Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A Little Perspective

Granted as my parking record for this week is:
traffic/ being late - 3
Jenn - 0

BUT while venting to my friend who that works at UNC Chapel Hill he told me that his yearly parking permit is $700!!!!! WHAT. So for $60 I'll sit in traffic and walk miles a little less bitter now.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

If I Could Turn Back Time

I thought of a really good blog post title last night, but this morning I have forgotten it...sad. OHHHHHH I just thought of it as I sat here staring at the screen so there we go we have a title.

Why is "If I Could Turn Back Time" a fitting blog title. Well for 3 reasons. First I went on a trip down TV show memory lane and secondly because today is Monday-take 2 and thirdly, now that classes have started back at MSU (where I used to work) I wanted to give a little shout out to my fabulous office ladies who I miss dearly.

This weekend I finished reading the last book in the Twilight series (all 750+ pages of it). Overall I really enjoyed the series...especially the first book, but I found the series to get a bit predictable...I saw "twists" coming from over 100 pages away. I always love a good twist to catch you off guard, not the case here. But then again maybe it's my journalism background and I'm really good a putting pieces together.

SIDENOTE: I totally deleted my post by accident, but luckily it "autosaved" so I didn't have to rewrite it. I always find when I rewrite things they are never quite as good as what I originally said, maybe because of the "spur of the moment" nature of my usual writing.

Anyway so after finishing Twilight I was going through vampire withdrawals (is that weird?) so I managed to find the Buffy the Musical episode on tape. It was a major score because there were 3 episodes on Buffy on the tape. a Nice one featuring Angel from like season 2, then the musical and then the "Hush" episode that scared the crap out of me back in the day. And while watching these taped versions of Buffy I saw commercials for other WB shows and it made me nostalgic for all of them. I loved Buffy obviously and later Angel (especially the crossover episodes), as well as Roswell, and the first few seasons of 7th Heaven. I remember watching Dawson's Creek when it premiered and all the scandal around it because it was so "sexually charged."
Oh WB shows of the past I miss you. However I did find out that you can buy TONS of TV shows on itunes (I usually stick to music) and I found out you can also "rent" movies on itunes (I plan on trying it tonight). What I did buy off itunes yesterday was the Comedy Central Roast of Bob Saget....oh Saget I love you, I love Stamos more, but who doesn't. I love Full House, it's no secret. I have very fond childhood memories of watching Full House...the Tanner house is my "safe place" haha. So even though during the roast Saget and Stamos were being filthy they will ALWAYS be Danny Tanner and Uncle Jesse.

Now getting back to why today is Monday take 2. Well thanks to hurricane Fay...the Southeast has taken a beating. I was at the gym Saturday when there was the first Tornado Warning (a tornado has been sighted or the conditions are good for a tornado to develop). Great I was trapped at the gym and then later at Wal-Mart when I was going to buy flashlights and an emergency radio - EXCEPT they didn't have emergency radios because they are "seasonal items." WOULDN'T TORNADO SEASON BE THE BEST SEASON TO HAVE THE FREAKIN' RADIOS! I yelled at 2 different Wal-Mart employees about that. I yelled at a 3rd Wal-Mart employee because the flashlights were in a part of the store we weren't allowed to go to because of the Tornado Warning (we had to stay in the center of the store and the flashlights were int he back corner) so I yelled that WOULDN'T IT BE A GOOD IDEA TO HAVE ITEMS ONE MIGHT NEED IN CASE OF A TORNADO IN A PART OF THE STORE PEOPLE COULD GO TO (They employee event said that was a great idea...idiots run wal-mart). I am actually embarrassed I shop at Wal-mart because I always feel like 1. White Trash or 2. a poor college student. But it is too damn cheap. As it turns out there were like 5 Tornado warnings on Saturday (these really loud scary sirens go off when there is a Tornado warning). Well after another siren or 2 Sunday night I woke up Monday to more gross rainy weather and I was running late and I got caught by a train (the trains that carry 100 things of cargo) and off course traffic on campus continues to be the BANE OF MY EXISTENCE as well as PARKING. I swear one of the few things I miss about Res Life is living where you work and not having to deal with driving/parking. So I had to park in Guadalajara or so it seems and then walk a mile to my building...I was like 40 minutes late to work by the time I go there (luckily my boss is cool and says traffic/parking will get better after the first few weeks). But seriously why did I bother doing my hair or make up or showering because I was sweaty and gross and in a BAD MOOD. And for those of you who know how I get when I am in a bad mood, stay away. I did my best to stay in my office and not talk to anyone for fear of yelling or biting someone's head off. Then at 10:30 (I've barely been at work 2 hours) yet ANOTHER tornado siren goes off and our office is FLOODED with calls about if classes are cancelled/what to do. Well the university decided to cancelled classes and close the university at 11am which was cool/scary (and since I don;t working in housing anymore I wasn't "emergency personnel" and got to go home!), but I was worried the weather was gonna be super serious for them to close school. Well it turns out that as of Noon it turned into a lovely day, barely raining. So I got to do some shopping and cleaning and forgetting about my crappy morning. So in my mind today is "Monday." I'm still cranky because I was ON CAMPUS at 7:35am and I couldn't even get a close spot. And between driving on campus at this hour I didn't get to a spot until 7:50 and then make it into the office at like 7:58am. I am determined to get a grip on this parking drama because starting a day angry isn't good and again MANY of you know how out of control my road rage gets. I swear though typing this was more for me than for you...I needed to get it out and vent a bit.

It's funny while working in North Texas, just south of Tornado Alley I never had to deal with tornado warnings and sirens, just tornado watches (less serious) and now I'm in AL for about a month and am knee deep in tornado sirens with more to come most likely because of Hurricane Gustav!

I figure if I am gonna post long posts, I won't write as frequently...but as we all know I get on a roll at times. So I will try and get a grip on the length!

New Music: Check out Jared Lee (Shout out to Drew for introducing him to me)

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


I had a rather productive weekend I must admit. I would say the highlight was washing, waxing and detailing my car for like 3 hours on Sunday. I'm not gonna lie it was like the hardest I've ever worked, but also really rewarding. My car looks bangin'. I even bought all kinds of special cleaning things for it. I've had my car for over a year now and this was the first time I really cleaned it - not that my car is ever a mess, but I love it looking brand new.

I also did some shopping this weekend for a "Back to School" outfit. Yes I know I am no longer in school and that I haven been working for a while, but yesterday was the first day for students. I ended up getting an awesome 9 West separates from TJMaxx for cheap. $40 for a BEAUTIFUL jacket that retailed at $160 and sweet wide leg trousers for $30 which retailed at $70. I heart TJMaxx...I didn't have one nearby in Texas and it was torture. Now if only I could find a home goods.

I also was a machine going to the gym Fri, Sat and goal is to go 4 days a week so Fri and Sat counted toward last week and Sun counts towards this week. I am really enjoying my gym and my trainer. I am feeling stronger already and I'm starting to lost some weight as well! The cool thing has been changing up my diet and how I pair food groups together as well as eating more frequently. My sister has been super helpful with recipes and ideas as well.

I also got a mani/pedi FINALLY. The last one I had was in Mid-June...horrifying I know. I was just so busy I never got around to it. For the record I love pedicures...I like my feet so I like them to look cute, plus I like open toe shoes. Getting manicures helps me from biting my nails, a habit I had for a loooong time that I've been pretty sucessful as breaking the past few years as long as I keep them manicured. I like "long nails" not claws, but I like when the tip of my figernail can like touch the desk is I put my fingers against it (does that make sense or do I just sound crazy...which is also true). The best part of the mani/pedi was that it was only $25 and I was in and out in under 45 minutes. In CT and TX I had a hard time finding mani/pedis for under like $35 which is strange because in NY I could get them for $20 or $15 if it was Mon-Wed. So at the moment my fingers and toes are a purple-y magenta.

Also this weekend I got back into the the "hunt for a new denomination" I woke up at ::gasp:: 10:15am on Sunday (consider the fact that I slept til 1pm on Saturday) to go to a Presbyterian service. I really enjoyed of the pastors (a woman) was really cool and it seems there is a lot of leadership opportunities there. I think I would like to get involved with a church that would let me work with young people in some sort of leadership role. I think once I do a go round of all the churches and I narrow it down a bit I might set up a meeting with the pastor/reverend/etc to further explore things so I know I am making the right decision.

Speaking of decisions I've come to a new one. Improv. I still very much want to take a class, but I really don't think the Fall is the best time for me. I have my sister and my friend coming back to back weekends in Sept plus I have a conference in Oct...all of which would cause me to miss Improv class. Plus I am serious about this church thing and I don't want to commit to an Improv class that would interfere with Church. I was really torn about Improv because it will be a nice outlet and a way to meet people, BUT today in one of the daily university new updates we get via e-mail I saw Community Courses sponsored through the University Outreach Program and looked at the offerings. I was drawn to a dog obedience class and some writing courses. Based on time the classes are offered and some other factors I ended up signing up for a Novel writing class. The description is "Join a constructive, fun-filled forum that will stimulate creativity. Organize that great novel that has been running around in your head and put it on paper. Learn about plot, style, mechanics, and other essentials. Peer critique and encouragement are wonderful features of the class. A published novelist who is an award-winning author teaches this class." The class meets for 8 sessions on Mondays from 6pm-8pm starting Sept 15. I have NO idea who is going to be in the class or if I will be able to organize my thoughts enough for this class, but I have been writing for a loooong time. Ideally I'd like to write a play, so I think this course would give me a good jumping off point. So between the journals I've been keeping for over 10 years and my various blogs I think I will have plenty of fodder I just don't know what direction to go in...hopefully this class can help me. Who knows maybe I can add NY Times Best Seller to my list of accomplishments one day haha. I'm just happy I can find creative outlets that I've been so desperate for, but in the spring I realllly want to take Improv classes and hope it all works out.

One thing I was trying to add to my blog posts were "currently listening" updates like they have on myspace...but I can't find a setting to do that, so I guess I'll do it old fashion way.

Currently Listening to:
Brooke White(Yes from American Idol) who I was never a fan of but her covers of "Yellow", "Love is a Battlefield" and "Let it Be" are I suggest taking a listen:

Also I have been listening to the UK band Muse. As I've written I've been reading the Twilight Saga and the authors constantly mentions in her "Thank Yous" Muse for being exactly that a sort of muse for her and her writing. So check out Muse:

Below are also Stephenie Meyer - the author of Twilight's playlist for each of the books...they set the mood for each chapter for the most part. There is a TON of great music on all those playlists which I have been listening to constantly since I found them this weekend:

It's funny that Radiohead's Creep is on the first playlist...that song has been popping up left and right since I first got into it a few months ago(so what if it was a decade after it was released). My favorite lines from that song are:
"I don't care if it hurts,
I wanna have control
I want a perfect body
I want a perfect soul"

Maybe because I'm on that quest for gain control of my life after feeling I lost control in the months follow my dad's death (it was 9 months yesterday - it feels like just yesterday and like 100 years ago at the same time). I just want to be healthy physically and spiritually...I don't need perfection like the song state per say, I just want what's right for me. I should also mention that David Cook's old bank Axium does an phenomenal cover of "Creep" and that's actually how I first got into it.
Below is a montage to David Cook's version of Creep. I adore his version.

Well I have rambled on enough for today.

Leave some comments though...I'm an insecure writer who wants to feel loved!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Let the Sunshine In

I think I totally would have been a hippie in the 60s.

As mentioned on my "Constant Interests" list I love Broadway musicals. While at work today I had the craving to listen to music from "Hair" especially "Let the Sunshine in." I've always loved and been moved by both the song and the scene in the movie version. Below I found a clip on that scene if you are not familiar.

I have such a clear memory of my dad singing songs from hair, especially this one. My dad loved to sing in the car or around the house - and he voice wasn't half bad. The music from "Hair" was one of his favorites, probably because he WAS a hippie in the 60s. Bell bottoms, long hair, love beads, tie dye...etc. He even took off time from college to live in California and bum around. Luckily he wasn't drafted...I believe his number may have even been called, but the Vietnam ended before was scheduled to report.

But here we are 2008 and again we are in the middle of a war that we should have not gotten involved with to begin with. Yet there isn't a superstrong youth movement. Don't get me wrong it seems the twenty-somethings are more into politics and voting than ever before, but at the same time when it comes to's the same crap just presented in different bags. Don't get me wrong I fully intend on voting int his year's election...mostly since it will give me to the right to complain about whoever is president. I just want my generation to not be as apathetic as the generations prior...we have been through a lot as a generation. I just hope when the people from my generation are old enough to be major players in the government they will be able to make some changes for the better.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Thinking Quick on My Feet

As I do every morning I read - I will forever be a news junky even if I'm not working in journalism - when I came across this article:

The article talks about improv. I have been thinking about improv for a little bit these days mostly because I have an itch to get back on the stage (I have a theatre minor and enjoy acting/directing/writing) and also because my sister has been taking improv classes at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in NYC - which is funny because right before she signed up for classes I went to a campus programming conference and made friends with some Upright Citizens Brigade (UCB) folks and I ended up going to a UCB show in March. I am still trying to make it home one of these days for my sister's "class final performances. Anyway I've heard so much about how much my sister is enjoying improv and clearly we are both awesomely funny, plus it's a great way to meet people who are also funny. So today after reading that CNN article I decided to google improv classes in or around Atlanta. I found quite a few, but due to the drive and time zone changes it really limited what classes I would be able to take. However, I did find one on Sunday afternoons which could work. So I am going to sign up to "audit" one class and see how it goes. My only real hesitation is the drive because its nearly 2 hours each way (although it's a straight shot the whole way), but I do have tons of friends in ATL and it would be nice to seem them regularly. Plus it would only be like a 2 month commitment at first. I think I would be great at improv - I've a little bit of it in the past, but I am already quick on my feet and funny so I really can't lose. Plus again meeting people is always a good thing since there aren't too many options in town that I've seen, but I haven't given up hope of community involvement, volunteering etc. Plus I am actually looking into getting more involved with Greek Life here as well as the campus radio station - whose slogan - which I think is insanely clever is "A Rare Medium Well Done."

And most importantly I think all these things would give me amazing fodder for the blog....which is probably what most of you care about anyway!

After work today I am going grocery shopping, but I'm only buying things on a list that my trainer at the gym gave me. Which funny enough is mostly things I like anyway, but I need to get in the habit of eating more frequently, but with smaller servings to get my metabolism going. I am serious about this health kick/change of lifestyle and after 2 weeks of a vacation from my church exploration I need to get back on track this week. I think I might go to a different episcopal church this week - I think it's called Holy we shall see.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Making a Splash

I spent the weekend in Atlanta visiting friends. Friday night we went to a fancy expensive dinner in Buckhead because one of my friends had gift cards which was awesome then proceeded to go out to a few places. Saturday a bunch of us went to float the Chatahoochee River in Atlanta. I knew the float would be a while and we all brought beer and sunscreen, but it was 7 plus hours! It was fun, but sadly we all ran out of beer the last hour or so. The real highlight was there rocks that jutted out into the river that people jumped off of and when I saw people I mean mostly guys. One of my friends really wanted to go so I was feeling adventerous and decided to go with her. It was quite the challenge just clumbing the rocks to the get to the top all while drunk people are floating by. I would say it was like a 15-20ft jump into the water. Well we made it to the top and she jumped first then I did. It was really scary, yet exhilarating. Despite a mother of all wedgies from the jump it was awesome.

Speaking of water sports. It seems like most of the world has a severe case of Olympics Fever...yours truly including. I'm not gonna lie I didn't really think much about the Olympics not plan on watching them since I haven't connected my cable yet, but I was sucked in anyway. After the fateful day on the river, which was extremely draining despite the fat that all we did was float, tan and drink beer. We ended up staying in and watching the Olympics Saturday night and I got hooked. Clearly the big talk of the Olympics is Swimming and Michael Phelps. It was really exciting to watch, plus there were a bunch of swimmers who swam at Auburn which was cool (some were swimming for the US and some for other Countries - most notably Kirsty Covenry of Zim was an AU swimmer as well as Frederick Bousquet of France who was on the relay team. Speaking of the Relay...yesterday was crazy. I was so glad I saw it live since everyone is talking about it. I actually stayed in Atlanta last night to watch it and then woke up hella early this morning to drive back and go to work. So now I don't have cable and am addicted to swimming. I'll be the creeper in the sports bar... sitting nothing but a bathing suit haha!

1 weeks til the kiddies are all back for classes :)

Friday, August 8, 2008


I love cool dates like today is. I was also a big fan of 9-9-99. I wish my birthday was cooler 8-4-83 is okay but 8-3-83 would have been better. Anyway moving along, I must finally blog about my latest obsession. Twilight. Twilight is a book series geared to young adults about vampries and other strange happenings. I'm almost mad that Twilight is so cool, because I didn't hear about the books til this summer and the first one was published in 2005. The 4th and final book in the series was released last week and they already filmed a movie based the first book (I think only the first book) that will be out in Decemeber. I hate jumping on the bandwagon along with everyone else. Critics call Twilight the Harry Potter and I REFUSE to read/watch/care about Harry Potter because it was such a "to do." Same thing with getting Ice Cream from Cold Stone Creamery...I vow never to eat it because it was too trendy. Here I am thought a Twilight fan without even knowing it was cool. I've finished 2 of the 4 book and mind you each book is over 500 pages long. Oh and did I mention I bought all 4 books at one time without knowing very much about it. I do enjoy reading book series though. I hate getting "involved" with a character only for them to abandon you after 300 or so pages. I love the Stephanie Plum series by Janet Evanovich and a few smaller series written by Meg Cabot. I really do enjoy reading. Most people in my family were/are big readers and it wasn't something I really picked up until late in grad school. Back to Twilight...despite it being about a 17 year old girl and vampires for the most part it is very interesting. I'm quite excited for the movie...although the few movies that I've seen where I read the book first were always disappointing. I am gonna hold off for a few days to read the last 2 books considering I read the first 2 books in under a week (and that included the 4 nights I was in NY and didn't have time to read). I am actually reading a book for a book group at work right now about using your "strengths" at work and improving your strengths as opposed to focusing on you weaknesses. Plus I have the book I am Charlotte Simmons sitting on my desk at work. I started the book MONTHS ago and couldn't get into it. I'm gonna try reading it during lunch when it gets too busy to leave campus. I hate not finishing books I've started (I think it's only happened once or twice where I didn't finish a book).

So if you have any interesting reads....suggest away. Not having homework or late night work responsibilities definately gives me more time to read, plus I haven't hooked up my cable yet and I can only watch seasons 1 and 2 of How I Met Your Mother so many times.

Have a good weekend. I know I will. I'm headed to Atlanta tonight to go out for dinner and drinks in Buckhead (ohlala) then tomorrow a bunch of us are floating some river somewhere in Georgia which involves beer and inner tubes :)

Thursday, August 7, 2008


So I'm officially an antique...the big 2-5. I mostly feel good about being 25. I had a great time with friends, family and the top 10 from American Idol. Yes I rang in the big 2-5 by going to the American Idol Concert. I think me, my friend Christine and David Cook were the only 25 year olds there. By the way David Roland Cook of Blue Spring, Missouri is the winner of the 7th season of American Idol and if you didn't know that and you thought you were my friend, than you thought wrong because I've mostly obsessed over him for the past 5 months. So there I was watching all these people perform and then David Cook took the I take that back, he OWNED the stage. As much as I enjoyed his set it also made me jealous. Why is it that he is 25 and he is living his dream. It got me thinking, am I living my dream or am I just living. I have a bunch of emotions on the subject I guess. I do love my career and goals, but I wouldn't say it was the dream job either. Why did I never pursue theatre more or broadcast journalism or public relations or music (not in singing, but in record label side of things)...I love that stuff. I look at some of my friends who are doing those things and okay maybe they are still peons and I have a fancy masters degree and a nice desk, but did I settle? I don't know. I often get jealous of people who have cool jobs and are doing what they always dreamed of doing. I must admit I didn't grow up dreaming of working as a college administrator. Yes I find my job and life I chose to be fulfilling, but I wish I would have took more risks when I had the chance. I know some of you are're only 25 you still can take chances and I still might, but right now I am happy where I am. Maybe I'll so the theatre, public speaker, music producer thing later in life. I have other dreams beyond just a job that I want to start chasing first.

I think back to David Cook who had been one of thousands just a year ago auditioning for American Idol...he took the risk and look where it took him, beyond his wildest fantasies. Strangely though I am thrilled for him, not that I know him, but he could have easily been a guy I went to school with who only dreamed of being a rockstar and didn't care about school. Well when you gamble sometimes you win and sometimes you loose. I'm happy David Cook won. Over the past few days I have been listening to the song "Dream Big" that he performed during the top 2 finale and I really enjoy the lyrics. I will leave you with the lyrics and I set out to take some more risks in my life....maybe not professionally, but I have a lot I want to get out of life and I need to stop wasting time. So here ya go the "Dream Big" lyrics - although youtubing it would be awesome too because David Cook looked yummy when he performed it:

When I was a little boy,
I swore that I would change the world when I grew up.
Nothing else would be enough.

I see it everyday,
We settled for safe,
And lose ourselves along the way.

'Cause if you don't dream big,
What's the use in dreaming?
If you don't have faith,
There's nothing worth believing.
It takes one hope,
To make the stars worth reaching for.
So reach out for something more!

It took a well perfected plan,
For me to finally understand,
That it's not me.
Faith is something you can't see.

I wiped my tears away.
Now it's time for a change....
No I can't waste another day.

'Cause if you don't dream big,
What's the use in dreaming?
If you don't have faith,
There's nothing worth believing.
It takes one hope,
To make the stars worth reaching for.

'Cause if you don't have faith,
What's the use in dreaming?
If you don't have faith,
There's nothing worth believing.
It takes one hope,
To make the stars worth reaching for.
So reach out for something more!!

Friday, August 1, 2008

Jet Plane

I'm about to head out of the office in a few to run home gather my things (and my dog) and head to the airport for my flight to New York. I'm excited to be home, but at the same I usually have so much going on that it's rarely relaxing.

I am honestly looking forward to being 25, 25 is a solid number. You're not a kid, but your also not a complete grown up yet either...a perfect balance. It's funny though because I have no intention in dying when I'm 100, that's too I'm already kinda past "quarter life" which is an accomplishment too. I look back at 24 years and am thankful I haven't made really any major bad decisions. No broken bones, no stitches, no kids, no husband, no police record (minus some speeding tickets). Not bad if I say so myself.

One thing I will proudly admit is that I love birthdays, anybody birthday....yes especially mine, but your birthday is a celebration of you. I like me and I like my friends and that's why I like making big deals about birthday. It's not about presents or parties, but a deal in trying to get the people I care about together and to celebrate not just me, but us. Now as much as I love birthdays, I HATE when people sing Happy Birthday to me, I've always hated it. I don't know why, I don't even mind singing it. I just really hate when it's sung to me. Strange I know.

Well I'm off to a what will hopefully be a fantastic weekend and maybe I'll even end with beginning a torrid love affair with American Idol Winner, David Cook. A girl, no scratch that I'm gonna be 25, a woman can dream!