Friday, October 1, 2010

October 1st Friday Five

1. Weather Woes. I’m currently writing this on my flight home to New York. We have about 20 more minutes until we land and we should get in just about on time THANK GOD. Yesterday I get a call from my mom alerting me to Tropical Storm Nicole. What? I know that the weather channel always prepares people for the worst, but I was STRESSED. I didn’t want my flight cancelled or to spend hours at the airport. I monitored the weather all day today and made back up plans incase I had to stay in Atlanta for the night, but I mostly prayed that I got to New York. Seriously last night and today was so stressful. I’m just happy to be on my way and get my full weekend.

2. 100 mile month. My half marathon is on Sunday and I have been training with a regimented training schedule since June. After falling off the wagon in only slightly in July/August with my trip to New York for my birthday I missed hitting triple digits for my monthly totals. Well I conquered September. 103 miles for the month of September. Between my half marathon on Sunday and the one I signed up for in New Orleans Halloween weekend I feel good about hitting triple digits again. Have I mentioned that I’m running a second half marathon at the end of the month. I’m in the best shape of my life, I want to go to New Orleans and I figure a half marathon in New Orleans on Halloween weekend was meant to be. So does this mean I can tell people I ran a marathon in October?

3. President’s Party Barn. Tuesday was a student leader reception at the President’s house. This was the second year in a row that I’ve attended this event. I should also be clear that the event doesn’t happen IN his out, but rather NEXT to his house in his party barn. Party barn is a term for like shed’s outside fraternity houses where they host their band parties. Last year the President built himself a fancy party barn. There was yummy food and I got to see a lot of awesome students I know as well as celebrate the 10 fabulous students that are directing out orientation programs this year.

4. Chill. After MONTHS of staring at a new frozen yogurt place in town called Chill I had some this week. It was actually then evening of the President’s reception and I turned down dessert there knowing that there was an opportunity to go to Chill with students. I got a Pumpkin/Snickerdoodle cookie twist that was law fat/fat free. I only got a little bit, but it was DDDDDDDDDDDD-LICIOUS. I will need to get more since it is only a seasonal flavor. It reminded me of UConn’s Dairy Bar pumpkin ice cream which was the yummiest ice cream I think I’ve ever had.

5. Bad Pumpkin. Chill was a good Pumpkin experience, however Dunkin Donuts was not. On my drive to the airport I stopped in Georgia for my first DD Iced Coffee in nearly a month (and the first of many of this trip). Well I had heard the DD had a new pumpkin flavor and a lot of people were talking about it. So when I stopped I really wanted to try it, but in the back of my head I was worried if I didn’t like it than I would get my first DD fix off of a gross coffee. Seeing all the pumpkin stuff in the store I had to try it. After I ordered it I noticed it was “pre-sweetened.” FAIL. I don’t like sweetened drinks. I was still open to it. Umm it was HORRID. It tastes like a candle (not that I know what a candle tastes like), but it tasted like a fragrant pumpkin candle. I couldn’t put my finger on it, but I DID NOT LIKE IT. Luckily I ONLY got a medium instead of my standard large. I drank it anyway because I was thirsty and it was a DD Iced Coffee. However the rest of my trip will be filled with my beloved Toasted Almond.

This weekend is shaping up to be quite awesome. Can’t wait!

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Sarah said...

100 miles!!!! You're crazy. I ran 73 month and I thought that was a lot.

I'm very excited for you and your half marathons. I'd really like to shoot for one next spring.

While our busy schedules do not usually permit visiting, we need to end this! I haven't seen you since Alabama last summer, and that's entirely too long!