Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Missing Piece

After an interesting phone conversation with a friend last night about not understanding people - especially those of the opposite sex. We talked about the common phrase of some one "mind fucking" you and how I now believe that more than half the time it may not be intentional. I think it's human nature or at least for women to try and analyze people and figure out what makes the tick and why they do what they do (again especially if it's a guy you are interested in). However after all the hours and hours of analyzing a person both yourself and among close friends it can be frustrating when things don't add up. Two of the reasons things could not add up is 1. a person is intentionally lying to you, but it could also be the other reason 2. omission, failing to tell you something. I think we all omit parts of our lives, especially to people we don't know well, but if you ever do own up to your omission that person may get to understand you better and the same if true for when another person tells you something they omitted and suddenly everything makes sense.

So after hearing a friend's story about how she hear someone's omission and then how everything made perfect sense after month and months of things because so confusing, it got me thinking. Thinking back to those people in my life that I never understood or where things didn't add up. Especially when relationships didn't work out and you spent so much time blaming yourself or thinking about what you could have done differently. I think that maybe with some people I couldn't have changes things or done things differently - I think there was a missing piece of them that they never let me know about and therefore kept an distance between us that only increased. As sad as that notion is I also take comfort in it and perhaps you may too.

Sorry for being so lofty/inner monologue-ish today, but I was in one of those moods so what you see if what you get.

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