Monday, December 15, 2008

Missed Opportunities

Yesterday evening I was at Panera using their Internet and drinking my body weight in coffee when I see a guy and a girl sit down at the table behind me. Let me try and illustrate how we were sitting

empty chair

So essentially me and the guy were facing each other with the girl facing him between us. I noticed that the guy was cute, but I wasn't paying too much attention..especially since he was with a girl. The girl gets up to go to the bathroom or whatnot and so I'm literally facing the guy and I'm watching up like unwrap his muffin and he is like watching me watch him, but don't think twice about it. A bit later I look up at him even though the girl is back and I think to myself hmm this guy looks familiar, but how on earth would I know him. I overhear them talking and it sounds more "classmate" convo than "boy/girlfriend" convo. Then it dawns on me, he was the cute guy I talked to when I was in line to vote on election day!


Why did I not realize it sooner, I totally would have been like you look super familiar blah blah. I'm so pissed because I totally thought about after election day posting like a "missed connection" on craigslist. Okay I don't know if I'd actually post a missed connection, but's the thought that counts.

So then I was gonna strut by to get more coffee... even though I didn't need it. I am ready to make move and flash him a smile when he and that girl get up to leave. DAMNIT AGAIN!

I actually met some interesting dudes on Friday,but I will wait til tomorrow to post about that.

I will leave you with a oldie, but goodie that I temporarily forgot about until today. Enjoy!

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