Sunday, April 19, 2009

Redneck Bingo

WOW - so this weekend my friend Michelle and I went to the Sticks Country Music Festival - mainly because she got free weekend passes and we figured why not. Well this was the first time ever they did this festival so I had no idea what to expect. Friday night we decided to go to see Gretchen Wilson and to so a "test run" so we'd know what to expect Saturday. The Festival was held on some guy's private land like 15 minutes away and we we approached where it was we saw huge signs and lots of we were like wow this may be a bigger deal than we thought. So we drive a long ways to the parking lot and we an awesome parking spot. We got our weekend bracelets to wear and unfortunately we brought a cooler with glass bottles and had to leave it outside because no glass was allowed - fail. We also failed on a few other accounts - we did not wear appropriate footwear and we didn't bring tailgate chairs and despite wearing light jackets we were pretty cold considering Gretchen Wilson didn't go on til 10pm. Well apparently we were the ONLY people no prepared because this festival was NO JOKE. It was essential a concert/fair with tons of food vendors, activities and novelties. The stage was hardcore legit and the field was covered with people in chairs, coolers, blankets who were having a damn good time. Gretchen was good considering I don't know her music well. Michelle and I took notes and were going to be better prepared for day 2.

So Saturday before the festival we were to Auburn's A Day game which is when the team makes it's "debut" along with our new coach and offense and defense play each other. It was exciting to be back in the stadium and there were a good bit of people there, but the game is far less exciting when an Auburn victory is guaranteed. So after A Day we got our canned beverages, a new cooler since ours was jacked since we had to leave it outside. We made our way back to "ride the Sticks train" as they kept saying. I changed clothes in the parking lot in front of like 3 guys doing traffic control - hilarious. I made sure to wear sneakers this time around and my good old orange cowboy hat. So we had our drinks, our snacks, our chairs, our jackets and we good to go. The whole place was even more of a spectacle in the daylight. We got there about 4pm - the festival started at 10am so there were a good bit of people there. We got a good spot and were there just in time to see Julianne Hough from dancing with that stars which is the whole reason Michelle wanted to go. Julianne was very good. Over the course of the evening we saw Julianne, Jason Michael Carroll, Diamond Rio and Sara Evans. Each performer did 45 min to an hour or so with 30-45 min breaks in between.

The breaks were prob the best part because you really had time to people watch. During this time I developed "red neck bingo." There were tongs of people in camouflage, missing teeth, jorts, confederate flag items (bikini, shirt, blanket, giant belt buckles, super tight wrangler jeans, fishing clothing, etc., but sadly there were no mullets. We had random people talk to us at different points, we say people funneling beers, one older lady with watermelon sized boobs in an ill-fitting shirt. It was basically sensory overload, but highly enjoyable. I felt like an anthropologist observing a different culture in their natural habitat.

All in all it was a good time and I am fully starting to because a bronze goddess due to all the sun I got! Today I am gonna lay low with Freddie, so some cleaning and hit the gym.

Lastly while at the store yesterday I came across from Arizona Arnold Palmer half iced tea/half lemonade which is one of my most favorite and beloved drink clearly I bought like 5 cans and am enjoying one as week speak. Arnie P how I love you

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