Friday, January 30, 2009

La Vida Loca

This week has been insane. Interviews for orientation leaders and summer interns. Selections meeting, prep for callouts, actual callouts and first group meeting. Plus the fact that my sister is here and I've been trying to spend as much time as I can with her between all the craziness. So needless to say I haven't been on the computer much and I'm running off very little sleep. I promise to finish my Texas blog, plus update you on this week and do that "25 things" survey that is going around. In the meantime I came across this video this morning and I have cried from laughing for most of the 100 times I've already watched it. It's only 11 seconds - watch it, especially the last 3 seconds.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Messin' with Texas

I'm sorry I haven't blogged sooner, but it's been a crazy week and I'm still exhausted from my funtastic weekend. Somehow I managed to only carry on luggage for my 4 day 3 night stay in Texas. I hope to wake up at like 5:30am in order to get to the airport for my 10am flight. I hate changing stupid time zones (especially just to go BACK to the central time zone) and driving an hour and a half to the airport. So I got to the airport with only a few minutes to spare. I loved that I was in the terminal instead of having to take the tram to one of the concourses. It can take forever to get through the Atlanta airport. Got to DFW airport and had about an hour or so to kill. Then I had my tiny plane flight to Wichita Falls. Usually the planes I've taken in and out of that aiport only have 3 seats across, but this one had 4 - high rolling! I think because it was a slightly bigger plane it didn't toss us around as much so thankfully I didn't feel sick on the flight either way.

My fabulous "Big Sis" from Alpha Phi, Shirley, picked me up. I felt a mix of excitements and nerves being back in the Falls. Out first stop was campus to see folks. I didn't know how people would react since I left that job after a year by choice - it's not like I graduated or something. When I first walked into the Student Center, where I used to work, it felt like someone punched me in the stomache and knocked the air out of me - but I quickly recovered. I think it was a mix of good and bad memories that I was feeling. Luckily everyone was pleasant and/or happy to see me. It was really great to see some people - especially the secretaries, they were like moms to me while I was there. I even saw some students randomly across campus which was great. I also saw Mama Sue at the gym at Cheer practices. Aww Cheerleaders - I forgot how much they were a part of out office, it was great to see them. I may try and go to Daytona in April for Cheer Nationals.

Then it was off to Friday tradition of On the Boarder for Happy HourSSSS. A bunch of other APhi Alums came out and we did it up at the bar with our fav bartenders. We were extra crazy. Lots of margaritas, shots of water haha, amaretto strawberries, all around good times. So after like 4 hours there we went to another bar, good old Tobys. I saw a bunch if people out which was fun - it was nice to randomly bump into people who were like WTF are you doing here haha. Lots of good ridiculous times there. Thanks to meeting some random Air men (oh Sheppard's Air Force Base) we ended up going to the casino in Oklahoma with them after the bars closed. One of the guys won like $30 so we have a HA-LARIOUS 4th meal at Whataburger. My favorite quote of the night "I never trust a girl with sequin shoes on" ohhh or also "tizzzan" mostly because one guy almost choked he was laughing so hard. So yeah we went to bed well past 4am. I forgot to mention that the bed in Shirley and Jennifer's spare bedroom is a cloudlike marshmellow - I adore than bed.

Woke up early Saturday for brunch and then went to get my hair did. My fabulous angled bob haircut with black low lights. It's pretty fierce, not gonna lie. I can't believe how long my hair got in 6 months...when I looked at the ground after she cut my hair I was shocked by how much was on the floor. In addition to wanting to see my fabulous Texas friends, I really plan on going back every 5-6 months for a while at least for a while to have Kim for my hair.

After my hair I did a little shopping at the good old Sykes Mall - strangely I missed that crappy mall. Saturday night I had dinner with my Carla and her boyfriend Nate at good old Casa Manana aka heavenly Mexican food. After dinner we met up with some of my other friends Patrick and Steph. It was so great to catch up with everyone before heading out to one of my old haunts. It was so fun and random being out with everyone. Good chats, good laughs, good times. I must admit I liked being a visitor much more than a resident. I spent Saturday night at Carla and then hung out with her til Sunday afternoon. We mostly watched trashing television, old american idols, played on her wii and shot the shit like we always do.

Sunday evening I spent with Mama Sue. We literally caught each other up on our lives for 3 hours which was wonderful. I love Sue and miss out chats dearly. We met up with some other Student Development slaves I mean former colleagues for dinner which was nice. We ate at Cheddars which was chock full of memories - good, bad, weird, funny, awkward. Then after dinner I met up with Shirley and Jennifer for drinks yet again - I didn't get drunk this weekend, but I for sure got my "drank on." Sunday night was chock full of debauchery I'll leave it at that.

Monday it was time for yummy omelets with Shirley and Jennifer then some packing and vegging before lunch with some fabulous Alpha Phi ladies. Sadly my whirlwind weekend of fun in Texas had to come to and end, but I am so thankful for it - it was nice closure to my turbulent time at MSU.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Judging Alabama Pageant Princesses

Sooooooo yesterday was interesting. I spent the afternoon judging pageant mock interviews. This pageant is a precursor to being the title of Miss Alabama for the Miss America Pageant. I was told to come in with hard hitting questions and be prepared to tell the women what they did well and what they need to improve on so they could be best prepared for the real thing in 2 weeks. Holler I got to essentially be Simon Cowell - it was great.Me being the only Yankee decided to ask questions about Gay Rights, the Rise of the Democratic Party, Civil Rights etc. I loved seeing girls be stumped and/or horrified. One girl BLEW a question about what would you tell you 6 year old is they asked you why a kid in their class had two mommies. Remember folks, I am in the bible belt so you can only imagine how ignorant people are especially prissy pageant girls. I also asked questions about the Military Don't Ask Don't Tell policy. Good times watching them squirm. Oh and I asked about if Alabama should enact a Hands Free Cell phone law, most of them didn't know what hands free meant - ummm don't HOLD YOUR PHONE IN YOUR HAND. Lord - sometime I worry about society. I also told one girl that whenever she paused to think of an answer she has her mouth open and that it wasn't attractive. We also got to critique them physically. I told one girl her bronzer was on too thick and that her face was like 4 shades darker than the rest of her. Truth be told I also gave good feedback and complimented some of the girls, but who wants to hear about that - no one because it's not as fun as the criticism. Apparently my colleague who advises the Pageant liked my questions because she asked me to submit some for the real interviews.

P.S. I leave bright and early tomorrow morning to Texas to visit friends and former colleagues. I'm pumped for some yummy Mexican food and to be a "visitor" in a town a used to live in. See you clowns on Tuesday.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Ding Dong the Bitch is Gone & Other Updates

Despite lots of rumors the past week or so it has been confirmed that David Cook and Kimberly Caldwell broke up. Funny how her publicist or whatever confimed the new today, the day of the Idol premiere. Their relationship aka her using him for the spotlight lasted from the Idol Season 7 finale til the start of Season 8 almost exactly. Ugh I never liked her, I'm glad Cook's done with her. Now he came move onto a nice non-celebrity Yankee girl like me!

My other big update is that I FINALLY ordered cable and internet. I went for a little over 6 months without it. Well I had "borrowed" internet until around Thanksgiving. Not having cable really wasn't such a big deal. I watched a few shows on the internet, plus tons of things on youtube. Without TV I definately read A LOT more, talked on the phone more, watched movies and tv seasons etc. However as of next Friday I will be a fully loaded with cable and internet. Plus I was able to get a deal too...low prices for 12months instead of the advertised 6 months.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Don't Dream It. Be It.

It's been an interesting few days. Friday I went with some coworkers to a women's gymnastics meet. I had no idea what to expect, but it was PACKED. Tons of students, family, staff, community members poured out. It was pretty interesting/exciting. I wish I was able to stay for the last 2 events because apparently they were the make or break points of the competition and unfortunately we lost to Alabama by .025 making it the 96th straight loss to them. YUCK!

As sad as it was to leave gymnastics early I left to see my ultra conservative, bible belt Alabama students put on "The Rocky Horror Picture Show." I have seen the movie version plenty of times, I even saw it on Broadway once or twice, but I had never seen it performed while the movie was playing (which is the way all the cult followers see/do the show). I loved it. Yes it was awkward seeing 20 year olds practically naked and in drag, but good for them. The cast was great, I was thoroughly entertained. I only wish I knew more about when to yell things out and throw things at the actors. I will have more chances because the Theatre department does it every year and I fully plan on going next year. FYI - Don't Dream It. Be It are lyrics from a Rocky Horror song.

I also finally started a "project" I have been putting off for eons. Updating my itunes. I added about 30 cds last night, I plan on adding more tonight and making playlists! I also hope to then load all this stuff onto my new little ipod nano (I need to by an armband today so I will be good to go).

In other news my sister out of the blue decided to come visit me and she's like I'm looking at dates for next week, but then she was like I can get better prices the following week. So she tells me the dates and I don't think there is an issue. She books the ticket and then I realize there are a number of issues with her flight plans. First issue I will be conducting student interviews all that week and have a big selection meeting one night that will go til all hours as well as another set of "Call Outs" which will last a good chunk of time. On top of all this the times are her flights don't work with the shuttle from the airport to here so I'm gonna have to drive drive round trip 3 hours twice in 4 days - after work both times. As thrilled as I am to see her, I wish she would have given me a minute to think it through instead of book a flight within 30min of telling me about it.

In better airline news I got a $75 credit to my Airtran account. It helps soften the both of the million dollars I seemly had to give them a few weeks ago, but I don't want to get into it now.

Finally the best news for last. I lost 5 pounds this week! I credit some of it to actually going to the gym and not binge eating like I had been over break - which leads to losing some excess weight fat. However I credit most of it to my 6 mini meal regimen of high protein, low carbs. Plus I've kicked things up from going to them gym 3-4 times a week to 4-5 times a week. Boo yah!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

It's 09 and I plan on looking fine

It's true. I've been hardcore gym for a while, but apparently my metabolism hates me. So as you know I made my protein friends (some of which were actually at the gym on Monday giving out sample protein) and I started a high protein, low carb meal plan to help kick my metabolism into gear. I started it on Sunday and it's interesting. I have to eat like 6 times a day including 3 different types of meat (beef, turkey, chicken) I feel like such a carnivore. It was hard the first 2 days to eat so often, breakfast was especially hard because I am not a huge breakfast person - however it's slowly becoming normal. I'm supposed to be super strict for a few weeks and then slowly introduce other things. So we shall see.

One main incentive to look fine is because my undergrad's alumni weekend is at the end of February and I want to look bangin' hahaha or at least look good. I always love to play the "who's aged better game" and I love winning.

This being the first week of classes for the students I wanted to look sassy at work - I always have my "first day of class" outfit even though I am not a student anymore. Well it's a good thing I looked sassy today because out of nowhere a former summer fling dropped by. I nearly fell out of my chair (it's funny I'm a very implusive person, but I don't like being caught of guard - maybe because I'm so guarded, but that's for another time thanks Dr. Phil). I know for sure that I looked better than the last time I saw him - minus a good tan, so that was pretty satisfying.

I have lots of motivation and time to really work on refining and developing the inner and outer me. I'm really excited about the weeks and months ahead.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Vacation Hangover

Too much of a good thing can give you a headache, even a vacation.

Break was interesting - I laughed, I cried, I slept, I kissed, I drank - some more than others!

I saw friends, I saw family, I went to NYC, Hamden and Baltimore.

There was a lot of great things that happened over break and a lot of not so great things that happened, but I think all in all the good outweighed the bad.

Because so much happened instead of telling you what I did I will leave you a list of things associated with my break:

burnt finger
Rockefeller Tree
improv show
cabin fever
family drama
8th grade mini reunion
dog antlers
shady people
Dunkin Donuts iced coffee
Colleen & Irene to the rescue
Surprise appearances
Car antics
Tranny Fierceness
CSI Miami
New York Bagels
6 hour roadtrip to Baltimore
Comped dinner
Saki Bombs
Driving an hour to find a gym
Open bar
Beer pong
Midnight kisses
Lost beloved QU hoodie
Being lost in the living room
Looking through pictures the morning after
Movie marathon
Papa Johns for lunch and dinner
12 hour comas
GPS walking
Inner Harbor
80s music videos
Missed flight
No Little Havana
Cowboy scramble
Caution lights
Recovery Sunday
Going to work Monday feeling like I got hit by a truck

Those of you who need no explaination of the list because you were there or heard all about it - I love you like whoa. Those of you who want to be clued in about certain parts of the list let me know.

I'll give you a more recent update about these past few days perhaps tomorrow.