Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A Video is Worth 1000 Words

I could go on and on about the AWESOMEness of these 2 videos OR you can just watch them and see for yourself.

Exibit A - a classic example of why I love Neil Patrick Harris, How I Met Your Mother and the character he plays named Barney

Exibit B - talent, drama, stage presence, and a ridiculous voice...Adam Lambert is the gay man I think I am on the inside sometimes haha. Seriously my goal in life is now to descend down every flight of stairs I walk on like he did.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Too funny not to friends are crazy and that's why I love them. Enjoy!



At 14:25, today, April 27th AWCDLJJ Members K***** LaRoche and C******** Kerns spotted a yellow VW bug. Kerns asked LaRoche if she would ever date a guy that drove one. LaRoche responded, "a guy would never drive one!"

LaRoche and Kerns considered conducting a stake out to see if the owner of the vehicle was indeed a woman. They decided to not waste their time, as they called VW and found out that there is only one man in the entire nation that does. Since the Southeast Chapter of the AWCDLJJ had recently reported that a man that is currently residing in the south was seen driving one, LaRoche and Kerns decided that the chance that this would indeed be the same one was slim to none, and abandoned the mission.

Monday, April 27, 2009


So Saturday I went horseback riding. Yes, you read that right. It actually wasn't terrible. The horse and cute and nice, but we all know I prefer my animals under 10 pounds. Somehow I gracefully got on the damn horse, that was really what I was most concerned about. The instructor lady told me I was a quick learner. I eventually took the reigns on my own and even trotted a bit. After like 2 hours on the horse apparently it got tired and laid down...WITH ME ON IT...which apparently is like super dangerous. Luckily the horse laid down slowly and I was able to like tuck and roll off and away from the horse. Imagine after like a successful lesson and I ride I had a 900 pound horse roll over on me...good Lord. While in Alabama I figure, I gotta do what the locals do. I can check horseback riding off the list.

I also MUST mention that my DAVID COOK concert is NEXT Monday. I am trying not to think about it tooooo much or else I won't be able to concentrate on work!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

April 25

Today would have been my Daddy's 60th birthday. Love you.

Today also marks 1 year since I interviewed for my Auburn job.

I also have something interesting going on today as well, more details tomorrow.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

I'm on top of the world

Tuesday I was privileged enough to go on a tour of Samford's clocktower and belltower. Samford is Auburn's most iconic and beloved building. The views of campus were amazing. One really cool thing was the fact that we were standing next to the bell when the belltower chimed 5pm. It was SOOOO loud...I actually brought the video camera so I got some really cool footage. The really cool thing was going into the clocktower and seeing the signatures on the back of the clock faces. I was able to sign as well AKA I had some exclusive company with me on the clocks. One really cool thing about the clock faces is that the move so you can stand in front of the face. I'm not gonna lie I accidently licked the clock...I went to take a picture and fake lick the clock and my tongue make contact with the clock...haha. It's hard to explain how exciting it was go in Samford and what it meant.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Disco Fever

I had a really exciting day, but I am going to blog about that tomorrow. I do however want to talk briefly about tonight's american idol. I too was sacred of the disco theme, but my fav 3 were ON FIRE. Kris totally shaking up "She works hard for the money" was awesome. I'm for sure a Kris fan. My girl Alison ROCKED "Hot Stuff" like no other...I can't get over her sick vocals. If I sounded like her I would never talk...I would sing everything musical style. If she doesn't make the top 3 I will seriously think about moving to Canada due to losing all faith in America. And then there was my "glam-bert" Adam. I again really liked his arrangement and the vulnerability. That boy totally took notes during David Cook's run weather he admits it or not. Adam is a fantastic performer, but I don't know what kid of cd he would do. That's it I'm going to go and look up Idol Tour's an illness.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Redneck Bingo

WOW - so this weekend my friend Michelle and I went to the Sticks Country Music Festival - mainly because she got free weekend passes and we figured why not. Well this was the first time ever they did this festival so I had no idea what to expect. Friday night we decided to go to see Gretchen Wilson and to so a "test run" so we'd know what to expect Saturday. The Festival was held on some guy's private land like 15 minutes away and we we approached where it was we saw huge signs and lots of we were like wow this may be a bigger deal than we thought. So we drive a long ways to the parking lot and we an awesome parking spot. We got our weekend bracelets to wear and unfortunately we brought a cooler with glass bottles and had to leave it outside because no glass was allowed - fail. We also failed on a few other accounts - we did not wear appropriate footwear and we didn't bring tailgate chairs and despite wearing light jackets we were pretty cold considering Gretchen Wilson didn't go on til 10pm. Well apparently we were the ONLY people no prepared because this festival was NO JOKE. It was essential a concert/fair with tons of food vendors, activities and novelties. The stage was hardcore legit and the field was covered with people in chairs, coolers, blankets who were having a damn good time. Gretchen was good considering I don't know her music well. Michelle and I took notes and were going to be better prepared for day 2.

So Saturday before the festival we were to Auburn's A Day game which is when the team makes it's "debut" along with our new coach and offense and defense play each other. It was exciting to be back in the stadium and there were a good bit of people there, but the game is far less exciting when an Auburn victory is guaranteed. So after A Day we got our canned beverages, a new cooler since ours was jacked since we had to leave it outside. We made our way back to "ride the Sticks train" as they kept saying. I changed clothes in the parking lot in front of like 3 guys doing traffic control - hilarious. I made sure to wear sneakers this time around and my good old orange cowboy hat. So we had our drinks, our snacks, our chairs, our jackets and we good to go. The whole place was even more of a spectacle in the daylight. We got there about 4pm - the festival started at 10am so there were a good bit of people there. We got a good spot and were there just in time to see Julianne Hough from dancing with that stars which is the whole reason Michelle wanted to go. Julianne was very good. Over the course of the evening we saw Julianne, Jason Michael Carroll, Diamond Rio and Sara Evans. Each performer did 45 min to an hour or so with 30-45 min breaks in between.

The breaks were prob the best part because you really had time to people watch. During this time I developed "red neck bingo." There were tongs of people in camouflage, missing teeth, jorts, confederate flag items (bikini, shirt, blanket, giant belt buckles, super tight wrangler jeans, fishing clothing, etc., but sadly there were no mullets. We had random people talk to us at different points, we say people funneling beers, one older lady with watermelon sized boobs in an ill-fitting shirt. It was basically sensory overload, but highly enjoyable. I felt like an anthropologist observing a different culture in their natural habitat.

All in all it was a good time and I am fully starting to because a bronze goddess due to all the sun I got! Today I am gonna lay low with Freddie, so some cleaning and hit the gym.

Lastly while at the store yesterday I came across from Arizona Arnold Palmer half iced tea/half lemonade which is one of my most favorite and beloved drink clearly I bought like 5 cans and am enjoying one as week speak. Arnie P how I love you

Monday, April 13, 2009

Hoppy Easter

I'll get things started with a voicemail my friend Kelly left for me...pure comedy, "I was calling to get a rundown of the Southern Baptist Easter celebration, but I am gonna assume that you are so filled with the holy spirit that you are out there spreading the good word. So keep it up, carry on."

Yes I listened the the voicemail like 5 times so I could transcribe it word for magical word. Church was good, it was a beautiful morning. I put on my Sunday best, a cute dress I hadn't wore since last year. I met my boss in the parking lot and I was surprised how simple the sanctuary was. There was little to no religions icons...which I do remember from when I went to Melissa's Christmas concert at her church. People trickled in just before services started, lots of families.People at church were super friendly and they seemed like a big family. I sat with my boss and his in-laws, his wife played the keyboard for part of the service. There was a lot of music and singing, it's interesting how contemporary their music seemed. I enjoyed that, but I also longed for some of the old standbys we sang growing up. They had a projector with the words to the songs on it as a pretty impressive music group played along. I'd say we spent half the service standing and half sitting, not kneeling - I never was a fan of kneeling. The sermon came at the last 1/3 of the service...and the pastor walked around from time to time, I found him engaging. It was a little weird that a sermon outline was projected during his talk. I was surprised by some of the I guess I would say "fear" tactics he used in his speaking - it was subtle you need to understand this completely or else don't bother and how there are only places in heaven who..., but I guess fear does motivate people. Obviously he talked about being saved, which I know is a polarizing issue for people. I know it's a big deal. I think it's just the concept of giving up control of your life completely that doesn't sit well with me. Yes you are giving up control to God and that's a good thing, but I think I would like to try and control my life while keeping God in mind. I know one of my baptist students has this quote on her facebook "If God is your co-pilot than switch seats." I think having God as a my co-pilot is best for me. I wrote more on this whole issue, but I'm not hear to argue or preach so let's move along.

Only a handful of times through the service a few people were motivate to raise their hands, in agreement/moved my the Holy Spirit. I was tickled that they did that and quite frankly I expecting more. Only during the last song did everyone clap which was fun, again I expected more clapping. I enjoyed the service and a majority of the sermon. I knew going into the service that Baptist isn't the denomination for me, but I'm glad I was invited to go and that I took my boss up on his offer. As I've hold him on numerous occasions, I am "studying abroad in Alabama" and I want to soak in as much culture as possible.

The rest of Sunday I spent outside, putting my new Alabama plate on my car - we only have a back plate WEIRD. I took Freddie to the dog park, we went Saturday as well, that little furball has some much energy sometimes. He was running like crazy int he dog run on Saturday, but Sunday he was being dumb and a lab puppy like wrestled with him, HILARIOUS, but he got dirt in his eye so he was like winking the rest of the day...poor baby. I tried to soak up the sun on this weekend with dog parks and baseball games. Friday we has some BAD weather, like stand in your closet with couch cushions over you, weather. We got some crazy wind, rain, lightning and hail. No bueno. Last night and today have been super windy and rainy...yuck.

Friday, April 10, 2009


My friend Sara and I are taking a poll...what is the male version of "sassy." Sample sentence: You sir have a sassy coat on. We would greatly appreciate your thoughts so leave me a comment and I will get back to you with our findings. Thanks!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Country Bumpkin

So I got my Alabama drivers license today...finally. I made it my facebook picture so check it out...awkward. I did get my New York license back after they punched a few holes in it.So now that I am a full fledged Alabamian (ew) I have a few southern events coming up in the next few weeks.

I am going to Easter Sunday Service at a Baptist Church. Go Big or Go Home I figure. I'm sure the I'll have an awesome post after that...I may go out and buy an Easter Bonnet for the ocassion!

Then next week I am going with my friend Michelle to the Sticks Country Festival there are even a few country performs I have heard of like Gretchen Wilson, Chuck Wicks, Julianne Hough, and Sara Evans. So that should be interesting as well.

I also have a super yummy barbeque dinner with Natty Lite in Newnan, GA - it was good times. Totally worth dirivng an hour each way to hang out and catch up for 2 hours and as a BONUS there is a Dunkin Donuts on that exit and I got a heavenly iced's been weeks since I had one.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009




OK, I'm good. Well good enough to type. I literally was about to open to finish up my American Idol season 8 post when instead I went to look at Facebook and check my David Cook fan group that I am an avid follower of (and no I don't care that you are probably judging me for it) when I see a post about how David is doing a show at his Alma I decided to check to see if he is adding any more dates and I am skimming the dates and see ATHENS, GA on MAY 4th and link that says Get Tickets...before I could even think I clicked the link. I double checked to see how far Athens was...3 hours...DO-ABLE, even on a Monday night for my Cookie. So for 15 bucks a piece I am the proud owner for 2 David Cook Tickets for a show LESS THAN A MONTH AWAY...oh my I got short of breath again. Now I need to drag someone along to the show since I don't know too many Cookie lovers down here, BUT I am POSITIVE that they will be a Cook Convert after the show. May 4th will be 9 months to the day since I last saw him at the American Idols tour on my birthday.

Okay I will try and focus on my other post now...keep in mind I wrote the beginning of this post prior to the magicalness that has become this morning.

So as you should all know by now I love David Cook - the winner of last season's American Idol. I watched the first season of Idol from the very beginning, it was randomly on television and was really happy when Kelly Clarkson won. The reason I was really able to watch season one was because it was on during the summer. I was always too busy during the school year to watch idol. I saw a few episodes from time to time. I remember watching the last 2 or 3 episodes of season six, but made no plans to watch season seven. Well my mom got hooked during season one when I first discovered it. Well last year a few episodes into season seven my mom calls me to tell me about this sexy guy on the show with a gorgeous mouth. So I tune in to check it out and it's Mr. David Cook. I was yeah yeah he's cute..had horrible hair, most likely covering up being really bald. I totally remember thinking that. So I saw the episode he performed "Hello" and was intrigued. I don't think I tuned in for the next week or two but I remember hearing all the buzz over his version of Billy Jean during top 10 week. So it was soon after - March 29th actually (yes I am sad, but I journal so I am able to look back at dates) I youtubed all of his prior performances and was a changed woman - and thankfully his hair got MUCH better as the show progressed.

Well as much as I loved David Cook I also loved "judging" the contestants myself so I told myself I would watch this season of idol...even though I would not have another love like David I wanted to pick my favorites and see where they would land in the end. I remembering hearing a lot of pre-idol buzz about Lil Rounds, Danny and Adam. I actually liked Danny from his auditions and first few hollywood rounds, but once he got to the top 13 I steadily began loathing him. Lil has been rather unimpressive since the top 13 as well. I thought Alexis was great from the get go - I bought a few of her songs on itunes. I was sad to see her go after one bad-ish song although she was still better than others by a mile (Michael, Scott, Megan). I fear this week that Kris may pay the price for a one bad song, he has been slowly gaining momentum - I even bought his Ain't No Sunshine itunes. Lets talk about the 2 contestants that I am rooting for and would love to see them in the finale (even though I fear it won't happen) Adam and Allison. Adam has a lot of buzz early on so I paid attention to him in the early rounds and then saw how the powers that be have "pimped" him all season (I love the use of the work pimping when I read Idol blogs/articles). Adam has an awesome theatrical voice, my concern is a lot of broadway folks never make it in mainstream music...perfect example the amazing pipes of Adam Pascal. I am highly disappointed that the itunes version of Tracks of my Tears is not the stripped version he did on the show. Adam is very enteraining and I love his dragqueen style. You never know what you are gonna get with Adam and it keeps it exciting. I would most likely go see Adam in concert, but I wouldn't know what a cd from him would look like. The person whose cd I would for sure get is the the highly UNDERRATED Allison. WTF I don't understand how she has been in the bottom three twice already...that's crap. I think she has an amazing voice, can work a stage like no one's business and is sassy taboot. If Allison isn't AT LEAST the top 5 I am going to lose all faith in Idol voters. I have bought all of Allison's itunes songs and they are fantastic. Love you Allison...Save the ROCKER!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


I don't know about all of you, but when I'm doing random searches online I can get on extremely long tangents. In the past facebook was the the culprit, especially when looking through people's photos and I would keep linking to other people's albums which quickly would turn into 45 minutes later and you would forget how you even got started on this facebook frenzy.

Well as of lately I have a new online search that can keep me busy for hours at a time, wikipedia. Clearly I know wikipedia is nothing new, I first started using it in 2005. However my co-dependency on wikipedia is new. I find myself wiki-ing everything...often. I even have a wikipedia function on my internet explorer toolbar. What makes wikipedia so addictive is the fact that it continually links to itself. My example from yesterday, I wanted to wiki Seth Macfarlene and one thins in his bio mentioned how he was supposed to be on one of the 9/11 flights, but missed it. Well that lead me to read about the flight, flight 11, that he missed. Which then lead me to read about the other 3 flights and then lead me to just read about 9/11 as a whole. By the time I was done and fully had myself upset I got to thinking how did I even get started reading about 9/11...which made me realize that it was because of my wiki search of Seth Macfarlene an hour earlier. I know that wasn't the most pleasant "wikipedia relay" it was just the most current example. I have "wiki relays" on a regular basis.

Okay a less grim example...well this one coul be sad in my case, but sad in a funny way. So this weekend I FINALLY watched my Twilight DVD that I bought two weeks ago and didn't have time to watch. I must have rewatched a few scenes multiple times, squealing like a school girl each time. So obviously it was glorious. Then I watched the extended scenes that were cut. Then I watched the movie again, but with commentary from the director and from Rob Pattinson and Kristen Stewart. I am a tool I know, but I couldn't help myself. Anyway as I was watching the movie I was wiki-ing Twilight which would lead me to other mini "wiki relays" all good times. I also enjoy a good toggle between wikipedia and IMDB when it comes to movies, celebs, tv shows etc.

I'm sorry for the randomness of this post. I was up past midnight watching Seredipity on Bravo. I was flipping channels as I waited for my laundry to dry for a few more minutes and of course I got sucked into to Seredipity like 20 minutes into it. I've had a few late nights bueno. I'm really gonna try and be in bed at 10pm tonight after I watch American Idol! Don't worry I have an American Idol post in the works that I will be posting this week.

Later taters

Thursday, April 2, 2009


I literally was having a conversation with my friend Sara yesterday about now I am not nice and I'm not a big fan of "nice" guys. I like weird, funny, crazy, sarcastic etc...not nice. So then I was watching Millionaire Matchmaker just now on Bravo and Patti was being her usual abrasive self and one of her clients was like I normally deal with much nicer people. Patti was like "You know what I'm not nice...I'm not nice, but I get the job done." I thought it was classic. I agree.