Wednesday, July 23, 2008

My inspiration for this blog

Last week I got an e-mail from dear friend from grad school asking us to answer some questions as part of a post-college guide for twenty-somethings that is going to be published. Well I can't resist my name, or pen name at least, in print. For the purpose of this blog and most writing I do I use "Jenniac" mostly to avoid groupies stalking really although many of you reading this know me, I like going incognito as Jenniac when I write. I promise I'll explain where Jenniac came from in a future post, but back to the e-mail there were about 12 questions and finally yesterday started to write my answers and I was "in flow" typing my little heart out.

Here's a little back story: I had been toying with the idea of writing an observation about life/the life and times of me blog, but I wasn't sure I could commit or not to doing. I've actually had a blogger account since 2004. I was in a creative non-fiction writing class in college and our professor wanted us to post them on blogs so our classmates could read them. Then in 2006 I did a summer internship across the country and wanted to keep my family and friends in the loop of my adventures as well as document the summer for myself. Well my little blog in 2006 had quite the following and I really enjoyed writing it. After my internship I started submitting "comedic entries" if you will for a blog I was introduced to by a friend called unsorted mail - check it out it's good times. I've haven't written in a while, but my older posts are in the archives. Then last year when I started my first job I started another blog, but last year was tumultuous and I didn't have much time to blog (more on that at a later date).

Well here I am a little over a year out of grad school working at my second job after just over one year at my other job and I figured since my other blog was essentially titled my first job if I was was going to blog again I needed a new start, a clean slate. I swear all of this blogging is out of the blue, I had no master plan or intention - even when it came to a title for the blog it kind of popped up in head as a play on words and then flourished in about an hour into a direction for this blog. Which is perfect timing because in a little under 2 weeks I will be celebrating my 25th birthday - which I am looking forward to immensely because 24 was a rough year, but I had a lot of life experiences which will give me plenty of fodder for this blog.

So back to that e-mail I got with the the questions I got so wrapped up in. Thinking about my answers really inspired me to share my thoughts with not just friends and family - but hopefully with strangers too. Is that weird? Well it shouldn't be...I think this blog would be a good resource and/or comedic relief for anyone who is a twenty-something or has ever been a twenty-something. So please pass this blog along to anyone that you think would enjoy it!

Starting tomorrow I will post one or two questions a day from that e-mail for the next 10 days or so leading up to my 25th birthday! Then from there out I will be sharing the ups and downs of being a twenty-something and I hope to hear from you, if you want me to post of your experiences feel free to e-mail me at

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