Friday, February 26, 2010

Fast Friday

I wish I had more time to blog do alas I do not. I am packing up my things and about to head out the door at lunch to roadtrip to Atlanta with my friend Chuck for my friend Katie's wedding this weekend. Katie was a Head Camp Counselor when I was the NODA intern so I am looking forward to her wedding (my first wedding as an adult) and to see a bunch of camp people!

Also this weekend, on Sunday, is another What the Fox Improv show. Our director and MVP Lindsay was interviewed for offbeat auburn and the Auburn University paper, check it out:

I still need to also recap Idol. I must say I was surprised by the eliminations last night. Its not that I was attached to them, but I'm sad we couldn't see more of their possible potential. Whatever my rocker boy Lee Dewyze is going strong so I'm good.

Thursday, February 25, 2010


Last Saturday I saw Auburn Theatre's production of "The 25th Annual Putnam COunty Spelling Bee."

Never heard of it...well neither had I. That's a lie I had heard OF it, but knew nothing about it. Regardless I can't pass up a local show so my friend Melissa and I went.

I must say I was pleasantly surprised - it was cute/touching/funny/inappropriate. It was a short show - we didn't even have an intermission, but it was great.

As I was looking up some of the songs from the show the other day I found out that my favorite character - Leaf Coneybear, was originally portrayed off/on Broadway by Jesse Tyler Ferguson (Mitchell from Modern Family*).

The show is basically about 7 kids (played by adults) in a spelling bee. Click HERE for more info

*Speaking of Modern Family my NEWLY ENGAGED friend and fellow blogger Codi referred to Modern family as: "think Full House meets Will and Grace meets The Office. It's that good." That is SUCH a great description. If you haven't checked it out stop reading my damn blog and get on hulu immediately!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Last week I stopped by the radio show of one my Orientation Leaders which I was super excited about. I've been working here for over a year and somehow I never made it to the radio station. I was very impressed with their facilities they had, granted they moved into the new student center a year and a half ago and all got brand new stuff.

This week I was invited back to be on the show. I got to talk about my blog, tumblr, some good new artists and improv. My friend Christina tuned in and heard me on air since WEGL is streaming online.

WEGL really made me miss radio kids. We are a different breed...a little offbeat...passionate about music and generally very opinionated. It's good to know that radio kids in Connecticut are the same as radio kids in Alabama. I actually got on facebook yesterday and looked up a bunch of former WQAQ kids to see where they're at.

Seriously my WQAQ DJ days were some of my fondest. I still have TAPES, yes TAPES of my radio if only I could find something to play the tape on.

Friday, February 19, 2010 Americal Idol

Seriously I am obsessed with American Idol - I bame you @EWMichaelSlezak and MTV News's @JambaJim.

So this week we found out which contestants are in the top 24 - 12 guys and 12 gals. I have to say I am pretty excited about half of those contestants.

With this season being Simon's last it is bittersweet, but I am really liking Ellen as a judge. Even Kara is SLIGHTLY less annoying.

I think this Idol season aka the next 14 weeks (that's a stat Slezak wrote I didn't do the math) I am going to try and write an idol related post each week about what went down that week. So if you don't watch the show - I suggest start, or get used to reading about it. I also plan on quoting some of the fantastically awesome articles I read from my fav bloggers. Especially gems like this from @EWMichaelSlezak "Theri's final note, in particular, was so bum it should've been cited for panhandling."

I'm not gonna recap this week, but some early favorites in the top 24 are:
Andrew Garcia - his Paula Abdul "Straight Up" was one of the best auditions of the year
Katie Stevens - this girl is 16 and has the such a mature voice
Didi Benami - she is very real and chill - she reminds me of season 7's Brooke White, but with a more powerful voice.
Crystal Bowersox - seriously with a name like Bowersox how could you not like her. This girl is indie and soulful - her "Natural Woman" and especially her "Makes You Happy" auditons were redonkulous.
Lee Dewyze - he is a rocker guy, we haven't heard a lot from him through the audition rounds, but I like his vibe and it doesn't hurt that he has a sexxxy mouth much like the far superior David Cook.

So obviously I can't blog about American Idol without a David Cook mention. While watching the auditions and Hollywood week rounds it got me thinking about if I had watched season 7 from the start would I have been an early David fan? I would LIKE to say I would have been, but I don't know. After "Billie Jean" I was owned by that boy and can't imagine not liking him. What I can tell you what I didn't like from watching videos from Dave's early Idol episodes was his hair/facial hair.

Please notice the Idol transformation Dave went through from his audition to the finale. AND FOR THE RECORD...I did not make this, I came across it a while ago online so I'm only sorta sad and creepy, not completely.

God I love scruffy facial hair on a guy.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Snow Day

Last Friday believe it or not in Auburn, Alabama we had a legit SNOW DAY. There was a coating of snow last year that like shut the town down, but I wasn't in town for it so I was really anxious to see campus covered in snow. Well after seeing all the snow the DC area got I was jealous of all their snow. Last Thursday I saw the decent storm that came through Texas and there was a good chance of it coming here. Well Last Thursday at like 4:30PM an university e-mail and text message went out saying the university would be closed Friday...SCORE. As excited as I was for a day off I was really hoping for snow. I actually could barely sleep. After waking up at 6:30 and 8...I finally got out of bed at 9am just when the snow was slowly starting, however it realyl started to come down, by mid-afternoon it was quite impressive. My friends Michelle and Tim joined Freddie and me to play in the snow. Here are of few pictures!

Freddie and Me on Samford Lawn

Campus in the snow

Cater Hall in the snow

My cute apartment in the snow

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Goodbye Sweets

For the past 6 weeks I have been really trying to cut back on sugar and sweets, well for Lent I am going to try and AVOID any excess sugar or sweets. Goodbye cookies, ice cream, candy - not that I eat a lot of it, but for 40 days I want to see what would happen if I "just say no." The ONLY exception I am giving for this rule is my friend's wedding at the end of the month. I haven't been to a wedding as a "adult" before and I want the full experience - wedding cake and all.

I also wanted to mention that twice this week I ran 3 miles on the treadmill instead of my usual 2.5 and actually this past Monday I ran the 3 miles at a pretty good gallop - between 5.0 - 5.5 on the treadmill, so I did about a 11:30min mile for 3 miles and didn't die! I really feel confident about my ability to get to at least a 10 minute mile by May. I don't think I'll ever "LOVE" running, but I'm learning to hate it less - good music is definitely key. If anyone has any running suggestions I would love them.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

New Hire!

Today we hired our 2010 NODA Intern. As some of you know I served as Auburn's NODA Intern back in 2006 which led me to where I am today. NODA by the way is the National Orientation Directors Association. I find the NODA process to be very exciting and nerve wracking from both ends, but awesome nonetheless. This year our intern will be joining us from Virginia Tech and I am thrilled to welcome her to not only our Camp War Eagle family, but our Auburn NODA intern family.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I like Ike*

The second half of last week and into the weekend I felt terrible...I was outside all Wednesday afternoon without a coat and it got pretty brisk...later that night I felt a mild cold coming on.

Instead of hitting up the gym this weekend, I was hitting up airborne and nyquil on the couch. I really THOUGHT about going Sunday, but convinced myself otherwise. Funny nyquil story on Thursday I mistakenly took nyquil caplets instead of dayquil caplets TWICE. So all day Thursday I was a complete zombie and I couldn't figure out why until I went to take nyquil before bed and realized I had been taking it all day...opps.

I got to the gym Monday and saw one of the signs on the door that instantly motivates me "Showing up is half the battle." It's true. I've never gotten all the way to the gym and then had a shitty workout. If I'm there I go full force, but it's the getting there that's hard for me sometimes, especially on the weekends. My gym is about 7-8 minutes from work, but like 12-14 minutes from home - so I find getting there on weekends hard sometimes.

I have yet to hit my 10 miles a week yet...I also need to hit more 4 day work out weeks, as opposed to 3 day work out weeks - even thought 3 days is better than 0 days.

I do however think I've found I way to perhaps finally get past my weight plateau and his name is Isaac. Isaac is my NEW trainer. Yes in 16 months I've gone through 3, well he is my 3rd. I was bummed that my last trainer drastically cut back on clients due to a new job, but within 10 minutes of working with Isaac I was pretty damn hopeful. Isaac is a good looking built black man who doesn't take crap. I really prefer working with guy trainers - I feel they push me more and that I try harder. Luckily Isaac isn't my type - however one of my best friends I could see falling head over heels for him - but it's good that I'm not attracted to him because it's easier for me to talk to him about my weight or what parts of my body I don't like. So Monday Isaac and I "eased" into legs and when I said eased - I mean he KICKED MY ASS (err legs) so hard they were noodle like the next day. That's not completely true...I was hurting, but not like semi-paralyzed which is never a good thing - my friend Christine could tell you a story in which I could barely walk due to overdoing with a trainer - I was truly immobile, which is funny now, but when I was shuffling along hunched over at the mall it wasn't. Isaac had me do lots of leg stuff, but not with machines at all. We did different squats, things with weights, jumps, lunges, leg lifts and calf raises. I feel like I not only learned a lot, but I enjoyed it. I think the big key to my weight loss is changing up my routine, I think my body acclimates to what I do so I'm excited to learn all kinds of new things and hopefully see results!

Also I have a confession. I went on a(in Victoria Beckham's accent) MAY-JOR itunes last week. I had a $25 gift card too use so I went to redeem it and started buying stuff, well apparently it didn't like REGISTER the card until a few purchases in so I ended up buying like $60 worth of music. Granted I hadn't bought anything in a month or so. Now I have some sweet tunes from: Adam Lambert, MWK, Kings of Leon, Safetysuit, 3OH!3 and A Formal Affair. I did however make a "running" playlist and a "weights" playlist of all my itunes - including my new purchases which have been very exciting!

*Ike is in reference to my new trainer Isaac, but that phrase also has a special place in my heart because in 3rd grade we did reports and presentations of our Presidents and I got our 34th President Dwight David Eisenhower. Part of his campaign was merchandise saying "I Like Ike." My aunt actually got me a little box in D.C. that I still have that said it on it.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


I heard about this video a few weeks ago and my sister passed it along. It's a new Yale admissions video and I have to say it was FANTASTIC. After watching it now I want to go to/work at Yale. I truly recommend you to watch it (especially if you are a higher ed nerd) beware the video is 16 minutes long, but it was very entertaining.

Thursday, February 4, 2010


Happy half birthday to me!

Half birthdays have a special place in my heart being a summer baby. Now don't get me wrong I love being a LEO, but I find it tragic the biggest attention seeker of the zodiac has a birthday outside of the school year. I was always sad I couldn't be the birthday girl in school. Yes I was glad to never have school or tests on my birthday, but I was jealous of the ribbon corsages with candy hanging from them that the birthday girl always wore (anyone have that weird tradition?)

After a little googling look what I came across:
So what exactly is a candy corsage?
A candy corsage is a pin-on corsage or wrist corsage adorned with ribbon bows, tulle, some sparkly beads and a quirky confection that is linked to the birthday. The following list shows the confections that were associated with specific birthday years.

10th birthday - lollipops
11th birthday - gum drops
12th birthday - tootsie rolls
13th birthday - bubble gum
14th birthday - dog biscuits
15th birthday - life savers
16th birthday - sugar cubes
17th birthday - lemon drops
18th birthday - cigarettes

Read more at Suite101: Birthday Celebrations - Candy Corsages: How to Make a Wrist or Pin-On Corsage

Is the 21st birthday little mini bottle of liquor?


I always have to default to my half birthday to celebrate in school growing up which was hard because a very popular/mean girl I went to school with had her REAL birthday February 3 and she didn't want me to have any attention for my lowly half birthday. I still can recall some very traumatizing conversations between us.

Over the past 5 years I've really tried to do my actual birthday up BIG and I feel like I have been pretty successful. I really jus tlove the power birthdays have over people - like it's my day I want to see these people and do this and no one can disagree with the birthday girl or boy. Granted in my day to day life I also generally dictate what I'm doing and who with, but still.

Colleen, one of my best friends' birthday is the day after mine although she is a year older and when I first realized this I was bummed because, again, being a Leo I am an attention hog and want to revel in all the glory of my birthday day, however I find that when Colleen and I do joint birthday stuff even MORE people make an effort to come out because now they are forced to partake in the birthday activities of not only 1, but 2 friends. Some of our joint birthday celebrations have been my favorites. Colleen and I actually refer to ourselves collectively as "Delirious." So on our facebook birthday invite for my 24th and her 25th we called it "Delirious turns 49" - classic. Out first joint birthday was actually my 21st and her 22nd. It was a sh*tshow in the best possible myself (or better yet my liver) survived that week still boggles my mind.

So people mark your calendars you have 6 months left to shop to buy me awesome things and to clear your calendars for what I'm sure will be quite the throw down for my 27th birthday!