Monday, April 13, 2009

Hoppy Easter

I'll get things started with a voicemail my friend Kelly left for me...pure comedy, "I was calling to get a rundown of the Southern Baptist Easter celebration, but I am gonna assume that you are so filled with the holy spirit that you are out there spreading the good word. So keep it up, carry on."

Yes I listened the the voicemail like 5 times so I could transcribe it word for magical word. Church was good, it was a beautiful morning. I put on my Sunday best, a cute dress I hadn't wore since last year. I met my boss in the parking lot and I was surprised how simple the sanctuary was. There was little to no religions icons...which I do remember from when I went to Melissa's Christmas concert at her church. People trickled in just before services started, lots of families.People at church were super friendly and they seemed like a big family. I sat with my boss and his in-laws, his wife played the keyboard for part of the service. There was a lot of music and singing, it's interesting how contemporary their music seemed. I enjoyed that, but I also longed for some of the old standbys we sang growing up. They had a projector with the words to the songs on it as a pretty impressive music group played along. I'd say we spent half the service standing and half sitting, not kneeling - I never was a fan of kneeling. The sermon came at the last 1/3 of the service...and the pastor walked around from time to time, I found him engaging. It was a little weird that a sermon outline was projected during his talk. I was surprised by some of the I guess I would say "fear" tactics he used in his speaking - it was subtle you need to understand this completely or else don't bother and how there are only places in heaven who..., but I guess fear does motivate people. Obviously he talked about being saved, which I know is a polarizing issue for people. I know it's a big deal. I think it's just the concept of giving up control of your life completely that doesn't sit well with me. Yes you are giving up control to God and that's a good thing, but I think I would like to try and control my life while keeping God in mind. I know one of my baptist students has this quote on her facebook "If God is your co-pilot than switch seats." I think having God as a my co-pilot is best for me. I wrote more on this whole issue, but I'm not hear to argue or preach so let's move along.

Only a handful of times through the service a few people were motivate to raise their hands, in agreement/moved my the Holy Spirit. I was tickled that they did that and quite frankly I expecting more. Only during the last song did everyone clap which was fun, again I expected more clapping. I enjoyed the service and a majority of the sermon. I knew going into the service that Baptist isn't the denomination for me, but I'm glad I was invited to go and that I took my boss up on his offer. As I've hold him on numerous occasions, I am "studying abroad in Alabama" and I want to soak in as much culture as possible.

The rest of Sunday I spent outside, putting my new Alabama plate on my car - we only have a back plate WEIRD. I took Freddie to the dog park, we went Saturday as well, that little furball has some much energy sometimes. He was running like crazy int he dog run on Saturday, but Sunday he was being dumb and a lab puppy like wrestled with him, HILARIOUS, but he got dirt in his eye so he was like winking the rest of the day...poor baby. I tried to soak up the sun on this weekend with dog parks and baseball games. Friday we has some BAD weather, like stand in your closet with couch cushions over you, weather. We got some crazy wind, rain, lightning and hail. No bueno. Last night and today have been super windy and rainy...yuck.


Katie said...

I can hear you saying "studying abroad in Alabama" and I LOVE IT!! Miss you!!

Katie Doc

Kelly said...

That Kelly Duncan is hilarious