Monday, January 12, 2009

Don't Dream It. Be It.

It's been an interesting few days. Friday I went with some coworkers to a women's gymnastics meet. I had no idea what to expect, but it was PACKED. Tons of students, family, staff, community members poured out. It was pretty interesting/exciting. I wish I was able to stay for the last 2 events because apparently they were the make or break points of the competition and unfortunately we lost to Alabama by .025 making it the 96th straight loss to them. YUCK!

As sad as it was to leave gymnastics early I left to see my ultra conservative, bible belt Alabama students put on "The Rocky Horror Picture Show." I have seen the movie version plenty of times, I even saw it on Broadway once or twice, but I had never seen it performed while the movie was playing (which is the way all the cult followers see/do the show). I loved it. Yes it was awkward seeing 20 year olds practically naked and in drag, but good for them. The cast was great, I was thoroughly entertained. I only wish I knew more about when to yell things out and throw things at the actors. I will have more chances because the Theatre department does it every year and I fully plan on going next year. FYI - Don't Dream It. Be It are lyrics from a Rocky Horror song.

I also finally started a "project" I have been putting off for eons. Updating my itunes. I added about 30 cds last night, I plan on adding more tonight and making playlists! I also hope to then load all this stuff onto my new little ipod nano (I need to by an armband today so I will be good to go).

In other news my sister out of the blue decided to come visit me and she's like I'm looking at dates for next week, but then she was like I can get better prices the following week. So she tells me the dates and I don't think there is an issue. She books the ticket and then I realize there are a number of issues with her flight plans. First issue I will be conducting student interviews all that week and have a big selection meeting one night that will go til all hours as well as another set of "Call Outs" which will last a good chunk of time. On top of all this the times are her flights don't work with the shuttle from the airport to here so I'm gonna have to drive drive round trip 3 hours twice in 4 days - after work both times. As thrilled as I am to see her, I wish she would have given me a minute to think it through instead of book a flight within 30min of telling me about it.

In better airline news I got a $75 credit to my Airtran account. It helps soften the both of the million dollars I seemly had to give them a few weeks ago, but I don't want to get into it now.

Finally the best news for last. I lost 5 pounds this week! I credit some of it to actually going to the gym and not binge eating like I had been over break - which leads to losing some excess weight fat. However I credit most of it to my 6 mini meal regimen of high protein, low carbs. Plus I've kicked things up from going to them gym 3-4 times a week to 4-5 times a week. Boo yah!

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Star said...

Congratulations! Send me your meal plan. I think I need to be on that same type of plan, and Travis has been instructed to add way more protein to his diet. Also, I'm waiting to hear about your holiday. LOVE YOU!