was added and the charging screen is FROZEN. FROZEN. I nearly lose my shit. I'm like I can't run without music etc. I try a few things to try and make it work, then I go to the mac troubleshooting website and through a few weird toggling of buttons I get it unfrozen. So now at 1am after this near heart attack I'm supposed to fall asleep? Yeah right. I laid in back awake for at least 2 hours. Then maybe slept an hour or two before waking up at 4:30. I laid in bed until 5:45 when my alarm went off.

Saturday - Despite not really sleeping I feel pretty good. Make a peanut butter and banana sandwich thin and get ready. Thank goodness Melissa is from outside NOLA because my GPS was tweaking out trying to get to the race location. So we get to one of the race parking lots and see a TON of people there waiting to pre-pay in the lot. It's $10 despite it saying it was $4 for race people - either way I only have a twenty and no debit card. STRESS. The race is supposed to start in 20 minutes so we leave the car unpaid and Melissa says she'll get change for my $20 and pay for it after the race starts. The starting line was not organized by pace or anything. It was elite runners in the front and then a free-for-all in the back, I tried to get towards the front 1/3 of the group. It was all very cramped and there was roughly 3,500 runners.

I should also mention I executive decision to wear my compression shorts OVER my compression tights. My compression shorts have a back pocket that I needed for my gels, but I thought it'd be too chilly to not wear tights. I was nervous about trying something new for race day, but I had to roll with it.

Race starts - its PACKED. And running with men is very different than an all women's race. Men seemed pushier. I end up breaking away from the street and head toward the sidewalk with others to try and get past all the congestion. Within the first mile or two a lady next to falls over a groove in the road that I saw. I was so shocked I couldn't even react - luckily she had 2 others with her that helped her up. I then focus on the ground (let me tell you New Orleans does NOT have the best roads). I was (always am) worried about falling or twisting an ankle. The lady that fell got up and kept going, personally I don't know if I could come right back from that.

First mile I ran it 9:12 min. I was both excited and anxious. I figured my time may have been fast because I was trying to get away from people so much at the start. Mile 2 - 9:04 min. I think okay well maybe I can work up a sweat on these first few miles despite it being chilly out which hopefully will keep me from having to pee. Mile 3 - 8:54 min. I saw 8 and I was not happy. I actively trying to slow down to a 10 minute pace with in the next 2 miles. By the 10K split my time was 1:06:00ish. I was over the moon. I was like okay I'm hoping for 2:10 so now I just need to keep close to the pace I'm at and I'll even get a NEGATIVE split.

The race route was essentially run 6 miles out to Audubon park - run the park and run 6 miles back on the other side of the street. So I was feeling great UNTIL I'm in the park and the wind is blowing and some tree debris gets in my eye. So I'm like rubbing and trying to like cry it out whilst running. I should also mention I kinda felt like I had to pee at this point, but since it was later in the race as opposed to my other half when I had to pee since almost the beginning I thought I could wait it out/sweat it out. Well my stomach as a whole suddenly feels funky and I begrudgingly decide to stop at the port-a-pottys. There are 2 people waiting. Well WHOEVER THE EFF WAS IN BOTH STALLS TOOK SO DAMN LONG both people in front me leave the line. So I go in and barely pee. WTF. I'm not mentally prepared/willing to do anything else in a port-a-potty besides pee so I hope for the best.

After a 1/4 mile or so I'm out of the park and now on the loop back when I was get overcome with despair. I bathroom break took too damn long and didn't even make me feel better. I don't know what to do. I walk for 2 minutes to gather my thoughts and try and psych myself back up. Also while walking it gives me time to acknowledge how bad my feet hurt (I've been struggling with foot strain for 2 weeks). I hurt and I'm down, but I AM NOT OUT. I REFUSE TO BE.

The 6 miles back were hard for all the reasons I mentioned AND the sun was in my eyes. I spent most of the race back with my head down. I didn't want to be blinded, I wanted to focus on not tripping on shitty roads and I didn't want to see all the people passing me. I don't really look at or focus on my pace. It ranged from 11-12:30 min/mile I'm sure. The last few miles dragged. I am thankful there were so many people throughout the race cheering and acting a fool - it kept my spirits up.

The last 5K of the race was hard because I knew I wasn't going to hit or come close to my goal time. It was more of a matter of just hot far from it I was going to be. I really debated running full gusto the last few miles knowing I still wouldn't hit my goal time, but I KNEW that if I did that I would be down for the rest of the weekend. I had a choice time or enjoy my weekend. I chose my weekend and I don't regret it.

My unofficial time I kept on my ipod and paused during my bathroom break was 2:16:00ish. My official chip time was 2:19:00 (on the nose!) which put me at an average pace of 10:37 min/mile. Really it's not too shabby at all considering everything.

Saturday, October 9, 2010


This Video Blew My Mind!

The band is named Hollerado and I am totally going to check them out!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Friday Five

1. Sleeping in: After a crazy weekof work last week and a long travel day last Thursday it was glorious getting to sleep in on Friday and Saturday. I used to not really like my bed at my mom's house, but my sister put a foam pad from heaven on it when she was living at home and took over my room. For whatever reason she left the pad and it's glorious.

2. NYC Dinner: Friday night I met up with Colleen, one of my best friends, in NYC for dinner. Colleen now lives in Connecticut so she was able to jump on the Metro North Train and I jumped on the LIRR train and we got up. Colleen and I have barely seen eachother the this year. I saw her for 1 night when I roadtripped home and surprised her in Delaware. Other than that it was actually the first weekend of October the last time I saw her. Even though we talk om the phone multiple times a week it was great to SEE her. We ate at a resturant called Josie's West - it was yummy and healthy and mostly organic. It was reasonably priced for NYC and felt very chic. I highly recommend it. Good times!

3. Boardwalk and Beach: Saturday I was hell bent on going to run on the boardwalk since I didn't get to do that. It was a BEAUTIFUL day like mid-70s. I took the train to Long Beach and was pleased to see so many people out and about. I did a quick 2 mile run on the boardwalk since it was the day before my half. After my run I went down to the beach and stretched/did some yoga on the sane with the salt water licking at my feet. Wow I wish I had the beach this close here - I'd be there all the time. I loved running on the boardwalk with the salty breeze in my lungs and watching the waves crash. It was pure bliss.

4. Dunkin Donuts: Whilst home I got my fair share of Dunkin Donuts Iced Coffee. My first DD stop was in Georgia on the way to the airport and I wanted to try their Pumpkin Iced Coffee. FAIL. IT WAS GROSS. I was mad that I "wasted" that trip on Pumpkin coffee. Lesson learned - stick with my toasted almond iced coffee. Don't worry I drank a BUNCH while I was home. I even stopped on my drive back to Auburn for DD in Georgia and got 2. One for the drive and one for Monday at work. I get so mad when I'm out and about on Long Island and how DDs are EVERYWHERE! Why are they not here, it kills me.

5. Soreness: I was SORE after my race. As soon as I stopped running I was sore. As soon as I got up from sitting down I was sore. As soon as I got up from my nap I was sore. Walking I was sore. Sitting smushed in my seat for my flight home I was sore. Monday I was straight up walking like an old man. I still felt a little sore on Tuesday. Wednesday I went for a 3 mile run. Yesterday I skipped a work out because I was so tired, but I will run after work today. I need this weekend to catch up on sleep and relax.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Race Day in Review

*Despite not getting as much sleep as I would have liked on Saturday night I was up and ready to go Sunday.
*It was COLD on Sunday morning and I debated wearing compression tights instead of compression shorts - but I had never run in the tights before and I didn’t want to try anything new.
*Get to the park and use the potty before there is a line.
Texting with my friend Jess who is also running to find out her whereabouts.
*Drink like a bottle of water because of nerves.
Meet up with my friend Jess and her friend. I loved their cute outfits for the race. *We drop our stuff at gear check, take our pre race energy gels and make our way to the start.
*We go to the 11 minute corral - the race starts with the seeded runners who got to wear black bibs, I kinda had to pee, but I ignore it because I know I will sweat it out and the lines are long.
*The race starts with silver confetti and we pretty much stand still for 2 minutes until out group gets to the front.
*Right out the gate I feel good, cold, but good. I am a concerns about having to pee already since it’s COLD out. However I really don’t want to lose time stopping so I vow to push through and hope to sweat.
*After my first mile I see I’m running a sub-10 pace which is exciting, but I also don’t want to over do it so I try to keep myself around the 10 min pace as much as possible.
*While running I see 2 ladies with homemade shirts that say “a DIVA is a female version of a hustler” - I am immediately mad that I didn’t think download that song and put it on my playlist.
*I spent a lot of the run looking at what everyone was wearing (I’m such a girl). LOTS of pink and black. I see a number of women with iRUNLIKEAGIRL gear on.
*I was in awe of all the women themselves and how different every single one of us were.
*Around mile 4 I see ladies in line for port-o-pottys, but I decide not to stop despite the fact that I have to go and I’m still not sweating. Plus I just drank a bunch of water with my 2nd energy gel.
*By mile 6 all I can think about is having to see and decide I MUST stop. I know my pace will pick up if I pee so I try not to stress out about losing time.
*Finally right before mile 7 I see pottys and only 2 people in line. I pause my Nike+ sensor so I can track my time minus the bathroom break.
*Get in and out pretty quickly and feel MUCH better, unpause Nike+ sensor.
*I pick up my pace quite a bit to try and make up for some time and believe it or not after a mile or so I catch up with a few ladies I recognized from the pack I was running with (one girl was running with just a sports bra and had quite an ample bossum [I should have just worn a sports bra - I mean it was all women, who cares] and one girl had a camel back and awesome tights on)
*Next thing I know it’s mile 10 and I still feel good. Still around a 10 minute pace.
*Finally like mile 11 I start to sweat - it had been so grey and cloudy all morning. I’m starting to get really tired and notice people starting to pick me off.
*Mile 12 we get feather boas and tiaras (I opt out of the tiara). I keep telling myself to push through and keep up my “suicide pace.” I muster the strength to run full force and pick off a bunch of people
*The last mile of the race was not scenic - we ran through like a truck depot/parking lot which was hella awkward.
*I finally see the finish line in sight. Sadly the crowds were as loud and crazy as I hoped (however throughout the race I enjoyed seeing dad and kids cheering and holding signs for moms).
*Crossing that finish line was a beautiful thing.
*I RAN THE WHOLE DAMN THING. I only stopped to pee. No walking, no jogging, all running. I’m pretty much I ran in the 9:15-11:55 min/miles range the whole time.
*My legs felt STRONG - I remember looking down at my quads as I ran and being impressed with myself - my ankles were a bit mad at me for running the whole time, but they got over it.
*After the race it was time for medals, champagne, roses, food, pictures, and stretching.
*Met back up with Jess to recap the race, chat, celebrate and then say our goodbyes.
*Try to keep moving and walking because once I sit I know it’s going to be hard to get moving.
*Meet up with my aunt for brunch, head home for a shower and 2 hour nap before my flight back where I slept most of it.

I am so proud of myself. I had a great race. I’m looking forward to my next half on halloween weekend, then after that Triathlon training I’m coming for you!

PS - my unofficial time not counting the potty break was 2:11:54

Monday, October 4, 2010

Half Marathoner

Yesterday was great. Finished in 2:13:23 which is WAY faster than I would have hoped! I promise a full recap this week. In the meantime this video illustrates how I'm feeling today.

Friday, October 1, 2010

October 1st Friday Five

1. Weather Woes. I’m currently writing this on my flight home to New York. We have about 20 more minutes until we land and we should get in just about on time THANK GOD. Yesterday I get a call from my mom alerting me to Tropical Storm Nicole. What? I know that the weather channel always prepares people for the worst, but I was STRESSED. I didn’t want my flight cancelled or to spend hours at the airport. I monitored the weather all day today and made back up plans incase I had to stay in Atlanta for the night, but I mostly prayed that I got to New York. Seriously last night and today was so stressful. I’m just happy to be on my way and get my full weekend.

2. 100 mile month. My half marathon is on Sunday and I have been training with a regimented training schedule since June. After falling off the wagon in only slightly in July/August with my trip to New York for my birthday I missed hitting triple digits for my monthly totals. Well I conquered September. 103 miles for the month of September. Between my half marathon on Sunday and the one I signed up for in New Orleans Halloween weekend I feel good about hitting triple digits again. Have I mentioned that I’m running a second half marathon at the end of the month. I’m in the best shape of my life, I want to go to New Orleans and I figure a half marathon in New Orleans on Halloween weekend was meant to be. So does this mean I can tell people I ran a marathon in October?

3. President’s Party Barn. Tuesday was a student leader reception at the President’s house. This was the second year in a row that I’ve attended this event. I should also be clear that the event doesn’t happen IN his out, but rather NEXT to his house in his party barn. Party barn is a term for like shed’s outside fraternity houses where they host their band parties. Last year the President built himself a fancy party barn. There was yummy food and I got to see a lot of awesome students I know as well as celebrate the 10 fabulous students that are directing out orientation programs this year.

4. Chill. After MONTHS of staring at a new frozen yogurt place in town called Chill I had some this week. It was actually then evening of the President’s reception and I turned down dessert there knowing that there was an opportunity to go to Chill with students. I got a Pumpkin/Snickerdoodle cookie twist that was law fat/fat free. I only got a little bit, but it was DDDDDDDDDDDD-LICIOUS. I will need to get more since it is only a seasonal flavor. It reminded me of UConn’s Dairy Bar pumpkin ice cream which was the yummiest ice cream I think I’ve ever had.

5. Bad Pumpkin. Chill was a good Pumpkin experience, however Dunkin Donuts was not. On my drive to the airport I stopped in Georgia for my first DD Iced Coffee in nearly a month (and the first of many of this trip). Well I had heard the DD had a new pumpkin flavor and a lot of people were talking about it. So when I stopped I really wanted to try it, but in the back of my head I was worried if I didn’t like it than I would get my first DD fix off of a gross coffee. Seeing all the pumpkin stuff in the store I had to try it. After I ordered it I noticed it was “pre-sweetened.” FAIL. I don’t like sweetened drinks. I was still open to it. Umm it was HORRID. It tastes like a candle (not that I know what a candle tastes like), but it tasted like a fragrant pumpkin candle. I couldn’t put my finger on it, but I DID NOT LIKE IT. Luckily I ONLY got a medium instead of my standard large. I drank it anyway because I was thirsty and it was a DD Iced Coffee. However the rest of my trip will be filled with my beloved Toasted Almond.

This weekend is shaping up to be quite awesome. Can’t wait!

Thursday, September 30, 2010

New York Bound (Hopefully)

This week I am been busy at work and have been extra swamped since I am leaving early today and taking off tomorrow for Nueva York.

However Tropical Storm Nicole is trying to mess up my plans. Luckily it seems the strength of the storm has fizzled, but there is still rain. Most of it looks west of New York, but we all know how airport delays pile up and my flight isn't until 7:40pm. So I'm stressed, I just want to be in New York and get my long weekend hassle free.

You'd think I'd be worried about the half marathon, but truth be told I'm not. I'm worried about the DAMN WEATHER.

This week I had such a crazy work week that I had to pack and make my playlist last night - both tasks took longer than I would have liked. I'm only packing a carry on and a backpack. I am a chronic over-packer so I have to weed through my pile of stuff I "wanted to bring" twice until it was a reasonable amount. I also didn't want to pack my bag to capacity because I am *HOPING* my mom sees how stupid big most of my clothes are on me now and buys me a few items - therefore I need room to bring them home with me. It's weird how my suitcase is like 60% running stuff and 40% non-running stuff. I have 2 little runs I plan to do - one of Friday and one on Saturday then of course RACE DAY SUNDAY.

I made my race playlist - added a FEW new songs, but mainly stuck with songs I've run to in the past and I know how I react to. So my 2.6 hour (in itunes time) playlist consists of 44 songs. I'm hoping to finish the race in under 2:30:00 so really that's like 37 songs. Again not worried about the run, but to think that I'll be running for 37 straight songs is a cool way to measure it. I have to admit like 6 of the songs are David Cook songs (I know you're judging me and I don't care).

OK must get back to work, but I hope to write some blog posts at the aiport on my flight and post them today/tomorrow/Saturday. Plus look forward to a full race recap next week, but I'm sure on Sunday I'll post a little sumthin' sumthin'

Wish me safe and on time travels!

Friday, September 24, 2010

9/24's Friday Five

1. As per my plan to "Measure My Year in Cups of Coffee" I hit my 300th cup yesterday. You may not be impressed, but my "cup" is usually in the form of a venti from Starbucks thanks. My stats should increase quickly since I'll be in New York next weekend and enjoy my beloved Dunkin Donuts - I'm coming for you Pumpkin Iced Coffee!

2. I saw this quote on my friends Facebook the other day and it has really made me think "If someone wants to be a part of your life, they will make an effort to be in it." So true, so true...

3. I've been listening to a good mix of tunes lately - most notably: Florence + The Machine, New Kids on the Block, Regina Spektor and I'm hoping to pick up the new Maroon 5 album this weekend.

4. I recently got in contact with my college friend Mike to recommend my sister for a job at his company. Mike was someone I was never very close with, but we ran in the same circles and I've always admired him. So when my sister emailed Mike about the job and said I recommended her to apply, I was pleasantly surprised to learn that Mike said "I have always had respect for your sister and think she is good people." I know it sounds lame, but Mike is probably one of the most successful people I know and he is truly going places in life so coming from him I take that as a HUGE compliment. My sister is meeting with Mike today for an informal interview. FINGERS CROSSED.

5. So Blogspot is FINALLY catching up with technology and added a "stats" feature so you can see who reads your blog, page hits, keyword search entry points etc. Well it turns out that "Redneck Bingo" is what has led MANY people to my blog. Awkward?

Have a great weekend everyone!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Triathlete in Training

A couple of weeks ago I saw during a Student Organization Fair that Auburn has a Triathlon Club. I was too intimindated to go talk to them at their table and I meant to look them up. Well yesterday I finally did. The club is open to students, faculty, STAFF and even the community. They have various training groups like 6x a week. I left a message through their contact page and got a response with the hour! The guy was very supportive and invited me to come out to a practice. So next week I think I'm headed to SWIM practice.

I know that if I have a group to train with, teach me and support me that I can totally do a Triathlon this spring.

So yesterday I went out and bought some necessary "gear"
*Padded cycling shorts
*4 pairs of dri fit socks
*Dri fit compression tights (I may return them because honestly it’s still too damn hot here to wear them anytime soon)
*3 dri fit running tops on clearance for $2.88 each
*Puma short sleeve running hoodie on clearance for $2.88
*Goggles, nose clip, swim cap
*Ear buds (dog chewed on old ones that still work, but worried about them not working for my half marathon)
*Various Energy Gels

I still need to get a proper swimsuit - I don't think my tankinis are going to cut it. I also really need a bike. Luckily I found out that the City of Auburn allows people to "check out bikes" for two week period for FREE. So I am going to look into that ASAP when I get back after my half marathon.

Speaking of my half...I am SOOOO excited. Like no joke. Next week at this time I'll be headed to the airport. I GOT this half. I'm just looking forward to a long run and the high associated with race day. Plus not sure if I mentioned that I'm doing another half marathon on 10/30 in New Orleans. Yeah I'm crazy I know, but you know what if you got it, flaunt it and right now I have the ability to run 13 miles so I'm gonna!

I really may add a "donate" button to this blog incase anyone wants to contribute to my triathlon training supplies and race fees! So in anyone or anyone's company wants to "sponsor" me I wouldn't turn you down.

Monday, September 20, 2010

We Gon' Find Ya

Below you will find my fantastic SOS/CWE Jumbotron commercial that aired this week right after the team took the field following half time. The commercial is gonna air at the next 2 games as well! After it aired I announced to the section I was sitting in that I made it and they all cheered for me. True story!

2010 Jumbotron from Josh Stephens on Vimeo.

We sampled the "Intruder song" - which may not be the most appropriate, but it's very popular since it happened in Alabama and the whole stadium laughed at that part. If you haven't seen it please check out the full thing it's HILARIOUS and get stuck in your head

Friday, September 17, 2010

Friday 5ive

1. Domestic/Cooking: I've had to cook a few times lately for various parties/work things and I've starting to make food I actually like. I can make a great veggie pizza, pasta salad, chicken stir-fry, turkey burger and various dessert treats.

2. Game/Jumbotron: ESPN's Gameday is here for the Clemson game. There have been ESPN people all over campus today...umm if it's not Jesse Palmer then I'm not interested. The jumbotron commerial premieres at the game which I'm really excited about - I hope people like it as much as I do! Don't worry I'll post it on here on Monday.

3. 12 miles: I have a 12 mile run on Sunday aka my longest run before my 1/2 marathon in 2 weeks. After Sundays run my runs will be easier runs - so I can recover and be ready for the half. This week at the gym I ran a bunch of intervals so when I did a 4 mile run outside today I could feel myself pushing through parts of my run I wouldn't normally be able to do. I also got honked and cat called out for the firs time while running. I really thought it would have happened sooner, but maybe southern guys are too gentlemanly to do that. It's interesting when I see students on campus and they tell me they say me running. I' m turning into quite an athlete so I'm not self-conscious about my running at all anymore.

4. Long Hair: So for a while I had thought about getting a pixie cut this fall, but I decided that I'm gonna grow it out and then in the latr spring/early summer get a pixie. Right now my hair is probably the longest it's been in nearly 3 years since I only got a minor trim back in July. After my 1/2 marathon I'm gonna get a trim and color, but I haven't figured out what I want to do colorwise...any suggestions?

5. New TV Shows: How I Met Your Mother, Modern Family and Cougar Town premiere this upcoming week! I'm sure there are a few more premieres this week, but those are the three I'm most excited about. My TiVo has been on the fritz - actually my wireless internet has been on the fritz so the cheapest/easiest solution was to get a tivo box with an ethernet cord jack. Hopefully my TiVo after over a month will be up and running in the next week or so.

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Tunnel Video

Quotes from a chat session with my sister today:

Sister: i miss alabama
Sister: i just want to experience game day again

My sister just booked her flight to come down for a game in October along with one of her friends who is also super excited. Clearly love for Auburn in contagious when you get a cynical New Yorker like my sister to say those things.

Here is a look at this year's Football Tunnel Video. LOVE IT!

PS: those of you reading this in google reader - I posted something else earlier today, but google reader isn't recognizing it for some reason, so go directly to my blog to read about my Halloween 2011 plans.

Dublin Marathon 2011

I was just gchatting with my sister about my 1/2 marathon and we were talking about her NYC 1/2 marathon she did last year (a friend got injured and my sister had 5 weeks to train and be ready to take her spot). She ran it like like 2:50:00 which is amazing considering she was only a casual runner.

Anyway she told me about the Dublin Marathon and how it apparently is one of the flattest courses in the world. http://dublinmarathon.ie/index.php

Oh and the race is on HALLOWEEN. COME ON!

I have not traveled outside of the US before. My 2009 Resolution was to get a passport - which I did. My plan was to travel in 2010, but I feel like this year has been so devoted to heath and fitness. So maybe 2011 can be my travel year. As you know Ireland has been the on the top of my to-do list.

I’ve talked about Ireland for almost a year, but keep making excuses about money or work or whatever. This gives my a over a year to be ready for a full marathon with hopefully a few varying distance races/triathlon in between and gives my sister a year to start training, plus I want to rope in my friend Kelly who I have talked going to Ireland with and I roped her into a 5K with me in May. And also a year for all of us to save $$$.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Working Weekend

This weekend was not a restful one.

I served as a facilitator for a leadership conference on campus that was Friday afternoon/evening and Saturday morning/afternoon. I was both excited for it and dreaded it. Luckily once I got there I was into it. I heart freshmen students, they are so precious.

Saturday following the conference was Cooper's baby shower. I spent about 5 hours at the Armstrong casa for the party, but luckily I work with such wonderful people that I enjoyed every second of it despite being exhausted.

Sunday morning I went out for an 11 mile run which was just about the only time I had to myself this weekend (besides sleep). I have really grown to love my long runs, I can both think about everything and nothing at all. Those 2+ hours that I'm out on a long run are some of the fastest hours of my week.

Sunday afternoon we had a CWE and SOS publicity blitz. AKA start plastering campus with ads to apply for a Camp Counselor or Orientation Leader. Lots of painting, drawing, gluing, folding and button making was also had.

Sunday night was the True Blood finale which was a pretty major let down. I think outside of the YUM that is Eric this season was pretty ho hum which is extremely disappointing because we only get 12 episodes and season and have to wait 10 months for season 4. I think this season was a "building year" and I do have high hopes for season 4 when it premieres in May 2011.

So yeah that was my weekend in a nutshell. This weekend I plan on doing some shopping, sleeping, swimming/tanning and watching Auburn kick some Clemson ass (and watch the jumbotron commerical I made on the big screen).

Friday, September 10, 2010

Friday 5

In an effort to be a better blogger, I am going to try and write a Friday 5 each week (however we all know when I make lofty plans like this...I rarely follow through). Honestly though I'd like to try and post 3x a week at least. I owe it to you and I owe it to me (since I no longer keep in a written journal...I know after 11 years I went completely digital).

1. I-Lead:I am serving as a facilitator for a student leadership conference this weekend. It's this afternoon/evening and tomorrow morning/afternoon. There should be about 200 first and second year students in attendance. It's the first conference of this type so I'm excited to be a part of it. I also look forward to seeing the students partake in many leadership activities that I hold dear to my heart.

2. Baby Shower: Tomorrow afternoon/evening after the conference is little Cooper Dunn's shower. I am one of the hostesses for the shower. I am really just contributing with food and money because these ladies have it UNDER CONTROL (I'm talking to you Sarah). I have never gone to a baby shower, and I've only been to one bridal shower so this is ALL NEW. I figured I might as well take notes and see what kind of things they plan/think about it. Honestly some of it is like another language!

3. True Blood Finale: Say it ain't so. I don't want season 3 to be over. Damn HBO and only having 12 episode seasons. This season was either hated or loved by fans, but I loved most of it. I'm very curious to see how the finale will shake out. Then I will be forced to mourn True Blood until next May when season 4 returns.

4. Jumbotron and Blitz: Applications for BOTH our Camp Counselor and Transfer Orientation Leaders come out on MONDAY. We have all be been working like crazy to get our publicity efforts in order. Sunday is our publicity blitz where our former student leaders come in and help with publicity projects and put things up across campus. Yesterday I spent nearly the whole day working on our Jumbotron commericial. It will be running at the next 3 home games. This is my 3rd year doing jumbotron commericials (I actually did 2 different ones last year) so I have a handle on it, but it's stressful none the less. The 30 second ad costs $500 per game, is going to be viewed by over 87,000 people and athletics are huge sticklers. I must say despite the SHORT timeline and lack of my usual "process" I am very proud of the commercial. It's catching, funny, and informative. Once it "premieres" on the jumbotron next week I will post it here.

5. College A Capella: It should be no surprise to you that I listen to A LOT OF MUSIC. I often go to grooveshark.com for my music fix. The past 2 weeks I've been listening to collegiate a capella groups. Sadly UConn has been the only school I've been at to have them and their groups were all FANTASTIC. I loved going to a capella shows. I owe quite a few "Best of College A Capella ::insert year::" and how now become obsessed with Ben Folds Presents: University A Capella. Ben selected college a capella groups from all over the country to cover his songs after he heard a Ohio University group cover "Brick." I just love the sound, TONE, and MOOD of a capella.If you aren't listening to any you really should. I'm currently listening to a co-ed group cover Jewel's "Who Will Save Your Soul." - Brilliant!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

On Repeat

I don't even usually care for Katy Perry, but I can't get enough of this song...

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Labor Day 5K

Going to bed was quite the challenge last night I was too damn excited. I somehow managed to sleep pretty well and popped out of bed like a poptart when my alarm went off at 5am. 

Got ready, head breakfast, picked up my friend Michelle who was coming to cheer me on and we got on the road. The race was about 45 minutes away in Georgia (at Callaway Gardens for my Southern peeps - SUCH a beautiful place I had never been before). Also keep in mind Georgia is in the Eastern Time Zone. Thankfully with the drive and time changes we made it there with 20 minutes to spare (I had a nightmare that I woke up drove all that way and we couldn’t find the registration tent/missed it).

The Gardens was hosting 5K and a Triathlon that day. Since I registered at the event I had to wear a Tri bibb and they ran out of shirts so they were going to mail me one. I also was given a chip that was a velcro band around my ankle (I’ve had the shoelace chips prior). 

I was feeling good, anxious, nervous - lots of emotions. It was quite brisk out - I’d say in the mid 60s. I got my ipod and nike+ sensor queued up and was waiting on go. The race was small - 150 of us. I told myself I was going to pace myself at the start and then push the second half. Well OF COURSE as soon as they said go I took off. I was at the front of the pack when we started and pretty much stayed towards the front the whole time. It was a lovely route around a lake and through some woods. There was some rolling hills, but overall it was a lovely route. 

I felt so freaking good on my run, I had no idea my pace and I didn’t care. Since I started like a bat out of hell I slowed my pace slightly for the middle of the ran, but I NEVER ONCE STOPPED OR WALKED. I didn’t even want to stop or walk - I was in the zone. Once I was at about 4K I kicked it back into high gear. It was also around the 4K point that we passed some of the first Triathlon cyclists. I was smiling and cheering for them as I ran. As I approached the finish line I saw a “28” on the clock and couldn’t believe it. I wanted to badly to finish under 30 minutes, but I wasn’t sure I had it in me. I shaved over 4.5 minutes off my first/previous 5K in May. There is no feeling in the world like crossing a finish line - I’m addicted to it. 

After the race I met up with my friend and we watched some of the last Triathlon swimmers finish up before exploring some other events going on including mini golf. Well we were 1/2 into our game of mini golf when I think I hear my name over the PA. I was like ???? So we head over to the registration tent to see they were giving out awards. They gave awards for the overall winners and top 3 per age group. After the finished I walked up to one of the volunteers and said I thought I heard my name (I would have been HORRIFIED if they were like ummm no). So I found out I had placed 2nd in my age group (25-29) and age group winners got plaques - except then ran out of 2nd place ones so they are going to mail it to me. So now I can look forward to my tshirt and my plaque in the mail.

I also check the website and saw my “official” time was 28:53.26

That means my average pace was around 9:18 min/mile - WHAT?!?! I’ve never even come CLOSE to that before. I guess I was channeling my inner Prefontaine:

The only good race pace is suicide pace and today looks like a good day to die

God I felt great and I am really starting to get a sense of what I’m made of and what I can achieve. I am SO READY for my 1/2 marathon next month. This was just the vote of confidence I needed. Also seeing the Triathletes makes me really want to aim for that this spring.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Some of those Ups and Downs

So while I was home in NY I had 2 job interviews. After one of the interviews I withdrew as a candidate because I knew it wasn't right for me. The second interview on the other hand have SO MUCH GOING FOR IT. Money, locations, responsibilities, supervision etc. There was also some really negative things about the job/institution, but I wasn't letting myself focus on that. As it turns out I didn't get the job, but it's really for the best. The job wasn't right AND I'm not ready to leave Auburn just yet. I've had starting a job sometime in Spring 2011 in my head for a looong time. I want another football season, I want to be here for publicity/selections, I want to be here to hang out with Melissa's newborn son Cooper, I want to attend my dear friend Codi and Jim's wedding, I want to make and check things off my Alabama "bucket list" and spend more time with the wonderful people in my life down here.

I know that the northeast is home and will be my home again, so I need to stop worrying about getting back there and just soak up this little slice of heaven better known as Auburn, Alabama.

So since I decided to focus on living life in Auburn I made a rash decision when I found out I didn't get that job. Like joined a free dating website. The funny thing is the day AFTER I joined the stupid site I met someone out the old fashioned way. So in the past week I've gone out with 3 guys...ooopps (hate the player, not the game). Only 2 have made the it past the first cut. I'm gonna stay pretty mum with details on here right now, but we shall see.

Speaking of ups - Tomorrow is Auburn's first home football game. Let me tell you:
(to the tune of the sound of music) "The plains are aaaaaaaalive with the colors of ooooorange"

Everywhere you look people in their ORANGE and blue. The RVs are here, the tailgaters a recurrently claiming their spots and there is an intoxicating buzz in the air. Today is like Christmas Eve and I can't wait for tomorrow and seeing that eagle fly along with 87,451 of the SECs best fans.

War Damn Eagle

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Who am I?

I have been rewatching the entire How I Met Your Mother series on DVD and this little exchange was so wonderful, heartbreaking and true for those of us in our late twenties and early thirties.

Robin: Have you ever had one of those days where nothing all that monumental happens, but by the end of it you have no idea who you are or what the hell you are doing with your life? Do you ever have one of those days?
Ted: [smiles] Uhh, about once a week.

I have had my fair share of ups and downs in life. I think we all do. I just think the journey to find yourself is awesome and scary. Lately I have not really been able to recognize myself, but in a good way. There have been lots of good things in my life and a good bit of horseshit too. 2010 has been an FASCINATING year in my life and to think we still have 1/3 of the year left.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Hello Friends

I have been a bad blogger - and it's not like nothing has been happening. It's been quite the opposite, life is so busy.

New York was great and exhausting at the same time. Saw so many people, drove A LOT, got to NYC a few times, shopped, and ate.

One of my wonderful coworkers and her husband adopted a precious newborn son. His name is Cooper and I am in love with him. I saw him twice this week and even held him for over an hour on Sunday. I hope to visit him this weekend too!

School started here and we had tons of programs and events. I love that my wonderful student leaders are back and I love meeting the precious new students and helping them out. I've had a few out of state student programs which have all been a huge sucess!

I've continued my running and am signing up for a 1/2 marathon on October 3rd on Long Island. My friend Christine is running it as well which is exciting. It's an all women's race and at the finish line shirtless firemen give you champagne (I'm not kidding).

I've also expanded my workout routines. I've been to yoga a few times and I even took my first spin class yesterday (I love it, but I'm sore today).

My fingernails are the longest and strongest they've EVER been. Not crazy long, but like cute long so don't worry.

I just started back with my improv group after we took a summer hiatus - it's great to be back.

Freddie and I are starting obedience training this weekend for 6 weeks - hopefully we can get his barking under control.

AUBURN FOOTBALL starts a week from Saturday and I'm SOOO FREAKIN' EXCITED!!!

I have a date tomorrow. Just sayin'

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

It's My Birthday

Happy 27th Birthday to me!!!!!

I'm officially in my LATE twenties, but I'm thrilled with my life these days and there's no other place in my life that I'd rather be.

I'm enjoying the last few days of my vacation before I hit the road on Saturday.

To celebrate my birthday I think you should all wear something orange and enjoy an iced coffee (preferably from Dunkin Donuts) while listening to David Cook!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

July in Review

Wait what? It's the end of July? What in the world? I've been busy.

Here's the run down
-Camp War Eagle Sessions 7 & 8
-CWE Banquets

Nashville/10K: What an absolute blast. Seriously seeing some of my favorite people in the world, hanging out in a city that is known for music and running a 10K. So many laughs, so many sights, next year's 4th of July has a lot to live up to are back to back stellar ones.

Hair: After 4 months my hair was a warn brown with blonde highlights which were fun. My hair really takes to the sun. However those highlights were originally my blue and purple streaks that have faded out. Since Camp was wrapping up I made an appointment to "return to the darkside." After a 4 hour multi-step process I'm back to my near black hair with tongs of blue and purple streaks! I'm growing my hair out for the time being...but I have plans for a major chop down the road.

CWE Sessions 7 & 8: I love Camp, don't get me wrong, but by session 7 I'm ready for it to be over. In addition to my other responsibilitites I really enjoyed doing diversity presentations to the freshmen and out of state student presents to students and families (twice each session aka presented the same stuff 16 times this summer!) HOWEVER Camp sometimes feels like Groundhogs day...the same 3 days over and over again. We oriented around 4,200 freshmen - HUGE, HUGE group and we all survived.

Camp War Eagle Banquets: Always a fun celebration after a long spring and summer. I must say I looked super cute for both - I loved my dresses. My awesome head counselors got me a $50 gift card to Dick's sporting goods for some running gear. Both banquets had a lot of laughs and tears as well. This year's CC banquet went from 5:30pm until 7AM. Yes you read that right AM. We so awards, videos, slideshows and speeches. We usually see dawn, but this is a new record. After very little sleep I was headed to the PC panquet which was from 5:30pm-10:30pm. All these students were so hard this year and I'm thier orientation experience meant a lot to them because they all mean a lot to me!

Running: I'm still be running like whoa. More so indoors due to all the heat. I also managed to make it to another CWE Parent run sesion 8. Proper running clothes have made me a better runner, seriously. I'm not as sweaty and gross - don't get me wrong I'm still sweaty and gross, but it's like 50% less. Slowly but surely I'm increasing my proper running wardrobe. Now thanks to my Head Counselor's gift card that I spent yesterday I have 3 dri fit running shirts, 2 pairs of compression shorts and 4 pairs of shorts. I also got the Nike+ ipod sensor. I need to the get shoes, but I'm hoping they can be a birthday present while home. I plan on using the Nike+ sensor to track my running/mileage from 8/4/10-8/4/11 aka birthday. I'm all about measuring a year, so I'm going to measure in miles as well. For the record I'm on pace to run about 98 miles for the month of July... WHAT!?!

Bronzing: Any free weekend time I've had I've been at the pool bronzing as I like to call it. I've got some GREAT color going on. However since I got my hair did a few weeks ago I got to the pool in a bandana a la Bret Michaels. Actually I wear 2 bandanas one like a old tyme cleaning lady and one like Bret Michaels to cover all my hair from the sun.

So really there you have July in a nutshell. Tomorrow I leave for roadtrip to New York with overnight visits to see friends along the way. I will be in New York Friday and have tons of stuff planned. Very exciting. I also have a job interview in NYC whilst home that I'm gonna stay mum on, but send me some good vibes on Monday.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Book Em Danno I Dropped 3-0

I have so much to tell you guys, but time is at a premium right now. However I did want to shout from the rooftops that as of yesterday I am officially down 30.2 pounds since January. WHAT IS UP!!

I also knocked out an 8 mile run outside yesterday evening. Effing OWNNNNNNNED it.

Sound Mind. Sound Body. Spirit that is not Afraid.


I am still working on my July in Review post, but in the mean time I wanted to talk about 2 things I fancy as of lately.

-Work of Art: The Next Great Artist on Bravo

-Bob Dylan

Work of Art really may be my new favorite reality show. The cast are such art snob hipsters. I freakin LOVEEEEE IT. The challenges are good and the "villians" are better. Seriously if you are not watching it you really should.

Bob Dylan, well as of yesterday. I watched Prefontaine the biopic of runner Steve Prefontaine played by Jared Leto. What a legend in his own time he was, too bad his life was cut tragically short to see what could have been. I suppose the brightest stars are the first to fade. The closing credits of the movie features Bob Dylan's "Forever Young." I don't know it SPOKE to me. If I die young (and sometime I think I really will) than I want this song played at my funeral. I have listened to this song 20+ times since yesterday.

Apparently Mr. Dylan doesn't like his music online because this was hard to track, not the best version, but still check it out.

Friday, July 23, 2010

I Love CWE: The Video

I'm working on a post that I'll most likely chop into a few parts, but in the meantime enjoy this video one of the Camp Counselors made in honor of Camp War Eagle 2010

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Blame Camp

I'm alive....barely. Camp War Eagle is wrapping up this week and life is la vida loca. I can't believe session 8 of Camp is upon us, so crazy. I will talk more about camp at a later date, but I did want to quickly say that my Nashville trip was PHE-wait for it-NOMENAL. Phenomenal.

Great Friends - Sara, Star, Travis & other fun new Auburn Friends

Great Music - Live bands 24/7, dueling piano bars, and me singing karaoke

Great Fun - Nashville Tour, Art Walk, Robert is Bothered, Lots of Laughs

And a Great Race Day - I did my 10K in 1:09:19 - it was an awesome run, I felt so great!

I hope I can expand a bit more on my trip next week following session 8 and both of our Camp Banquets. Lots of tears and also a lot of fun ahead :)

Sunday, July 4, 2010


Quick post, but wanted to share. Ran my 10K this morning and it was awwwwwwesome. I felt great. Excellent day. Well we just got our official times posted online and I clocked in at 1:09:19 which means my average pace was 11:11. I saw 11:11 on the website and about died, that number is stalking me. Seriously so weird seeing that i JUST blogged about it. Once I get back home I'll be sure to blog about the race more.

Also today is ONE MONTH until my 27th birthday - crazy!

Thursday, July 1, 2010


For about the past month I have seen 11:11 on the clock almost everyday. It's creepy. I would rarely see it and now it's ALL THE TIME. I make a same wish everytime I see it because you're supposed to wish on 11:11. I think it's coming true.

I'm headed out of town tomorrow for Nashville. So excited to see Sara, Star, Travis as well as explore Nashville further and especially run my 10K!

Happy 4th of July!

Wednesday, June 30, 2010


I just realized I'm gonna be 27 a month from Sunday.


When did that happen???

Seriously for a second I thought I was going to be 26, but nope 27. That's like "mid-ta-late" twenties. I kinda had a quarterlife crisis moment:

I haven't traveled outside the US yet
I'm poor with a barelythere savings account
I have way more grey hairs than I'd like
I'm too old to try out for MTV's Real World
The only things I truly own are like a dog, bed, couch, clothes and an obscene amount of music
Far too many people are starting to get married and/or have babies - both of which terrify me

But then while I'm having a pity party for myself I realize:

I'm finally taking control of my health and fitness
I love my career
I have the most wonderful friends in the world
I'm taking more risks in life and not caring what other people think
I'm gearing up to start a doctoral program in the near future
and most importantly I'm becoming the best version of myself

Friday, June 25, 2010

Summer Yummies

I have some healthy food recommendations for all of you. They are really mostly year 'round foods, but I think they are even better in the summer. I also purchased all of these at Publix which is my new favorite store (sorry Trader Joes - you are too far from me).

greek yogurt
yes it's thick, but it's also yummy and low sugar/cal and high protein.

fresh berries (blue, black, rasp)
so yummy and cheap when they are in season.

steel cut oats
more nuitrious than regular oatmeal, takes longer to prepare, but worth it.

*Also mising the oats with the greek yogurt and topping it with berries is a breakfast treat from heaven.*

diet iced green tea
green tea is really good for you. I both brew my own or drink this watered down.

true lemon/lime
these are real crystallized fruits in a little packet. they a great way to amp up your water, there also is an orange one that i have yet to find.

planters’s nut-rition bars
good like snack item to keep you full.

roasted red pepper hummus
serious hummus where have you been all my life. I am become hummus obsessed the last year. hummus on my sandwiches, hummus wiht stacy's pita chips, hummus with carrots!

avocados are not a new treat for me, but i love them nonetheless. they are packed with such good stuff for you.

Anyone have a good guacoamole recipe for me (codi i'm looking at you).

I highly encourage you to try any or all of these items.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Summer TV & Music

Summer is OFFICIALLY here and so are summer shows. Obviously True Blood is a favorite....I'm actually heading over to my friend Ashley's in a bit to watch last night's episode. I also am loving all the Bravo shows: Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D List, Top Chef: DC, and Work of Art. I also am loving Next Food Network Star and about to get into Design Star. Finally I recorded The Gates on ABC, we shall see.

I have been so busy I haven't listen to much music lately. I need to make some new running playlists (especially for my 10K). Anyone have any music recommendations for me running music or otherwise?

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Heaven and Hell

The past few days I've had a bit of both.

Heaven: I had my 1 hour massage yesterday. My last massage was last July, I can't believe I went that long without one. It was glorious, my body needed it especially after all the running and training I've been doing lately. I got my massage at the Med Clinic on campus so it was $60 for the hour - not too shabby. I may try and do 30 minute massages every other month or so - we shall see.

Hell: I mean Hell in the best way possible. Sunday was the Season 3 premiere of True Blood! Last summer i was completely immersed in True Blood. I got addicted to season 1 just in time to watch season 2 (via jenky online websites) and read all 9 Sookie Stackhouse books. Well I'm glad I get get my fix back. I'm currently reading the 10th Sookie book that came out and it's like reuniting with old friends. I was really pumped about the Season 3 premiere - I feel like each season is getting better and better. However I had hoped to watch the premiere at my grad assistant's place since she has HBO, but she as out of town for the weekend. I plead my case on facebook and luckily my friend Ashley is a fan and invited me over. It was great to watch it on a big flatscreen HD tv with surround sound and it was REALLY fun to watch it with other people to comment with. We actually were pretty quiet during the premiere, but then we REWATCHED it right after thanks to DVR and commented throughout. VERY FUN! I excited to have True Blood be my major summer show. TEAM ERIC!

Friday, June 11, 2010


I have mentioned on here I am fan of rocker type guys. Tattoos, musical, artsy, etc. Well I also have come to realize there is another type of guy that has really piqued my interest. Athletic/outdoorsy. I have really enjoyed being more active and I was looking a listing of fitness activities and there are so many I'd like to try:

Mountain Biking
Adventure Racing
Whitewater Rafting

I really don't have a lot of friends that do stuff like that and how fun would that stuff be to do on a date with a boy who does that stuff. I'm extremely adventurous and competitive; I'd be totally game to do that kind of stuff.

I was telling my friend Christina who lives in Idaho all of this and she says: "Seriously, why don't you live here. NW boys are all about that hybrid. it's hot."

I mean come ON how hot would like Kayaking be with a dude with tattoo sleeves and a lip ring. So if you know anyone who fits the bill of rocker/outdoorsy hybrid send them my way!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

I'll Tumble for You

Another blog post for me...WHOA! I know, with work calming down I can write more yay. Well this is a tale from a week ago that I thought I'd share. It was a rainy day in Auburn and I was going home for lunch. I changed out of cute work sandals into flip flops for the walk to my car. As soon as I walk out my office I almost bust my butt on the brick outside. Whoa crisis averted. So I walk towards the parking lot and go to cross the street in the crosswalk right in front a cop car and a few other cars and one step into the white painted cross walk and I BITE IT. Slip and fall to my hands and knees. I'm embarrassed, wet and bruised. It takes a second for me to stand up due to the shock of falling. The cop rolls down his window and asks if I'm okay. I saw I'm fine, but really I'm horrified. I kick off my damn flip flops and walk to my car barefoot. The ONE thing I'm thankful for is the fact that I had my phone in my purse. I NEVER have it in my purse, I usually carry it as I walk to my car. Seriously if it was in my hand and I fell I would haven't broken my phone hardcore.

So luckily I was fine, but ever since I've taken up running I'm like terrified of getting hurt and not being able to run. I've never broken a bone or gotten stitches and I feel like it's too late in life to start. Did anyone else like desperately hope for glasses, braces and/or a broken bone in grade school? I like purposely wanted to fail eye exams or throw myself down stairs (not really) because all the "cool kids" aka NOT ME had at least one of those three things. I ended up with none of them. I'm not complaining, but I feel like I missed out on a right of passage.

These says all I want are some veneers for my teeth instead. Anyone want to sponsor them for me. They are about $700 a tooth. Let me know!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


I mentioned yesterday that I'm doing a 10K in Nashville on the 4th of July. Well now it's official that my bestie Sara will be joining me on vacay in Nashville. She is going to be flying in for the weekend and is even thinking about running in the 5K race on July 4th. I'm so excited to explore "Music City" with another music lover.

Also as of this afternoon my friend Star and her husband are going to be in Nashville for the 4th too! Star was thinking about it and being the master persuader that I am she booked her plans!

Granted I've been to Nashville for a quick weekend trip mainly to crash a conference and see my friend Christina, so now I'm ready to really hit up the sights and sounds of Nashville. Suggestions on what to do, where to go, what to eat/drink? It's gonna be a fan-freaking-tastic weekend already I can feel it.

After work today I'm off to the gym to pound out another 4 miler and then work my core/abs. Race day is getting here fast and I want to make sure I'm in the best shape I can be for it!

Monday, June 7, 2010


So basically Camp War Eagle has owned my life for the past month....no joke. Don't get me wrong I LOVE it, but I'm looking forward to a week without Camp. We are in the middle of session 3 which was a back to back session with session 2. After tomorrow I am Camp free until June 16! I'll still need to come into work, but I'll get to actually clean my office, work on some other projects and sift through my hot mess of an inbox.

Really the only other thing outside of Camp that I've had time to do is work out, but it's because I've MADE the time. Waking up early to run, missing pool time to go the gym, working out when I'm tired etc. I wish I've had more pool time, but it seems the past 2 weeks that anytime I've had a day off it has rained!

Running is going well however. I signed up for a 10K in Nashville on the 4th of July and I am pretty pumped. I'm turning it into a whole weekend. I also officially started half marathon training last week. The plan is to do a half marathon in September...more info on that to come once I finish the 10K. I actually got up this morning at 6am to do a running tour of campus that we offer for parents. I had an 13 hour day yesterday and a 17 hour day today, but I needed to run, so I did it. I also got my ass kicked by a bunch of 50 yer old parents, but whatever...I'm a new runner. Everyday I run is the hottest day I've ever run in...especially in June in Alabama. I hope to continue to work on breathing control in this heat (yes even at 6:30am)!

Also on a random sidenote a Publix opened in town last week and I went this past weekend, it is glorious. TONS of great food that regular supermarkets down here don't carry. I lost my mind a bit and spent too much money, but it was SOO worth it.

I must get going to a staff meeting. Hope to blog more in the interium between camp sessions!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Funny

Camp War Eagle session 2 starts today so while I'm running around like a chicken with ym head cut off for the next 2.5 days please enjoy this video. This drummer is my new hero!

Thank you David Cook for tweeting this video and making my day!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Confession: I went on a job interview at the Berklee College of Music in Boston a few weeks ago.

Confession: I found out today that I didn't get the job.

Confession: I'm okay with it, but I learned more about myself in the process.

As most of you know I don't plan on being an Alabama resident forever. I have LOVED my time at Auburn and if I was in a different point in life or if Auburn was in the Northeast I may never leave. However it's time for me to start putting my personal/social life first.

A while ago I said to myself the perfect time to start a new job would be January 2011. That would mean I would have 2.5 years at Auburn under my belt and that I would have another FOOTBALL season to enjoy as well.

I have been VERY selectively job searching this spring because hiring for the summer is a hot time in higher ed. I had a phone interview for a job that didn't work and I was okay with it and then I see the Berklee job. I don't know if many of you know, but one day I would LOVE to work at an arts/performing arts school. Berklee is in Boston and the job looked great. I had a phone interview and then was quickly invited to campus. I really enjoyed being back in Boston and Berklee as a whole. I really thought if they offered it that I would take it - so much seemed perfect. However I knew whatever was meant to be will be.

So today I got the call that I didn't get it and I figured as much since I should of have from them 2 weeks ago if I did get it, so I pretty much accepted the fact. It was nice to have closure at least.

However I have learned in my next job I DEFINITELY want to either work in a city or be able to live in a city or both. I have expanded my city list from Boston, NYC, New Haven to also include Baltimore and DC. I also really would like to be back at a private school, I've never worked at a private, just attended. There aren't tons of arts schools around, but I would LIKE to work at a liberal arts school. Finally in my next job I want to start a doctoral program so I need a school that offers one or has agreements with neighbors schools to go for free/low cost.

Now let me get one thing straight I don't want to compromise my work, but I'm open to more than just orientation. I know I'll always have my hands in orientation, but I'd love to work with peer mentoring, leadership, even a res life live off job.

One thing I will not settle for is money, I know how much I'm worth and how much I want to make. The job offer is the best time to negotiate salary and that is a top priority for me.

I've kept most of this information to a small circle of people and my heart already breaks at the thought of leaving Auburn, but what I want more is a life with my friends and enjoying a city while we're all still young, unmarried and childless!

Please keep my job search in your thoughts and that what's meant to be will be.


My sister made me this ecard today and it's so perfect. I'm crying laughing.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Top 2

Tonight was Idol's top 2 showdown between Lee and Crystal who I have been fans of all season. I have to say Crystal Bowersox CHAMPIONED the night. The first round of songs they got to sing songs they've done from earlier in the season. Lee sang "The Boxer" which was fine, but I liked many more of his performances much better. Crystal hit the nail on the head by singing "Me and Bobby McGee" which has probably been the song from this season that I've listened to the most. The second round was producers choice Lee give REM's "Everybody Hurts" and I thought he sounded great on it. Crystal sang "Black Velvet" which I know a lot of people don't like, but for some reason I like that song (I actually first heard it at Karaoke at a bar in Texas and the girl blew it out of the house). Crystal gave the song a really interesting take and I really enjoyed her performance. The final round was the winner's single and usually it's a song that written FOR idol. This year apparently Lee and Crystal got to do a cover of a song for their single which I thought was interesting. Lee did U2's "Beautiful Day" which was solid, but he didn't own it. Crystal sang "Up to the Mountain" which I kinda of knew, but it was bluesy, folksy awesome and for me she won the show right there. The judges seemed to be on team Crystal tonight, but there are lots of theories of why Crystal won't win out there.

Sadly I won't be able to watch the finale live tomorrow, because tomorrow kicks off CAMP WAR EAGLE. The next 3 days will be crazy and awesome at the same time. Training week has been fantastic, I've really enjoyed getting to know the Camp Counselors better. I think we're gonna have a great summer. I hope to blog this weekend, which is a FOUR DAY weekend!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Joie de Vivre

Yes, my week has been crazy, but how did I forget to mention that I got my newest tattoo on Saturday.

Joie de Vivre means Joy of Life/Living. It's a phrase that has meant a lot to me over the past year or so and I love the notion of it.

This was the first tattoo I got that I haven't had an exact idea of what I wanted. I showed the tattoo artist the type of font and I wanted and how I wanted it to work with my lion tattoo. I loved what he came out with and I think it's perfect.

After a series of random events that kept pushing off my tattoo Saturday was the day. Prior to me going in for my tattoo my friend Melissa got her nose pierced. Exciting, exciting. She has such a cute nose and it looks great. Then it was tattoo time. My tattoo artist was cute and had a great personality. I love off-beat artsy people, I pretty much loved all the tattoo artists/piercers I've ever met. The inking of the tattoo took about an hour and a half. I was very proud of my pain tolerance, I think I'll be ready for mt rib tattoo (one day). It's always interesting what topics come up while getting tattooed. Hilarious conversations overall, but not took hilarious because it would be back if my tattoo artist or myself started laughing too hard while he was tattooing. Oh and the tattoo parlor was really cool, it has an Irish/ medieval feel to it.

So now I am in the healing process - keeping it clean and moisturized. I love it. I swear I am addicted to tattoos, somehow I went 2.5 years since my last one, but I already have 3 more planned for the future!


I am been lackadaisical about this season of idol. However I would like to point out from EARLY on I was a fan of Crystal Bowersox and Lee DeWyze (especially when people were haters). Granted we won't find out who is going to the finale until tonight, but I would be SHOCKED if it's not a Crystal/Lee Finale. Last night Lee "BROUGHT IT" I thought. He finally seems comfortable on stage. I really liked both "Simple Man" and "Hallelujah." I think my overall favorite Lee performance was "Beast of Burden." My favorite Crystal performance was "Me and Bobby McGee" and I also really liked her Hollywood round songs of "Natural Woman" and "If It Makes You Happy."

If it's these two I think it will be a good finale and I'd like to see a Bowersox victory.

Thursday, May 13, 2010


So a few weeks ago right before my 5K my fabulous friend Star and I were Gchatting (shocking) and our conversation goes like this:

Star: I think when you finally meet David Cook you should perform a song
Star: I've narrowed it down to "girl for all seasons"
me: ahahaha
me: LOVE
Star: i think it accurately portrays your unique blend of fun, obsession, and psychosis

For those of you who don't know the song (which is BLASPHEMY by the way) it's from Grease 2


I'm still pumped I had a RANDOM 30 minute dinner with Star last week!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

DC in Review

WRITERS NOTE: When I started out on this post I meant for it to be short...oooopps

Thursday April 29
~Drive to the ATL airport
~Stop for my first glorious Dunkin Donuts Iced Coffee since early January
~Fly to Baltimore
~Have a drink at Little Havana with Sara and Dan
~Hang out with my Sara
~Fall asleep while Sara is packing

Friday April 30
~Have an uneven night of sleep
~Eat yogurt with Strawberries, blackberries and wheat germ - yummy thanks Sara
~Get ready for the day with Sara (something I miss most about not having a roommate)
~Reunite with Kelly
~Get lost looking for Dunkin Donuts, get an iced coffee and cheeseburger from McD (first of many random Mickey D cheeseburgers of the weekend mind you)
~Catch up on the drive to PA
~Get a call from my friend Josh who I FBed about seeing while in DC and he insists on on staying with him instead of a hotel when we are there
~First stop: AMISH! Got to a place called Kitchen Kettle and are the youngest people there by 50 years (or so it seems)
~Sample all kinds of Amish yummies - fudge, jams, salsas, cheeses, kettle corn
~Amish hunting around INTERCOURSE (that's really the name of the town) and taking forbidden pictures of them
~Wine tasting
~Head to Kelly's cute apartment and get the grand tour
~Drink some beverages on Kelly's lovely deck
~Head to Lancaster for dinner and drinks at an Irish Pub called Annie Baileys
~Eat yummy yummy food and I like throw my water glass off the table - how it happened I stll don't know
~Meet up with some of Kelly's friends for drinks on the beack deck of Annie Baileys and I proceed to drink my first IPA beer
~Head back to Kellys

Saturday May 1
~I have a hard time sleeping and get up at 4:58am to start my day
~When Kelly gets up at a normal hour we go for lovely run around her neighborhood
~Get ready and packed up
~Make 3 stops before we hit the road - Dunkin Donuts for my coffee, Turkey Hill for Kelly's coffee and gas (but it was dramatic and I don't want to enrage kelly when she reads this) and finally to Grand Central for tasty bagels
~Roadtrip to DC (the place, not the person - it will confuse many of you I'm sure as you read this)
~Drive past DC to Arlington, VA to check in for our 5K and pick up our stuff
~Find Josh's apartment (he's participating in the Great Urban Race and won't be back til later)
~Kelly and I take the metro to Chinatown to meet her friends for a cupcake crawl (we may have stopped for $5 soda for our "beverages" as well)
~While waiting on Kelly's friends we sit on the stairs of some random building in DC and actually SEE Josh and his friends run past us while in the Great Urban Race...very random
~Meet up with Kelly's friends and get 2 yummy cupcakes
~Explore DC further
~Head back towards Josh's place - Kelly and I have random silly time sin her car
~Josh arrives!
~Josh's apartment building is redonkulous and he has a great place
~Catch up, have a beverage
~Get ready and head to Georgetown (if only it sounded that easy, there was a lot of walking, metros and humidity involved
~Stop for some Chipolte in Georgetown
~Meet up with Kelly's friends at some outdoor bar right on the water
~End the night early because OH WAIT Kelly and I are running a 5K the next morning
~Head back to Josh's and while enroute I lose a cute, new little back jacket I had just bought the day before :(
~Back at Josh's we chat with him roommate George who graduate from the Q with us, but I didn't really know him then
~Sleepy time

Sunday May 2
~Sleep terribly - which has been my theme the entire trip. I think it was nerves and excitement overall that contributed to my sleeping woes.
~My alarm goes off when I am actually asleep and I turn it off.
~Get up 30 minutes later than I wanted to
~Get ready with Kelly and Josh graciously toasts us bagels and drives us to the race.
~I am panicked that I am gonna miss Dave and like jump out of Josh's car only to immediately see Dave cross the street (he had just greeted the his "team members" which I missed), but I do like walk right behind him until 2 girls stop him for a picture
~I like freeze up and just stare at him (and assess his height)
~I spend the next hour no less that 3 feet from him just in awe
~See some of Dave's friends and family
~Get a picture with his brother Andrew
~Line up with Kelly for the race...I have my phone because we plan on running at out own pace
~Race starts and I am feeling GOOOOOD
~The first half of the 5K I am feeling good despite ALLL the people (it was very hard to navigate through crowds of people like that whilst running)
~Hit the water table (which I later learned was the half way mark, but I had no clue)
~Slow it down to throw back to cups of water and the humidity and heat HIT ME
~My body is good, but the air is SO thick
~I slow it down and see Kelly pass me so I tap her on the shoulder and we run for a little bit
~We separate again and I see a sign that marks the 3K point
~Well like an IDIOT I think 3MILES and run full force thinking I have like .2 miles left.
~After like 5 minutes I realize my mistake and I need to slow it down a little since I like overexerted myself
~See a 4K sign
~Skip to my last 2 songs on my ipod for the home stretch
~Soak in the crowd and spectators and I run towards the ball archway that signifies the finish line
~Cross the finish like and feel thrilled - so much for a second I thought about turning around and running the course again, but then I realize I am drenched in sweat, even my eyeballs are sweating
~Kelly and I find each other and partake in the goodies at the finish line - water, bananas, crackers.
~We sit and cool down despite the fact that I think we continued to sweat for a full 30 minutes AFTER we finished running
~We gather for the awards and David Cook talks
~More Dave staring and picture taking
~Once people clear out Kelly and I get coffee (I get iced she SOMEHOW gets hot...crazy)
~We walk around a bit, the race was at Freedom Plaza so we were in the heart of things
~The course of the 5k had us run past the Capitol Building it was cool
~Walk past the White House - I had never been before
~Take the metro back to Joshs
~Eat brunch on a sidewalk cafe - GOD I LOVE CITY LIFE
~Thank Josh for housing us and showing up a good time
~Drive back to PA - poor Kelly's legs from all out walking, running and driving
~Shower and collapse
~Stop by Millersville where Kelly works and go to her office and meet some of her students
~Get dinner at a cute place called Loxleys that was Robin Hood themed
~Drink wine and watch a movie
~promptly sleep and sleep soundly

Monday May 3
~Start our morning with stretching and a jog
~Drink coffee on the deck
~Head to Millersville for an official campus tour and to meet more of Kelly's peeps
~Get MORE Dunkin Donuts
~Drive to Baltimore
~Meet Sara and Katie for dinner and drinks at Nacho Mamas
~When I say "drinks" I meant a HUBCAP - a $15 hubcap of margarita that I practically drink myself
~Say goodbye to Sara and Katie
~Kelly drives to me to airport
~I am like buzzed checking in and going through security which I found hilarious
~The flight is empty so I sprawl out
~Get into ATL at 10pm
~Drive home to Auburn whilst catching up with my favorite West-Coaster Christina

So there you have it folks. DC was an absolute blast. Had TOO much fun. Good times and great people. It was EXACTLY what I needed.

Picture from the Race for Hope I found online:

The runners applauding surviors walking to the starting line with David Cook