Thursday, February 4, 2010


Happy half birthday to me!

Half birthdays have a special place in my heart being a summer baby. Now don't get me wrong I love being a LEO, but I find it tragic the biggest attention seeker of the zodiac has a birthday outside of the school year. I was always sad I couldn't be the birthday girl in school. Yes I was glad to never have school or tests on my birthday, but I was jealous of the ribbon corsages with candy hanging from them that the birthday girl always wore (anyone have that weird tradition?)

After a little googling look what I came across:
So what exactly is a candy corsage?
A candy corsage is a pin-on corsage or wrist corsage adorned with ribbon bows, tulle, some sparkly beads and a quirky confection that is linked to the birthday. The following list shows the confections that were associated with specific birthday years.

10th birthday - lollipops
11th birthday - gum drops
12th birthday - tootsie rolls
13th birthday - bubble gum
14th birthday - dog biscuits
15th birthday - life savers
16th birthday - sugar cubes
17th birthday - lemon drops
18th birthday - cigarettes

Read more at Suite101: Birthday Celebrations - Candy Corsages: How to Make a Wrist or Pin-On Corsage

Is the 21st birthday little mini bottle of liquor?


I always have to default to my half birthday to celebrate in school growing up which was hard because a very popular/mean girl I went to school with had her REAL birthday February 3 and she didn't want me to have any attention for my lowly half birthday. I still can recall some very traumatizing conversations between us.

Over the past 5 years I've really tried to do my actual birthday up BIG and I feel like I have been pretty successful. I really jus tlove the power birthdays have over people - like it's my day I want to see these people and do this and no one can disagree with the birthday girl or boy. Granted in my day to day life I also generally dictate what I'm doing and who with, but still.

Colleen, one of my best friends' birthday is the day after mine although she is a year older and when I first realized this I was bummed because, again, being a Leo I am an attention hog and want to revel in all the glory of my birthday day, however I find that when Colleen and I do joint birthday stuff even MORE people make an effort to come out because now they are forced to partake in the birthday activities of not only 1, but 2 friends. Some of our joint birthday celebrations have been my favorites. Colleen and I actually refer to ourselves collectively as "Delirious." So on our facebook birthday invite for my 24th and her 25th we called it "Delirious turns 49" - classic. Out first joint birthday was actually my 21st and her 22nd. It was a sh*tshow in the best possible myself (or better yet my liver) survived that week still boggles my mind.

So people mark your calendars you have 6 months left to shop to buy me awesome things and to clear your calendars for what I'm sure will be quite the throw down for my 27th birthday!


mel said...

tell colleen that she must visit alabama. and we'll have the most delightful 27, 27 and 28th birthdays ever this summer!

Christina said...

Seriously, what is with the dog biscuit birthday? Suspect...

Kelly said...

my calendar is marked, we don't start training til aug. 9th. what will we be doing?!