Friday, October 8, 2010

Friday Five

1. Sleeping in: After a crazy weekof work last week and a long travel day last Thursday it was glorious getting to sleep in on Friday and Saturday. I used to not really like my bed at my mom's house, but my sister put a foam pad from heaven on it when she was living at home and took over my room. For whatever reason she left the pad and it's glorious.

2. NYC Dinner: Friday night I met up with Colleen, one of my best friends, in NYC for dinner. Colleen now lives in Connecticut so she was able to jump on the Metro North Train and I jumped on the LIRR train and we got up. Colleen and I have barely seen eachother the this year. I saw her for 1 night when I roadtripped home and surprised her in Delaware. Other than that it was actually the first weekend of October the last time I saw her. Even though we talk om the phone multiple times a week it was great to SEE her. We ate at a resturant called Josie's West - it was yummy and healthy and mostly organic. It was reasonably priced for NYC and felt very chic. I highly recommend it. Good times!

3. Boardwalk and Beach: Saturday I was hell bent on going to run on the boardwalk since I didn't get to do that. It was a BEAUTIFUL day like mid-70s. I took the train to Long Beach and was pleased to see so many people out and about. I did a quick 2 mile run on the boardwalk since it was the day before my half. After my run I went down to the beach and stretched/did some yoga on the sane with the salt water licking at my feet. Wow I wish I had the beach this close here - I'd be there all the time. I loved running on the boardwalk with the salty breeze in my lungs and watching the waves crash. It was pure bliss.

4. Dunkin Donuts: Whilst home I got my fair share of Dunkin Donuts Iced Coffee. My first DD stop was in Georgia on the way to the airport and I wanted to try their Pumpkin Iced Coffee. FAIL. IT WAS GROSS. I was mad that I "wasted" that trip on Pumpkin coffee. Lesson learned - stick with my toasted almond iced coffee. Don't worry I drank a BUNCH while I was home. I even stopped on my drive back to Auburn for DD in Georgia and got 2. One for the drive and one for Monday at work. I get so mad when I'm out and about on Long Island and how DDs are EVERYWHERE! Why are they not here, it kills me.

5. Soreness: I was SORE after my race. As soon as I stopped running I was sore. As soon as I got up from sitting down I was sore. As soon as I got up from my nap I was sore. Walking I was sore. Sitting smushed in my seat for my flight home I was sore. Monday I was straight up walking like an old man. I still felt a little sore on Tuesday. Wednesday I went for a 3 mile run. Yesterday I skipped a work out because I was so tired, but I will run after work today. I need this weekend to catch up on sleep and relax.

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