Thursday, January 22, 2009

Messin' with Texas

I'm sorry I haven't blogged sooner, but it's been a crazy week and I'm still exhausted from my funtastic weekend. Somehow I managed to only carry on luggage for my 4 day 3 night stay in Texas. I hope to wake up at like 5:30am in order to get to the airport for my 10am flight. I hate changing stupid time zones (especially just to go BACK to the central time zone) and driving an hour and a half to the airport. So I got to the airport with only a few minutes to spare. I loved that I was in the terminal instead of having to take the tram to one of the concourses. It can take forever to get through the Atlanta airport. Got to DFW airport and had about an hour or so to kill. Then I had my tiny plane flight to Wichita Falls. Usually the planes I've taken in and out of that aiport only have 3 seats across, but this one had 4 - high rolling! I think because it was a slightly bigger plane it didn't toss us around as much so thankfully I didn't feel sick on the flight either way.

My fabulous "Big Sis" from Alpha Phi, Shirley, picked me up. I felt a mix of excitements and nerves being back in the Falls. Out first stop was campus to see folks. I didn't know how people would react since I left that job after a year by choice - it's not like I graduated or something. When I first walked into the Student Center, where I used to work, it felt like someone punched me in the stomache and knocked the air out of me - but I quickly recovered. I think it was a mix of good and bad memories that I was feeling. Luckily everyone was pleasant and/or happy to see me. It was really great to see some people - especially the secretaries, they were like moms to me while I was there. I even saw some students randomly across campus which was great. I also saw Mama Sue at the gym at Cheer practices. Aww Cheerleaders - I forgot how much they were a part of out office, it was great to see them. I may try and go to Daytona in April for Cheer Nationals.

Then it was off to Friday tradition of On the Boarder for Happy HourSSSS. A bunch of other APhi Alums came out and we did it up at the bar with our fav bartenders. We were extra crazy. Lots of margaritas, shots of water haha, amaretto strawberries, all around good times. So after like 4 hours there we went to another bar, good old Tobys. I saw a bunch if people out which was fun - it was nice to randomly bump into people who were like WTF are you doing here haha. Lots of good ridiculous times there. Thanks to meeting some random Air men (oh Sheppard's Air Force Base) we ended up going to the casino in Oklahoma with them after the bars closed. One of the guys won like $30 so we have a HA-LARIOUS 4th meal at Whataburger. My favorite quote of the night "I never trust a girl with sequin shoes on" ohhh or also "tizzzan" mostly because one guy almost choked he was laughing so hard. So yeah we went to bed well past 4am. I forgot to mention that the bed in Shirley and Jennifer's spare bedroom is a cloudlike marshmellow - I adore than bed.

Woke up early Saturday for brunch and then went to get my hair did. My fabulous angled bob haircut with black low lights. It's pretty fierce, not gonna lie. I can't believe how long my hair got in 6 months...when I looked at the ground after she cut my hair I was shocked by how much was on the floor. In addition to wanting to see my fabulous Texas friends, I really plan on going back every 5-6 months for a while at least for a while to have Kim for my hair.

After my hair I did a little shopping at the good old Sykes Mall - strangely I missed that crappy mall. Saturday night I had dinner with my Carla and her boyfriend Nate at good old Casa Manana aka heavenly Mexican food. After dinner we met up with some of my other friends Patrick and Steph. It was so great to catch up with everyone before heading out to one of my old haunts. It was so fun and random being out with everyone. Good chats, good laughs, good times. I must admit I liked being a visitor much more than a resident. I spent Saturday night at Carla and then hung out with her til Sunday afternoon. We mostly watched trashing television, old american idols, played on her wii and shot the shit like we always do.

Sunday evening I spent with Mama Sue. We literally caught each other up on our lives for 3 hours which was wonderful. I love Sue and miss out chats dearly. We met up with some other Student Development slaves I mean former colleagues for dinner which was nice. We ate at Cheddars which was chock full of memories - good, bad, weird, funny, awkward. Then after dinner I met up with Shirley and Jennifer for drinks yet again - I didn't get drunk this weekend, but I for sure got my "drank on." Sunday night was chock full of debauchery I'll leave it at that.

Monday it was time for yummy omelets with Shirley and Jennifer then some packing and vegging before lunch with some fabulous Alpha Phi ladies. Sadly my whirlwind weekend of fun in Texas had to come to and end, but I am so thankful for it - it was nice closure to my turbulent time at MSU.

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