Friday, August 1, 2008

Jet Plane

I'm about to head out of the office in a few to run home gather my things (and my dog) and head to the airport for my flight to New York. I'm excited to be home, but at the same I usually have so much going on that it's rarely relaxing.

I am honestly looking forward to being 25, 25 is a solid number. You're not a kid, but your also not a complete grown up yet either...a perfect balance. It's funny though because I have no intention in dying when I'm 100, that's too I'm already kinda past "quarter life" which is an accomplishment too. I look back at 24 years and am thankful I haven't made really any major bad decisions. No broken bones, no stitches, no kids, no husband, no police record (minus some speeding tickets). Not bad if I say so myself.

One thing I will proudly admit is that I love birthdays, anybody birthday....yes especially mine, but your birthday is a celebration of you. I like me and I like my friends and that's why I like making big deals about birthday. It's not about presents or parties, but a deal in trying to get the people I care about together and to celebrate not just me, but us. Now as much as I love birthdays, I HATE when people sing Happy Birthday to me, I've always hated it. I don't know why, I don't even mind singing it. I just really hate when it's sung to me. Strange I know.

Well I'm off to a what will hopefully be a fantastic weekend and maybe I'll even end with beginning a torrid love affair with American Idol Winner, David Cook. A girl, no scratch that I'm gonna be 25, a woman can dream!

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