Thursday, January 8, 2009

It's 09 and I plan on looking fine

It's true. I've been hardcore gym for a while, but apparently my metabolism hates me. So as you know I made my protein friends (some of which were actually at the gym on Monday giving out sample protein) and I started a high protein, low carb meal plan to help kick my metabolism into gear. I started it on Sunday and it's interesting. I have to eat like 6 times a day including 3 different types of meat (beef, turkey, chicken) I feel like such a carnivore. It was hard the first 2 days to eat so often, breakfast was especially hard because I am not a huge breakfast person - however it's slowly becoming normal. I'm supposed to be super strict for a few weeks and then slowly introduce other things. So we shall see.

One main incentive to look fine is because my undergrad's alumni weekend is at the end of February and I want to look bangin' hahaha or at least look good. I always love to play the "who's aged better game" and I love winning.

This being the first week of classes for the students I wanted to look sassy at work - I always have my "first day of class" outfit even though I am not a student anymore. Well it's a good thing I looked sassy today because out of nowhere a former summer fling dropped by. I nearly fell out of my chair (it's funny I'm a very implusive person, but I don't like being caught of guard - maybe because I'm so guarded, but that's for another time thanks Dr. Phil). I know for sure that I looked better than the last time I saw him - minus a good tan, so that was pretty satisfying.

I have lots of motivation and time to really work on refining and developing the inner and outer me. I'm really excited about the weeks and months ahead.

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