Wednesday, April 28, 2010

East Coast Anthem

I feel like I SHOULD be embarassed about making this photo and making it my Facebook picture and posting it on here, but I'm really not.

I love me some David Cook and I don't care who knows it.

I really DO HOPE I get to see the Man, Myth & Legend at the Race on Sunday, but I have no idea. I've never been to a race, but if there is an opportunity I will week it out.

I'm pumped for a few days away. I haven't been out of the greater Auburn region for "pleasure" since the last weekend of February (I went in Louisville for a work conference in early March, but that really doesn't count in my book). I get to see 2 of my bestest friends which I am AMPED about. My friends really complete me and going so long without seeing some of my bestests have been no bueno.

Sara is picking me up in Baltimore and then we are heading straight out - I heart nightlife in the Inner Harbor/Fell's point.

Friday my friend Kelly is coming down from Lancaster, PA to pick me up and then we are heading back to Lancaster for the day - we're gonna frolic with the Amish - I'm pretty jazzed.

Saturday Kelly and I are heading to DC. We have a cupcake crawl that we're going on with some of her college friends and then we are going to explore. Kelly gre up outside of DC so I'm in good hands with her.

Sunday is Race Day - bright and early! After the race and David Cook obviously falling inlove at first sight with me - we are gonna hang around DC a bit more before heading back to Lancaster.

Monday we'll spend part of the day in the Lank before Kelly drops me off in Baltimore for my flight home Monday night.

It's exhausting just typing it all out - but I CANNOT WAIT. I booked this trip in February and I know it's just the break I need to get me ready to come back and face a crazy, but exciting month stright of Camp War Eagle.

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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Criminal Minds

I really think my favorite drama on television now is Criminal Minds. Shhhh don't tell Law & Order: SVU I said that, however it's true. I do still enjoy SVU, but I think I've just seen too many episodes.

I actually started watching Criminal Minds by accident over Christmas break. I was home at my mom's and we were looking for something to watch, I think we actually stumbled upon Pawn Stars (another great find of Christmas break) on A&E and after a few episodes of Pawn Stars were on Criminal Minds came on, like 3 episodes in a row. Criminal Minds ending up being on like every night for multiple episodes on two different channels - A&E and some Ion channel that I don't get down here. I swear after a few days of Christmas break I must have seen a 20 episodes.

The show follows members of the FBI's Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU). The agents of the BAU are profilers...they profile both the victims and the unsubs (unidentified subject). They mainly deal with serial killers which I find to be both fascinating and frightening. The show really has some excellent twists and turns.

I also really love the cast. I'd say my favorites are Agent Derek Morgan, Tech Guru Penelope Garcia, and my absolute favorite Dr. Spencer Reid. Also media liaison Jennifer "JJ" Jareau is growing on me, but mostly because I think her boyfriend/baby daddy is a tasty treat.

The great thing about being hooked on Criminal Minds is that it's been on for nearly 5 years which means there are so many episodes out there that I still haven't seen. Sadly the new episodes of Criminal Minds is on Wednesday nights which already is chock full of Idol/Glee/Cougar Town/Modern Family. Also in the fall CBS is premiering a spin-off called Minds 2.0 - I'm honestly not sure how I feel about it, but I'm willing to give it a try.

Finally I also want to mention one thing I really really enjoy about Criminal Minds is that it always ends with a famous quote (sometimes it also starts with a quote) and the quote really relates to that episodes. Some notable ones include:
"Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls; the most massive characters are seared with scars." ~ Kahlil Gibran
"We all die. The goal isn’t to live forever, the goal is to create something that will." ~ Chuck Palahnuik
"Nothing is so common than the wish to be remarkable." ~ Shakespeare
"The life of the dead is placed in the memory of the living." ~ Cicero

Monday, April 19, 2010

Weekend Surprises

I didn't really have any high hopes for this past weekend, well low expectations are a good thing because it's easier to be pleasantly surprised.

Friday night I went to a BBQ in my townhouse community at a colleagues place. Actually two colleagues from another department live in my townhouse community on the other side. They moved in, in October, but we never go together. So they planned a joint BBQ and invited a bunch of folks from work. I ended up having a BLAST (and I wasn't even drinking - I have put a drinking ban on myself until I head Race Weekend). Seriously though good food, good people and great conversation! My neighbors and I actually talked about doing a "progressive dinner" one night. So each person's place has a course...I think that's be totally cute and fun.

Saturday was A-Day, Auburn's spring scrimmage. It was BEAUTIFUL out. Jordan Hare Stadium was glorious as usual. We had a good crowd over 60,000+ people. Myself along with probably everyone there ended up with a sunburn, but mine quickly turned to tan. As my friend Michelle and I were walking to check out the new Basketball Arena that's under construction we stopped to talk to some folks she knew. She was deeply engaged in conversation with one guy and the other guy complimented my industrial piercing and from there we got into how I'm from New York and he was just living in New York for a few years for school and now he's in law school. Well I didn't realize that all of my dad's legal woes/listen to all the random things my lawyer friends have told me would come in handy. I was able to talk "law" with him. I even someone brought up the crazy legal system that Louisiana has and we talk about that and then like stops his thought mid-sentence to say "I can't believe you knew about Louisiana law, I'm impressed." Look at me, I'm such a Jack of all trades. Michelle later told me while talking with her friend she stopped to see if I was just awkwardly standing there but instead saw that Paul and I were chatting away. We said our goodbyes, but it was good times. Finally we checked out the new Basketball Arena - very cool...they are making awesome progress. Apparently they are doing Convocation there in August...interesting.

Saturday night I just kind of laid low. Finally got around to re-watching "The Rules of Attraction." I watched it in grad school for a film class and it made a lasting impression, I just never got around it re-watching it. It's such a dark, twisted film, but at the same time I enjoyed it's grit and realism. It'll be another few years before I watch it again, but I find it strangely fascinating.

Sunday I did A LOT of laundry, including sheets that Freddie peed on...seriously?!?! He also went onto later eat my ipod's headphones (this is the 2nd pair in a few months). Stupid jerk - he must have been acting out yesterday for some reason. I went for a lovely run around town yesterday but you can read more about that here .
I actually really wanted to wash my car yesterday, but I don't have a hose and I didn't want to drive to the car wash place - le sigh.

Next weekend I hope to drag people out with my to Supper Club to see the Velcro Pygmies (which I plan on being sober out - scary), I'm trying to have low expectations, but I'd love to pop some Velcro Pygmie cherries!!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Cawfee Tawk

Today Starbucks was having a free coffee promotion if your brought in a travel mug. I have many travel mugs and I even had a fabulous Starbucks brand mug which keeps my coffee hot/warm all day. Since the Starbucks nearby in on campus in the student center and part of campus dining despite being a pretty legit store, I wasn't sure if they would be participating.

Of course around 9am the line is looooong, but I didn't mind waiting. I actually like going over to the student center because I always end up seeing TONS of people. I saw a guy ahead of me in line with his travel mug, but I saw that he didn't paid. I had brought my wallet with me just incase, but at the same time I wanted free coffee, otherwise I would have just made* it myself. The line is long so 1 barista is taking orders while 2 are making coffees and 1 is at the register. So I give the barista my mug and tell him I want the Pike Place blend, then I get to the register soon after and ask if they are participating in the free coffee promotion (they weren't), but she only charged me 54 cents for a refill. I was pleased I didn't have to pay 2 bucks for the coffee, but now I'm curious about the 54 cents business. I did some googling, but I'm still unclear on the terms/circumstances. Anyone have better info?

*I actually have an obsession with the Starbucks VIA instant coffee packets, they are really good. Previously I was a fan of the Folgers/Maxwell House coffee (tea)bags, but they were always a bit watery.


The lack of comments on my posts hurt my heart folks, come on. I'm such a good blog follower, I comment often on the blogs of a sister out.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Summer is Coming

It might as well be summer, it feels like it. I love how it's already 61 degrees at 8am here and then mid 80s by lunch.

For students there is only about 3 weeks of classes left before finals. For Orientation folks like me, it means we have about 40 days until session 1 of Camp War Eagle. Now keep in mind we have been plenty busy with our transfer orientation program, we have another session next Friday and one in mid-May.

Yesterday I called Jayme, our NODA Intern who will be joining us this summer from Virginia Tech. We talked about what to pack, what's going on in the office, the pace of the summer, projects she will be working it - all very exciting stuff. I love getting to work with prepping the NODA interns for their summer on the plains. How is it that it's going to be 4 years since I first fell in love with Auburn, crazy. I think that's something that I really love about working in orientation, watching people fall in love with a place that I already love. I truly get such joy out of it, I don't think anything will ever come close to my love for Quinnipiac and getting to work as an orientation leader on that peer to peer level, but it's rewarding nonetheless. I'm really excited to introduce Auburn to Jayme and hope she quickly grows to love it!

Speaking of summer - I was talking to my friend Sara yesterday and she asked if I was planning to make my annual pilgrimage home for my birthday and I answered OF COURSE. I'm still debating if I'll fly or drive. I really didn't mind the drive and got to see a bunch of people throughout my travels, we shall see.

I titled this post to honor Grease 2, and yes I sang this song to myself as I typed this (particularly 1:13-1:33 of the song)

Thursday, April 8, 2010

I Funny Lady

So this weekend was yet another stellar "What The Fox" Improv show. Due to it falling on Easter Sunday we had a small crowd, but we knew it's be hard to compete with Jesus. Regardless it was a great show, we had a blast.

I really enjoy improv. I like laughing, making people laugh, and hanging out with fun people who I am thankful have come into my life.

We've done 3 "big" shows, 1 bar show and 1 small short show so far. I believe we are going to do one more show in the May and then take a summer hiatus. There has been talk of us performing at Auburn's Welcome Week which would be great exposure and a decent little pay check, so we shall see.

Here is some of stuff from our first show

and some stuff from our most recent show