Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Thinking Quick on My Feet

As I do every morning I read - I will forever be a news junky even if I'm not working in journalism - when I came across this article:

The article talks about improv. I have been thinking about improv for a little bit these days mostly because I have an itch to get back on the stage (I have a theatre minor and enjoy acting/directing/writing) and also because my sister has been taking improv classes at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in NYC - which is funny because right before she signed up for classes I went to a campus programming conference and made friends with some Upright Citizens Brigade (UCB) folks and I ended up going to a UCB show in March. I am still trying to make it home one of these days for my sister's "class final performances. Anyway I've heard so much about how much my sister is enjoying improv and clearly we are both awesomely funny, plus it's a great way to meet people who are also funny. So today after reading that CNN article I decided to google improv classes in or around Atlanta. I found quite a few, but due to the drive and time zone changes it really limited what classes I would be able to take. However, I did find one on Sunday afternoons which could work. So I am going to sign up to "audit" one class and see how it goes. My only real hesitation is the drive because its nearly 2 hours each way (although it's a straight shot the whole way), but I do have tons of friends in ATL and it would be nice to seem them regularly. Plus it would only be like a 2 month commitment at first. I think I would be great at improv - I've a little bit of it in the past, but I am already quick on my feet and funny so I really can't lose. Plus again meeting people is always a good thing since there aren't too many options in town that I've seen, but I haven't given up hope of community involvement, volunteering etc. Plus I am actually looking into getting more involved with Greek Life here as well as the campus radio station - whose slogan - which I think is insanely clever is "A Rare Medium Well Done."

And most importantly I think all these things would give me amazing fodder for the blog....which is probably what most of you care about anyway!

After work today I am going grocery shopping, but I'm only buying things on a list that my trainer at the gym gave me. Which funny enough is mostly things I like anyway, but I need to get in the habit of eating more frequently, but with smaller servings to get my metabolism going. I am serious about this health kick/change of lifestyle and after 2 weeks of a vacation from my church exploration I need to get back on track this week. I think I might go to a different episcopal church this week - I think it's called Holy we shall see.

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