Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Question: Other people - stories about making new friends, staying in touch with old friends, keeping your parents at bay, funny tales about dealing with roommates

God bless facebook. I really mean it. Facebook is such a easy way to stay in touch. You can see what people are up to new jobs, new relationships, new favorite movie etc. Also using gmail chat aka gchat at work - easy way to slyly chat with friends at work. Clearing time to talk on the phone with folks aka phone dates are the best option - but sometimes you have to take into account time zones. I live in the central time zone now and most of my friends are in eastern which is nice for me because I can generally not stay up as late talking if its 11pm EST and only 10 CST when we are on the phone, but then again you could be woken up on a Sunday morning at 9am because your friend in New York is living life at 10am (lets be real I have a rule I give at "orientation to being my friend" that says to never call me before noon on a weekend unless it's an emergency...and most of my friends are great about this, except they call me at like 12:15pm which is really 11:15am in the central time zone).

Also blogs are taking off. I wrote a blog 2 years ago about a summer internship I did and it was my way to keep people in the loop of my life without always having to tell the same story 30 times (although I do enjoy doing that). I see tons of people with blogs these days and actually after answering all these questions for this book (see my first blog post if you are confused) I think I am gonna take my answers and put them on a blog. I had been thinking of starting a new blog and I guess it's serendipity that this can be my first few posts. (There was the "aha" moment I had about finally starting to blog again).

Question: dating and finding love in the real world

My answer:
Honestly I am loving my independence, I just got a dog a few months ago and I sometimes feel smothered by that commitment - don't get me wrong I love my puppy Freddie and no way regret getting him, but he's someone I have to consider when making decisions...while for the past I've only had to consider myself. So with that being said if I can barely commit to a dog how am I supposed to commit to a 6' tall slobbering fool who won't let me sleep the night all the way through. But again being the "waaay out of towner" interests everyone, including guys. I have gone out with a few guys that I randomly met because they overheard me talking (the accent works like a charm) and knew I was a yankee and a conversation sparked from there. The problem with a lot those guys they are big dull dullards and I get bored EASILY. I even dated a guy who really liked me and he was perfect "on paper" (6'4, graduate degree, good job, from the north, no kids or ex wives-all things to consider especially when I was living in Texas...depressing I know) but he was boring, not funny and too nice. I would much rather be single than waste my time on someone I don't really like. Do I want a boyfriend, some days, but do I want just anyone just so I say say I have a boyfriend...HELL NO!

So despite than being 25 and unmarried in Alabama pretty much makes me an old maid, I'm okay with that. Mostly because I can fall back on the fact that in the north most people aren't married in their twenties, but I do notice how much pressure my single friends from the south feel. I admit I feel the pressure when 9 out of 10 people you meet in the mid twenties are married, but at the same time I'd rather not spent 2/3 of my life married...I'd be good with about 1/2 my life thanks. It's funny I never started looking to see if a guy was wearing a wedding ring until last year when I moved to the south because in the northeast most guys under 28 aren't married so it was never a big deal. I also have no interest in being someone's second wife or dating a baby daddy at point in my life...I have enough baggage of my own thanks.

I really am enjoying my life solo because once I do get married and have kids I will be tied...down...forever. (Just typing that made my throat close up haha). But seriously as cliche as Sex and the City quotes are this one always have resonated with me "Maybe some women aren't meant to be tamed. Maybe they just need to run free til they find someone just as wild to run with them." I am not slowing my life down for anyone, they either need to keep up or get left in the dust.

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