Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Summer is Coming

It might as well be summer, it feels like it. I love how it's already 61 degrees at 8am here and then mid 80s by lunch.

For students there is only about 3 weeks of classes left before finals. For Orientation folks like me, it means we have about 40 days until session 1 of Camp War Eagle. Now keep in mind we have been plenty busy with our transfer orientation program, we have another session next Friday and one in mid-May.

Yesterday I called Jayme, our NODA Intern who will be joining us this summer from Virginia Tech. We talked about what to pack, what's going on in the office, the pace of the summer, projects she will be working it - all very exciting stuff. I love getting to work with prepping the NODA interns for their summer on the plains. How is it that it's going to be 4 years since I first fell in love with Auburn, crazy. I think that's something that I really love about working in orientation, watching people fall in love with a place that I already love. I truly get such joy out of it, I don't think anything will ever come close to my love for Quinnipiac and getting to work as an orientation leader on that peer to peer level, but it's rewarding nonetheless. I'm really excited to introduce Auburn to Jayme and hope she quickly grows to love it!

Speaking of summer - I was talking to my friend Sara yesterday and she asked if I was planning to make my annual pilgrimage home for my birthday and I answered OF COURSE. I'm still debating if I'll fly or drive. I really didn't mind the drive and got to see a bunch of people throughout my travels, we shall see.

I titled this post to honor Grease 2, and yes I sang this song to myself as I typed this (particularly 1:13-1:33 of the song)

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