Tuesday, August 26, 2008

If I Could Turn Back Time

I thought of a really good blog post title last night, but this morning I have forgotten it...sad. OHHHHHH I just thought of it as I sat here staring at the screen so there we go we have a title.

Why is "If I Could Turn Back Time" a fitting blog title. Well for 3 reasons. First I went on a trip down TV show memory lane and secondly because today is Monday-take 2 and thirdly, now that classes have started back at MSU (where I used to work) I wanted to give a little shout out to my fabulous office ladies who I miss dearly.

This weekend I finished reading the last book in the Twilight series (all 750+ pages of it). Overall I really enjoyed the series...especially the first book, but I found the series to get a bit predictable...I saw "twists" coming from over 100 pages away. I always love a good twist to catch you off guard, not the case here. But then again maybe it's my journalism background and I'm really good a putting pieces together.

SIDENOTE: I totally deleted my post by accident, but luckily it "autosaved" so I didn't have to rewrite it. I always find when I rewrite things they are never quite as good as what I originally said, maybe because of the "spur of the moment" nature of my usual writing.

Anyway so after finishing Twilight I was going through vampire withdrawals (is that weird?) so I managed to find the Buffy the Musical episode on tape. It was a major score because there were 3 episodes on Buffy on the tape. a Nice one featuring Angel from like season 2, then the musical and then the "Hush" episode that scared the crap out of me back in the day. And while watching these taped versions of Buffy I saw commercials for other WB shows and it made me nostalgic for all of them. I loved Buffy obviously and later Angel (especially the crossover episodes), as well as Roswell, and the first few seasons of 7th Heaven. I remember watching Dawson's Creek when it premiered and all the scandal around it because it was so "sexually charged."
Oh WB shows of the past I miss you. However I did find out that you can buy TONS of TV shows on itunes (I usually stick to music) and I found out you can also "rent" movies on itunes (I plan on trying it tonight). What I did buy off itunes yesterday was the Comedy Central Roast of Bob Saget....oh Saget I love you, I love Stamos more, but who doesn't. I love Full House, it's no secret. I have very fond childhood memories of watching Full House...the Tanner house is my "safe place" haha. So even though during the roast Saget and Stamos were being filthy they will ALWAYS be Danny Tanner and Uncle Jesse.

Now getting back to why today is Monday take 2. Well thanks to hurricane Fay...the Southeast has taken a beating. I was at the gym Saturday when there was the first Tornado Warning (a tornado has been sighted or the conditions are good for a tornado to develop). Great I was trapped at the gym and then later at Wal-Mart when I was going to buy flashlights and an emergency radio - EXCEPT they didn't have emergency radios because they are "seasonal items." WOULDN'T TORNADO SEASON BE THE BEST SEASON TO HAVE THE FREAKIN' RADIOS! I yelled at 2 different Wal-Mart employees about that. I yelled at a 3rd Wal-Mart employee because the flashlights were in a part of the store we weren't allowed to go to because of the Tornado Warning (we had to stay in the center of the store and the flashlights were int he back corner) so I yelled that WOULDN'T IT BE A GOOD IDEA TO HAVE ITEMS ONE MIGHT NEED IN CASE OF A TORNADO IN A PART OF THE STORE PEOPLE COULD GO TO (They employee event said that was a great idea...idiots run wal-mart). I am actually embarrassed I shop at Wal-mart because I always feel like 1. White Trash or 2. a poor college student. But it is too damn cheap. As it turns out there were like 5 Tornado warnings on Saturday (these really loud scary sirens go off when there is a Tornado warning). Well after another siren or 2 Sunday night I woke up Monday to more gross rainy weather and I was running late and I got caught by a train (the trains that carry 100 things of cargo) and off course traffic on campus continues to be the BANE OF MY EXISTENCE as well as PARKING. I swear one of the few things I miss about Res Life is living where you work and not having to deal with driving/parking. So I had to park in Guadalajara or so it seems and then walk a mile to my building...I was like 40 minutes late to work by the time I go there (luckily my boss is cool and says traffic/parking will get better after the first few weeks). But seriously why did I bother doing my hair or make up or showering because I was sweaty and gross and in a BAD MOOD. And for those of you who know how I get when I am in a bad mood, stay away. I did my best to stay in my office and not talk to anyone for fear of yelling or biting someone's head off. Then at 10:30 (I've barely been at work 2 hours) yet ANOTHER tornado siren goes off and our office is FLOODED with calls about if classes are cancelled/what to do. Well the university decided to cancelled classes and close the university at 11am which was cool/scary (and since I don;t working in housing anymore I wasn't "emergency personnel" and got to go home!), but I was worried the weather was gonna be super serious for them to close school. Well it turns out that as of Noon it turned into a lovely day, barely raining. So I got to do some shopping and cleaning and forgetting about my crappy morning. So in my mind today is "Monday." I'm still cranky because I was ON CAMPUS at 7:35am and I couldn't even get a close spot. And between driving on campus at this hour I didn't get to a spot until 7:50 and then make it into the office at like 7:58am. I am determined to get a grip on this parking drama because starting a day angry isn't good and again MANY of you know how out of control my road rage gets. I swear though typing this was more for me than for you...I needed to get it out and vent a bit.

It's funny while working in North Texas, just south of Tornado Alley I never had to deal with tornado warnings and sirens, just tornado watches (less serious) and now I'm in AL for about a month and am knee deep in tornado sirens with more to come most likely because of Hurricane Gustav!

I figure if I am gonna post long posts, I won't write as frequently...but as we all know I get on a roll at times. So I will try and get a grip on the length!

New Music: Check out Jared Lee (Shout out to Drew for introducing him to me)

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Star said...

Ok, so getting to campus at 7:35 isn't going to get it. If you want a spot in the loop, get there at 7:00. If you want a spot "behind Foy" (if that still exists), get there aroud 7:20, for the Library parking deck, I think 7:25-7:30 is the latest. After that, pack walking shoes. I know those are horrifically early times, but at least know you know. And knowing is half the battle.