Tuesday, December 2, 2008

David Patrick Cullen

I can't remember if I already blogged about, but so what he's too perfect to not blog about and he is just about the only thing that can cheer me up on a regular basis...David Patrick Cullen.

David Patrick Cullen is my hybrid named obsession for David Cook, Neil Patrick Harris and Edward Cullen. Pretty much the past few months have been a blur of David Cook, How I Met Your Mother and Twilight so none of you should be all that surprised. I know my life is sad, but I don't care they make me happy.

I have been listening to David Cook's new cd and the Twilight Soundtrack like whoa lately in addition to watching seasons 1-3 of How I Met Your Mother in addition to the current season so much that I know most of the words by heart.

Sidenote: I do plan on getting cable come January..although after being at my mom's for Thanksgiving and having cable I really wasn't missing much - except for the Project Runway mini-marathon that was on and I was thrilled!

I did get to see the Twilight movie twice over Thanksgiving break. I had no idea what to expect I heard a lot of mixed reviews. I loved the look and feel of the movie right off the bat, I thought the story moved too fast and somethings weren't how I imagined it, but overall I liked it. I went a few days later to see it again and I enjoyed it a lot more. The music was awesome - both the score and the contemporary music and really helped tell the story, which isn't surprising since Stephanie Meyer is a big music fan and like I mentioned earlier had playlists for her book.

I suppose since I'm talking about Thanksgiving I should give a run down of my break. I spent a fabulous long weekend in Baltimore visiting Sara and SABEN. Baltimore was really young and fun. I loved being near the water - that was for sure a highlight, but my other favorite was going to this place called Little Havanna for Brunch. 1. it was really cute inside despite it being a warehouse 2. they had YUMMY food 3. they served bottomless mimosas/bloody marys/coffee. Nothing like starting off your day with alcohol...fantastic. Speaking of alcohol after went out Saturday night after the bars closed we got a pizza pretzel...yup a soft pretzel covered in sauce and cheese. TASTY! It was great staying with Sara - it was like living with a roommate again! It was also great to catch up with Saben who I havent seen in ages and see his kick ass apartment!

Sara, Freddie and I roadtripped it up to NY on Tuesday, which was good overall..until we hit New York and it took 90 minutes to go 25 miles yuck!

Home was okay - I had to stay in my sisters room because my grandmother was staying in my room. I wasn't feeling super well most of the time I was home so I laid low and barely got to eat Thankgiving dinner :(

I did get to catch up with my bestie Christine. I finally got to try this Thai place at home I always wanted to eat at and Chrisitine was a Thai virgin, but she liked it. Speaking of Asian cuisine...when I was in Baltmire Sara and I went to a sushi place since I was able to handle eating it when she came to visit me. I ate a few with fish, mostly I stuck to the veggie ones, but all and all I don't think sushi is for me, but I'm glad I tried it.

I gotta go...off to the gym for the first time in too long...I hope I don't collapse on the elliptical haha.

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