Monday, April 19, 2010

Weekend Surprises

I didn't really have any high hopes for this past weekend, well low expectations are a good thing because it's easier to be pleasantly surprised.

Friday night I went to a BBQ in my townhouse community at a colleagues place. Actually two colleagues from another department live in my townhouse community on the other side. They moved in, in October, but we never go together. So they planned a joint BBQ and invited a bunch of folks from work. I ended up having a BLAST (and I wasn't even drinking - I have put a drinking ban on myself until I head Race Weekend). Seriously though good food, good people and great conversation! My neighbors and I actually talked about doing a "progressive dinner" one night. So each person's place has a course...I think that's be totally cute and fun.

Saturday was A-Day, Auburn's spring scrimmage. It was BEAUTIFUL out. Jordan Hare Stadium was glorious as usual. We had a good crowd over 60,000+ people. Myself along with probably everyone there ended up with a sunburn, but mine quickly turned to tan. As my friend Michelle and I were walking to check out the new Basketball Arena that's under construction we stopped to talk to some folks she knew. She was deeply engaged in conversation with one guy and the other guy complimented my industrial piercing and from there we got into how I'm from New York and he was just living in New York for a few years for school and now he's in law school. Well I didn't realize that all of my dad's legal woes/listen to all the random things my lawyer friends have told me would come in handy. I was able to talk "law" with him. I even someone brought up the crazy legal system that Louisiana has and we talk about that and then like stops his thought mid-sentence to say "I can't believe you knew about Louisiana law, I'm impressed." Look at me, I'm such a Jack of all trades. Michelle later told me while talking with her friend she stopped to see if I was just awkwardly standing there but instead saw that Paul and I were chatting away. We said our goodbyes, but it was good times. Finally we checked out the new Basketball Arena - very cool...they are making awesome progress. Apparently they are doing Convocation there in August...interesting.

Saturday night I just kind of laid low. Finally got around to re-watching "The Rules of Attraction." I watched it in grad school for a film class and it made a lasting impression, I just never got around it re-watching it. It's such a dark, twisted film, but at the same time I enjoyed it's grit and realism. It'll be another few years before I watch it again, but I find it strangely fascinating.

Sunday I did A LOT of laundry, including sheets that Freddie peed on...seriously?!?! He also went onto later eat my ipod's headphones (this is the 2nd pair in a few months). Stupid jerk - he must have been acting out yesterday for some reason. I went for a lovely run around town yesterday but you can read more about that here .
I actually really wanted to wash my car yesterday, but I don't have a hose and I didn't want to drive to the car wash place - le sigh.

Next weekend I hope to drag people out with my to Supper Club to see the Velcro Pygmies (which I plan on being sober out - scary), I'm trying to have low expectations, but I'd love to pop some Velcro Pygmie cherries!!

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