Thursday, April 15, 2010

Cawfee Tawk

Today Starbucks was having a free coffee promotion if your brought in a travel mug. I have many travel mugs and I even had a fabulous Starbucks brand mug which keeps my coffee hot/warm all day. Since the Starbucks nearby in on campus in the student center and part of campus dining despite being a pretty legit store, I wasn't sure if they would be participating.

Of course around 9am the line is looooong, but I didn't mind waiting. I actually like going over to the student center because I always end up seeing TONS of people. I saw a guy ahead of me in line with his travel mug, but I saw that he didn't paid. I had brought my wallet with me just incase, but at the same time I wanted free coffee, otherwise I would have just made* it myself. The line is long so 1 barista is taking orders while 2 are making coffees and 1 is at the register. So I give the barista my mug and tell him I want the Pike Place blend, then I get to the register soon after and ask if they are participating in the free coffee promotion (they weren't), but she only charged me 54 cents for a refill. I was pleased I didn't have to pay 2 bucks for the coffee, but now I'm curious about the 54 cents business. I did some googling, but I'm still unclear on the terms/circumstances. Anyone have better info?

*I actually have an obsession with the Starbucks VIA instant coffee packets, they are really good. Previously I was a fan of the Folgers/Maxwell House coffee (tea)bags, but they were always a bit watery.

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sunnybunny said...

This is their new "refill" deal. You're supposed to be able to refill a Starbucks mug for cheap, and they have a pretty loose definition of a Starbucks mug.