Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Muscle Milk

So Friday I went to buy protein shake mix from a nutrition place in town that my trainer at the gym recommended. Well the shop is part nutrition store/part lounge/part boxing facility which equals a lot of dudes and meat heads. So I go in and to my surprise the guy who owns it was super chill and fun as well as a few of the other guys in the shop who were just hanging out. So I ended up in there for like 45 minutes shooting the shit and on top of it the owner made me a protein shake there, gave me the protein packs for as well as a shake bottle. All and all it was a good time. My plan is to befriend these guys because they were so not "Alabama" they were very laid back and fun. My trainer says she is even now a regular who hangs out at the shop.

I had a session with my trainer yesterday and I wanted to tell her all about my protein pans, but she had heard about my visit from them! Fun. So now I feel like a meathead for drinking protein shakes, but oh well - gotta boost my metabolism.

Oh a side note a bought Freddie a tshirt that says "I've Been Naughty" it is toooo cute. Nothing like buying an XS dos tshirt that looks like it could fit a newborn.

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