Thursday, April 8, 2010

I Funny Lady

So this weekend was yet another stellar "What The Fox" Improv show. Due to it falling on Easter Sunday we had a small crowd, but we knew it's be hard to compete with Jesus. Regardless it was a great show, we had a blast.

I really enjoy improv. I like laughing, making people laugh, and hanging out with fun people who I am thankful have come into my life.

We've done 3 "big" shows, 1 bar show and 1 small short show so far. I believe we are going to do one more show in the May and then take a summer hiatus. There has been talk of us performing at Auburn's Welcome Week which would be great exposure and a decent little pay check, so we shall see.

Here is some of stuff from our first show

and some stuff from our most recent show



Chris Landry said...

Holler!! I've been wanting to see videos of WTF for a while! Improv makes me happy!

codi.susanne said...

I love your new background!!!