Monday, August 11, 2008

Making a Splash

I spent the weekend in Atlanta visiting friends. Friday night we went to a fancy expensive dinner in Buckhead because one of my friends had gift cards which was awesome then proceeded to go out to a few places. Saturday a bunch of us went to float the Chatahoochee River in Atlanta. I knew the float would be a while and we all brought beer and sunscreen, but it was 7 plus hours! It was fun, but sadly we all ran out of beer the last hour or so. The real highlight was there rocks that jutted out into the river that people jumped off of and when I saw people I mean mostly guys. One of my friends really wanted to go so I was feeling adventerous and decided to go with her. It was quite the challenge just clumbing the rocks to the get to the top all while drunk people are floating by. I would say it was like a 15-20ft jump into the water. Well we made it to the top and she jumped first then I did. It was really scary, yet exhilarating. Despite a mother of all wedgies from the jump it was awesome.

Speaking of water sports. It seems like most of the world has a severe case of Olympics Fever...yours truly including. I'm not gonna lie I didn't really think much about the Olympics not plan on watching them since I haven't connected my cable yet, but I was sucked in anyway. After the fateful day on the river, which was extremely draining despite the fat that all we did was float, tan and drink beer. We ended up staying in and watching the Olympics Saturday night and I got hooked. Clearly the big talk of the Olympics is Swimming and Michael Phelps. It was really exciting to watch, plus there were a bunch of swimmers who swam at Auburn which was cool (some were swimming for the US and some for other Countries - most notably Kirsty Covenry of Zim was an AU swimmer as well as Frederick Bousquet of France who was on the relay team. Speaking of the Relay...yesterday was crazy. I was so glad I saw it live since everyone is talking about it. I actually stayed in Atlanta last night to watch it and then woke up hella early this morning to drive back and go to work. So now I don't have cable and am addicted to swimming. I'll be the creeper in the sports bar... sitting nothing but a bathing suit haha!

1 weeks til the kiddies are all back for classes :)

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