Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I like Ike*

The second half of last week and into the weekend I felt terrible...I was outside all Wednesday afternoon without a coat and it got pretty brisk...later that night I felt a mild cold coming on.

Instead of hitting up the gym this weekend, I was hitting up airborne and nyquil on the couch. I really THOUGHT about going Sunday, but convinced myself otherwise. Funny nyquil story on Thursday I mistakenly took nyquil caplets instead of dayquil caplets TWICE. So all day Thursday I was a complete zombie and I couldn't figure out why until I went to take nyquil before bed and realized I had been taking it all day...opps.

I got to the gym Monday and saw one of the signs on the door that instantly motivates me "Showing up is half the battle." It's true. I've never gotten all the way to the gym and then had a shitty workout. If I'm there I go full force, but it's the getting there that's hard for me sometimes, especially on the weekends. My gym is about 7-8 minutes from work, but like 12-14 minutes from home - so I find getting there on weekends hard sometimes.

I have yet to hit my 10 miles a week yet...I also need to hit more 4 day work out weeks, as opposed to 3 day work out weeks - even thought 3 days is better than 0 days.

I do however think I've found I way to perhaps finally get past my weight plateau and his name is Isaac. Isaac is my NEW trainer. Yes in 16 months I've gone through 3, well he is my 3rd. I was bummed that my last trainer drastically cut back on clients due to a new job, but within 10 minutes of working with Isaac I was pretty damn hopeful. Isaac is a good looking built black man who doesn't take crap. I really prefer working with guy trainers - I feel they push me more and that I try harder. Luckily Isaac isn't my type - however one of my best friends I could see falling head over heels for him - but it's good that I'm not attracted to him because it's easier for me to talk to him about my weight or what parts of my body I don't like. So Monday Isaac and I "eased" into legs and when I said eased - I mean he KICKED MY ASS (err legs) so hard they were noodle like the next day. That's not completely true...I was hurting, but not like semi-paralyzed which is never a good thing - my friend Christine could tell you a story in which I could barely walk due to overdoing with a trainer - I was truly immobile, which is funny now, but when I was shuffling along hunched over at the mall it wasn't. Isaac had me do lots of leg stuff, but not with machines at all. We did different squats, things with weights, jumps, lunges, leg lifts and calf raises. I feel like I not only learned a lot, but I enjoyed it. I think the big key to my weight loss is changing up my routine, I think my body acclimates to what I do so I'm excited to learn all kinds of new things and hopefully see results!

Also I have a confession. I went on a(in Victoria Beckham's accent) MAY-JOR itunes last week. I had a $25 gift card too use so I went to redeem it and started buying stuff, well apparently it didn't like REGISTER the card until a few purchases in so I ended up buying like $60 worth of music. Granted I hadn't bought anything in a month or so. Now I have some sweet tunes from: Adam Lambert, MWK, Kings of Leon, Safetysuit, 3OH!3 and A Formal Affair. I did however make a "running" playlist and a "weights" playlist of all my itunes - including my new purchases which have been very exciting!

*Ike is in reference to my new trainer Isaac, but that phrase also has a special place in my heart because in 3rd grade we did reports and presentations of our Presidents and I got our 34th President Dwight David Eisenhower. Part of his campaign was merchandise saying "I Like Ike." My aunt actually got me a little box in D.C. that I still have that said it on it.

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