Thursday, January 15, 2009

Judging Alabama Pageant Princesses

Sooooooo yesterday was interesting. I spent the afternoon judging pageant mock interviews. This pageant is a precursor to being the title of Miss Alabama for the Miss America Pageant. I was told to come in with hard hitting questions and be prepared to tell the women what they did well and what they need to improve on so they could be best prepared for the real thing in 2 weeks. Holler I got to essentially be Simon Cowell - it was great.Me being the only Yankee decided to ask questions about Gay Rights, the Rise of the Democratic Party, Civil Rights etc. I loved seeing girls be stumped and/or horrified. One girl BLEW a question about what would you tell you 6 year old is they asked you why a kid in their class had two mommies. Remember folks, I am in the bible belt so you can only imagine how ignorant people are especially prissy pageant girls. I also asked questions about the Military Don't Ask Don't Tell policy. Good times watching them squirm. Oh and I asked about if Alabama should enact a Hands Free Cell phone law, most of them didn't know what hands free meant - ummm don't HOLD YOUR PHONE IN YOUR HAND. Lord - sometime I worry about society. I also told one girl that whenever she paused to think of an answer she has her mouth open and that it wasn't attractive. We also got to critique them physically. I told one girl her bronzer was on too thick and that her face was like 4 shades darker than the rest of her. Truth be told I also gave good feedback and complimented some of the girls, but who wants to hear about that - no one because it's not as fun as the criticism. Apparently my colleague who advises the Pageant liked my questions because she asked me to submit some for the real interviews.

P.S. I leave bright and early tomorrow morning to Texas to visit friends and former colleagues. I'm pumped for some yummy Mexican food and to be a "visitor" in a town a used to live in. See you clowns on Tuesday.

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