Wednesday, April 28, 2010

East Coast Anthem

I feel like I SHOULD be embarassed about making this photo and making it my Facebook picture and posting it on here, but I'm really not.

I love me some David Cook and I don't care who knows it.

I really DO HOPE I get to see the Man, Myth & Legend at the Race on Sunday, but I have no idea. I've never been to a race, but if there is an opportunity I will week it out.

I'm pumped for a few days away. I haven't been out of the greater Auburn region for "pleasure" since the last weekend of February (I went in Louisville for a work conference in early March, but that really doesn't count in my book). I get to see 2 of my bestest friends which I am AMPED about. My friends really complete me and going so long without seeing some of my bestests have been no bueno.

Sara is picking me up in Baltimore and then we are heading straight out - I heart nightlife in the Inner Harbor/Fell's point.

Friday my friend Kelly is coming down from Lancaster, PA to pick me up and then we are heading back to Lancaster for the day - we're gonna frolic with the Amish - I'm pretty jazzed.

Saturday Kelly and I are heading to DC. We have a cupcake crawl that we're going on with some of her college friends and then we are going to explore. Kelly gre up outside of DC so I'm in good hands with her.

Sunday is Race Day - bright and early! After the race and David Cook obviously falling inlove at first sight with me - we are gonna hang around DC a bit more before heading back to Lancaster.

Monday we'll spend part of the day in the Lank before Kelly drops me off in Baltimore for my flight home Monday night.

It's exhausting just typing it all out - but I CANNOT WAIT. I booked this trip in February and I know it's just the break I need to get me ready to come back and face a crazy, but exciting month stright of Camp War Eagle.

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Kelly said...

HOLL..wait for it..ER!

codi.susanne said...

I don't know what a cupcake crawl is, but I feel like I need to find out fast