Saturday, December 20, 2008

Unexpected Fun

Okay okay okay...I know I wrote that I was done blogging for '09 on my post yesterday, but the rest of my friday was SO fantastical that I had to share it while it was still fresh in my mind.

My first pleasant surprise was when I got back from lunch my boss told me he was shutting down the office early so I got to leave work at 2pm which was sweet. Since I had planned to go to the protein store to get protein to get me set for January and me being super strict with my diet that I figured I'd go now and then to the gym. I didn't know if the people hanging out at the protein place would be as fun since it was like 2:30 in the afternoon, but to my surprise it was packed - will people I knew...sorta. The first person I see is my trainer Danielle and then I saw 2 other guy trainers and Will - the guy who owns it. So I walk in and everyone is like heeeeeeeeeeeey and they offer me a tailgate chair to sit in. So there I was back in the protein store, but this time I was there shooting the shit for AN HOUR AND A HALF! Out of control, but it was really fun and don't worry I remembered to get my protein. SO yeah I'm like officially part of the protein cool kid club and I am even going to go with Danielle (and the rest of the meatheads) to a boxing match when I get back.

Before heading to the gym I text my new friend Kristen about how I got out of work early because we had talked about getting drinks that night to celebrate the end of the semester. So I go and get my "swell on" at the gym (if you don't know what that is then I suggest you youtubing "my new haircut." I like kicked my own ass at the gym, but in a good way. I have been doing the stairmaster and damnnn that bitch makes you sweat, but I always feel so accomplished when I'm done...even though the last 2 minutes are usually spent with my cursing to myself!

So since I went to the gym early Kristen and I decided to grab dinner and drinks and over dinner we were talking about the Supper Club (you should be familiar from older posts - but it is a legendary bar/concert place that open past 4am). Then we got to talking about our mutual love for the Velcro Pygmies - an 80s rock coverband that I LOVED when I did my internship in 2006 - yet I haven't seen the since. Kristen tells me that the Pygmies are playing Supper Club tonight - which I had read, but didn't realize it, so we decided to go. AWESOME! Since Supper Club doesn't get busy til midnight we decided to kill time by drinking beers at her apartment and watching Don't Forget the Lyrics - I had never seen the show, but the people on it was strange and it was HIGHLARIOUS. Then we RANDOMLY watched the Rocky Horror Picture Show. Hot Damn I forgot how crazy that movie is, yet I love it and totally sang along to most of it.

So we finally head over to Supper Club and were able to get a great parking spot and head in. We hung out with some people outside before the Pygmies played - then at midnight the show starts. WOW. I forgot how intense the beginning of their show is. Oh Cameron and his wife's pants and Depp and the crazy there is a new guitar player named Angel that has been with them since Delicious left to do his own thing....yes THAT Delicious. Angel was okay, but he was for sure not Delicious. Their first set was awesome and of course me and the rest of the place went crazy when they played "Sweet Home Alabama" - tear. So at around 2am the band took a break and we went outside and immediately I hear "JENNNNNTERNNN" which was my nickname from summer 06 and I look and see 3 Camp Counselors I used to work with who graduated earlier that day. It was nice to see them and catch up for a bit. Then we headed back in for the 2nd set and we were waaaay in front. I'm not gonna lie I rocked out and had so much fun. I was sad to see their set come to a close at 4am.

I think yesterday was so awesome because so much of it was unexpected. Like if I would have hyped myself up all week for the Pygmies show I don't know if I would have had as much fun, but since it was a last minute decision it was awesome. Today I was a laaaazzzy bum and actually need to pack because I am headed to New York tomorrow and I'm pumped because there will be snow on the ground!

Friday, December 19, 2008

My Christmas Wish(es)

I am in a New York State of Mind...too bad I won't actually be in the State of New York until Sunday...God willing. I am scheduled to fly out Sunday afternoon, but there are crazy snowstorms in the northeast right now and Sunday it should still be slushy there, plus there may be some rain in Atlanta on Sunday. I just hope if there are delays that they aren't too terrible - for both my sake and Freddie's sake.
-Not having travel days from hell are my first wish.
-My second wish is that I get to the beach when I'm home...even if only to sit on the sand in a winter coat and watch the waves crash.
-I hope to see as many friends as possible when I'm home
-I hope I don't have any car drama
-I REALLY hope new years doesn't suck - my new years always suck, but I'm going back to Baltimore with Sara and Saben to celebrate
-I hope I get practical gifts - my mom never asks my what I want and even if I told her she wouldn't buy it
- I hope between christmas or christmas $$$ I can get that orange ipod I've been eyeing as well as some itunes purchases
-I also really really would love to see it snow - there should be snow on the ground while I home, but watching the snow flakes dance through the sky is magical
-I also fully intend on drinking my bodyweight in Dunkin Donuts iced coffee
-Finally I hope to have some boy adventures - be it seeing people I used to know or meeting new ones.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and Happy New Year!!!

See you fools in 2009 :P

P.S. - I can't believe I've been living in Alabama for 6 months...crazy how time flies!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Muscle Milk

So Friday I went to buy protein shake mix from a nutrition place in town that my trainer at the gym recommended. Well the shop is part nutrition store/part lounge/part boxing facility which equals a lot of dudes and meat heads. So I go in and to my surprise the guy who owns it was super chill and fun as well as a few of the other guys in the shop who were just hanging out. So I ended up in there for like 45 minutes shooting the shit and on top of it the owner made me a protein shake there, gave me the protein packs for as well as a shake bottle. All and all it was a good time. My plan is to befriend these guys because they were so not "Alabama" they were very laid back and fun. My trainer says she is even now a regular who hangs out at the shop.

I had a session with my trainer yesterday and I wanted to tell her all about my protein pans, but she had heard about my visit from them! Fun. So now I feel like a meathead for drinking protein shakes, but oh well - gotta boost my metabolism.

Oh a side note a bought Freddie a tshirt that says "I've Been Naughty" it is toooo cute. Nothing like buying an XS dos tshirt that looks like it could fit a newborn.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Missed Opportunities

Yesterday evening I was at Panera using their Internet and drinking my body weight in coffee when I see a guy and a girl sit down at the table behind me. Let me try and illustrate how we were sitting

empty chair

So essentially me and the guy were facing each other with the girl facing him between us. I noticed that the guy was cute, but I wasn't paying too much attention..especially since he was with a girl. The girl gets up to go to the bathroom or whatnot and so I'm literally facing the guy and I'm watching up like unwrap his muffin and he is like watching me watch him, but don't think twice about it. A bit later I look up at him even though the girl is back and I think to myself hmm this guy looks familiar, but how on earth would I know him. I overhear them talking and it sounds more "classmate" convo than "boy/girlfriend" convo. Then it dawns on me, he was the cute guy I talked to when I was in line to vote on election day!


Why did I not realize it sooner, I totally would have been like you look super familiar blah blah. I'm so pissed because I totally thought about after election day posting like a "missed connection" on craigslist. Okay I don't know if I'd actually post a missed connection, but's the thought that counts.

So then I was gonna strut by to get more coffee... even though I didn't need it. I am ready to make move and flash him a smile when he and that girl get up to leave. DAMNIT AGAIN!

I actually met some interesting dudes on Friday,but I will wait til tomorrow to post about that.

I will leave you with a oldie, but goodie that I temporarily forgot about until today. Enjoy!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Come fly with me

Since my ticket for my flight home for Christmas was cheaper than I expected I was able to buy a ticket to see my friends in Texas. I'm excited to see my friends and enjoy the town as a person who doesn't live there - does that sound weird - I mean it like I can be a visitor. I am already on planning to visit the people I used to work with and go out with the ladies from the sorority I joined while I was there and go out on the town..oh and eat FANTASTIC Mexican food!

I also still need to reserve Freddie's flight for Christmas. 70 bucks each way for a dog to sit in his carrier and count as a carry on...evil, but I don't want to board him while I'm home/away for so long. I will board him for the long weekend when I go to Texas and even then I'm not thrilled about it.

Also my college Alumni weekend is in late February and I need to book a flight for that as well. I am still working on logistics, but since I missed last year I really want to go this year.

I really need a pilots license...I fly SO MUCH, but I guess when you live in Alabama you need to do that.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Missing Piece

After an interesting phone conversation with a friend last night about not understanding people - especially those of the opposite sex. We talked about the common phrase of some one "mind fucking" you and how I now believe that more than half the time it may not be intentional. I think it's human nature or at least for women to try and analyze people and figure out what makes the tick and why they do what they do (again especially if it's a guy you are interested in). However after all the hours and hours of analyzing a person both yourself and among close friends it can be frustrating when things don't add up. Two of the reasons things could not add up is 1. a person is intentionally lying to you, but it could also be the other reason 2. omission, failing to tell you something. I think we all omit parts of our lives, especially to people we don't know well, but if you ever do own up to your omission that person may get to understand you better and the same if true for when another person tells you something they omitted and suddenly everything makes sense.

So after hearing a friend's story about how she hear someone's omission and then how everything made perfect sense after month and months of things because so confusing, it got me thinking. Thinking back to those people in my life that I never understood or where things didn't add up. Especially when relationships didn't work out and you spent so much time blaming yourself or thinking about what you could have done differently. I think that maybe with some people I couldn't have changes things or done things differently - I think there was a missing piece of them that they never let me know about and therefore kept an distance between us that only increased. As sad as that notion is I also take comfort in it and perhaps you may too.

Sorry for being so lofty/inner monologue-ish today, but I was in one of those moods so what you see if what you get.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

My Soundtrack

First I want to wish my younger sister a happy 23rd birthday!

I think if my life had a soundtrack it would be a really interesting mix of songs that already exist and songs yet to be written. I bet the songs that would be written for the backdrop of my life would be stellar. But I guess until that happens I have to stick to listening to soundtracks that already exist. My newest soundtrack obsession (have no fear I am still lovin' on the Twilight soundtrack) but last night I watched Once which I got on netflix due the suggestion of my fabulous friend Kelly. I knew Once was this foreign independent movie that won an Oscar for the song and the sountrack was a big sensation, but I never heard the music until last night.

I must admit the movie was strange, but a good strange. It felt like a documentary, even though it wasn't and the two main characters aren't named. They are referred to as "guy" and "girl" in the credits. The characters are both musicans hence why the mvoie was dubbed a modern day musical. The "guy" played by an Irish rocker named Glen Hansard has a really awesome and interesting voice all while toting an acoustic guitar. The "girl" is a Czech musican named Markéta Irglová who plays some awesome piano in the movie and has a really nice soft vocal. They wrote and performed all the songs, songs that I really liked from the moment I heard them and therefore I have been listening to all day today.

Here is the song that won the oscar and if you click on it and go to youtube and look at the right column under "related videos" you can find the whole soundtrack!

I also listened to/watched some Christmas tunes sung by my David Cook. He perfomed 2 songs during the Rcokefeller Center Tree Lighting yesterday "Have yourself a merry little Christmas" and "Happy Christmas (the war is over)" they were both awesome depsite the fact my little Cookie had a chest cold.

What music would be on your life's soundtrack???

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

David Patrick Cullen

I can't remember if I already blogged about, but so what he's too perfect to not blog about and he is just about the only thing that can cheer me up on a regular basis...David Patrick Cullen.

David Patrick Cullen is my hybrid named obsession for David Cook, Neil Patrick Harris and Edward Cullen. Pretty much the past few months have been a blur of David Cook, How I Met Your Mother and Twilight so none of you should be all that surprised. I know my life is sad, but I don't care they make me happy.

I have been listening to David Cook's new cd and the Twilight Soundtrack like whoa lately in addition to watching seasons 1-3 of How I Met Your Mother in addition to the current season so much that I know most of the words by heart.

Sidenote: I do plan on getting cable come January..although after being at my mom's for Thanksgiving and having cable I really wasn't missing much - except for the Project Runway mini-marathon that was on and I was thrilled!

I did get to see the Twilight movie twice over Thanksgiving break. I had no idea what to expect I heard a lot of mixed reviews. I loved the look and feel of the movie right off the bat, I thought the story moved too fast and somethings weren't how I imagined it, but overall I liked it. I went a few days later to see it again and I enjoyed it a lot more. The music was awesome - both the score and the contemporary music and really helped tell the story, which isn't surprising since Stephanie Meyer is a big music fan and like I mentioned earlier had playlists for her book.

I suppose since I'm talking about Thanksgiving I should give a run down of my break. I spent a fabulous long weekend in Baltimore visiting Sara and SABEN. Baltimore was really young and fun. I loved being near the water - that was for sure a highlight, but my other favorite was going to this place called Little Havanna for Brunch. 1. it was really cute inside despite it being a warehouse 2. they had YUMMY food 3. they served bottomless mimosas/bloody marys/coffee. Nothing like starting off your day with alcohol...fantastic. Speaking of alcohol after went out Saturday night after the bars closed we got a pizza pretzel...yup a soft pretzel covered in sauce and cheese. TASTY! It was great staying with Sara - it was like living with a roommate again! It was also great to catch up with Saben who I havent seen in ages and see his kick ass apartment!

Sara, Freddie and I roadtripped it up to NY on Tuesday, which was good overall..until we hit New York and it took 90 minutes to go 25 miles yuck!

Home was okay - I had to stay in my sisters room because my grandmother was staying in my room. I wasn't feeling super well most of the time I was home so I laid low and barely got to eat Thankgiving dinner :(

I did get to catch up with my bestie Christine. I finally got to try this Thai place at home I always wanted to eat at and Chrisitine was a Thai virgin, but she liked it. Speaking of Asian cuisine...when I was in Baltmire Sara and I went to a sushi place since I was able to handle eating it when she came to visit me. I ate a few with fish, mostly I stuck to the veggie ones, but all and all I don't think sushi is for me, but I'm glad I tried it.

I gotta to the gym for the first time in too long...I hope I don't collapse on the elliptical haha.