Saturday, December 20, 2008

Unexpected Fun

Okay okay okay...I know I wrote that I was done blogging for '09 on my post yesterday, but the rest of my friday was SO fantastical that I had to share it while it was still fresh in my mind.

My first pleasant surprise was when I got back from lunch my boss told me he was shutting down the office early so I got to leave work at 2pm which was sweet. Since I had planned to go to the protein store to get protein to get me set for January and me being super strict with my diet that I figured I'd go now and then to the gym. I didn't know if the people hanging out at the protein place would be as fun since it was like 2:30 in the afternoon, but to my surprise it was packed - will people I knew...sorta. The first person I see is my trainer Danielle and then I saw 2 other guy trainers and Will - the guy who owns it. So I walk in and everyone is like heeeeeeeeeeeey and they offer me a tailgate chair to sit in. So there I was back in the protein store, but this time I was there shooting the shit for AN HOUR AND A HALF! Out of control, but it was really fun and don't worry I remembered to get my protein. SO yeah I'm like officially part of the protein cool kid club and I am even going to go with Danielle (and the rest of the meatheads) to a boxing match when I get back.

Before heading to the gym I text my new friend Kristen about how I got out of work early because we had talked about getting drinks that night to celebrate the end of the semester. So I go and get my "swell on" at the gym (if you don't know what that is then I suggest you youtubing "my new haircut." I like kicked my own ass at the gym, but in a good way. I have been doing the stairmaster and damnnn that bitch makes you sweat, but I always feel so accomplished when I'm done...even though the last 2 minutes are usually spent with my cursing to myself!

So since I went to the gym early Kristen and I decided to grab dinner and drinks and over dinner we were talking about the Supper Club (you should be familiar from older posts - but it is a legendary bar/concert place that open past 4am). Then we got to talking about our mutual love for the Velcro Pygmies - an 80s rock coverband that I LOVED when I did my internship in 2006 - yet I haven't seen the since. Kristen tells me that the Pygmies are playing Supper Club tonight - which I had read, but didn't realize it, so we decided to go. AWESOME! Since Supper Club doesn't get busy til midnight we decided to kill time by drinking beers at her apartment and watching Don't Forget the Lyrics - I had never seen the show, but the people on it was strange and it was HIGHLARIOUS. Then we RANDOMLY watched the Rocky Horror Picture Show. Hot Damn I forgot how crazy that movie is, yet I love it and totally sang along to most of it.

So we finally head over to Supper Club and were able to get a great parking spot and head in. We hung out with some people outside before the Pygmies played - then at midnight the show starts. WOW. I forgot how intense the beginning of their show is. Oh Cameron and his wife's pants and Depp and the crazy there is a new guitar player named Angel that has been with them since Delicious left to do his own thing....yes THAT Delicious. Angel was okay, but he was for sure not Delicious. Their first set was awesome and of course me and the rest of the place went crazy when they played "Sweet Home Alabama" - tear. So at around 2am the band took a break and we went outside and immediately I hear "JENNNNNTERNNN" which was my nickname from summer 06 and I look and see 3 Camp Counselors I used to work with who graduated earlier that day. It was nice to see them and catch up for a bit. Then we headed back in for the 2nd set and we were waaaay in front. I'm not gonna lie I rocked out and had so much fun. I was sad to see their set come to a close at 4am.

I think yesterday was so awesome because so much of it was unexpected. Like if I would have hyped myself up all week for the Pygmies show I don't know if I would have had as much fun, but since it was a last minute decision it was awesome. Today I was a laaaazzzy bum and actually need to pack because I am headed to New York tomorrow and I'm pumped because there will be snow on the ground!

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