Thursday, December 4, 2008

My Soundtrack

First I want to wish my younger sister a happy 23rd birthday!

I think if my life had a soundtrack it would be a really interesting mix of songs that already exist and songs yet to be written. I bet the songs that would be written for the backdrop of my life would be stellar. But I guess until that happens I have to stick to listening to soundtracks that already exist. My newest soundtrack obsession (have no fear I am still lovin' on the Twilight soundtrack) but last night I watched Once which I got on netflix due the suggestion of my fabulous friend Kelly. I knew Once was this foreign independent movie that won an Oscar for the song and the sountrack was a big sensation, but I never heard the music until last night.

I must admit the movie was strange, but a good strange. It felt like a documentary, even though it wasn't and the two main characters aren't named. They are referred to as "guy" and "girl" in the credits. The characters are both musicans hence why the mvoie was dubbed a modern day musical. The "guy" played by an Irish rocker named Glen Hansard has a really awesome and interesting voice all while toting an acoustic guitar. The "girl" is a Czech musican named Markéta Irglová who plays some awesome piano in the movie and has a really nice soft vocal. They wrote and performed all the songs, songs that I really liked from the moment I heard them and therefore I have been listening to all day today.

Here is the song that won the oscar and if you click on it and go to youtube and look at the right column under "related videos" you can find the whole soundtrack!

I also listened to/watched some Christmas tunes sung by my David Cook. He perfomed 2 songs during the Rcokefeller Center Tree Lighting yesterday "Have yourself a merry little Christmas" and "Happy Christmas (the war is over)" they were both awesome depsite the fact my little Cookie had a chest cold.

What music would be on your life's soundtrack???

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