Friday, August 28, 2009

What's the Rush?

Okay I am by no means a wedding expert. Scratch that I have very little to no interest in weddings. However due to Facebook I constantly see in the newsfeed tons of wedding talk. First off I don't understand why people pick their wedding date within hours of getting engaged. Umm you JUST decided to MARRY someone, give it a few days to marinate before you commit to a day. If I get married I really don't want to get divorced, but I also don't want to have a shitty marriage and stay together "for the kids" or someone garbage excuse.

And does something magically happen when people get engaged that they don't need to sleep because all of a sudden they have websites and registries and have picked out all their stuff. Don't you have a job? When the eff do you have time to do this crap? Another reason not to rush.

What really KILLS me are the bridezillas who then have the audacity to COMPLAIN about the wedding and wedding planning (especially on Facebook). Dude it's YOUR wedding do what you want. You are the only one making it complicated. If you don't want to deal with having a big wedding then guess what DON'T HAVE ONE.

I still don't understand the concept of these child brides. I actually saw someone who got married out of college say (via blog) that it was smart to get married out of college because they got to make their big furniture purchases together and got to register for all the stuff they needed for their place. WHAT?!?! If you are getting married at 22 for the ECONOMIC benefit than you clearly shouldn't be getting married. You should be traveling or living alone or embracing one of life's challenges. Don't get married until your 30 and know who you are. Or more importantly when the person you are marrying knows who they are.

Okay I'm done. My "wedding" or just party with my fiance (because I may never want to actually "get married" and I like the word fiance better than husband/wife anyway) is gonna be fun and drama-free. You should start getting excited for the future invite now!

I also find it ironic that I am posting his above a post called "My future husband" haha. That guy totally does sound like cup of tea who would want a fun, chill wedding.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Saturday, August 22, 2009


Life is good. The past few weeks have been some of the best in recent memory. My time in New York was fantastic and life here has been a pleasant surprise. I have had a crazy busy few weeks with classes starting up again and a new school year gearing up, but for the first time in a long time don't feel lost. I feel confident and comfortable. I attribute it to having started my second year at Auburn. The first year of anything is SUCH a learning process and really - haven't gotten to be a "sophomore" since college. Yes my grad school program was two years, but my second year I was working in a new area of campus with a new staff and supervisor so I still faced quite a learning curve. Now I know my job and what to expect, plus people know me and what I am capable of. I just feel so confident and sure which is how I operate best. I love having relationships with students who make sure to come visit me or we get to catch up if we run into eachother on campus. I have been waiting to be a seasoned sophomore in the workplace for quite sometime. I am thrilled and excited about the year ahead.

Speaking of being seasoned today is exactly 8 years since I moved into college freshman year. WHAT?!?!?! I know crazy. Sometimes it feels like yesterday I can picture it all so clearly. At the same time it feels like a lifetime ago. Quinnipiac I love you!

Well let me get back to reading one of my Sookie Stackhouse books since I'm writing this post on my blackberry poolside!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Hot for Teacher

Today I taught my first class at Auburn! Granted it's a 1 credit freshmen seminar called "The Auburn Experience" I am still excited about it. I am team teaching it with one of our grad assistants and a peer instructor. We have 25 unsuspecting first semester it.

I think today was a mix of scaring them and making them think where did they find these people...which I think is always good. As much as I love my student leaders I haven't had as much continuious freshmen interaction as I would like so I am really pumped at watching them grow into their own this semester.

Speaking of growing into their own...last night was my Auburn directorial debut. I worked with 3 fabulous actresses - 2 of which had never acted before, but they were fantastic and picked it up very quickly. I directed a scene from Alan Ball's Fine Women Wearing the Same Dress. The scene was a part of Auburn Community Theatre's Sceneworks 2009. In total there were 8 scene all from American Playwrights and most of the scenes were very contemporary. I was very impressed with all the local talent and especially my actors. I had so much fun rehearsing with them this summer. I really did enjoy directing and hope to do it again in the future in addition to act! One positive aspect of the play being over is that I can get back and focus on the gym. I am going tomorrow for the first time tomorrow since who knows when. As much as I like the unexpected I realyl do thrive when I have a routine.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

My "Famous" Friend

One of my best friends is FAMOUS and even gives me a suble should out towards the end. LOVE IT I'm so proud, plus I know this will embarass her more than she already way!

He sucks. In a good way...

I read a 300 page Sookie Stackhouse AKA True Blood book this weekend in one day and anxiously wait to watch the True Blood online on Mondays. This is the main reason...

1,000 year old Vampire Sheriff Eric Northman...played by Sweden's own Alex Skarsgard.

Let the drooling commence.

Thank you.

P.S. Yes I will be buying this calendar and it will forever be January in my office...

Monday, August 17, 2009

Fan Girl

SO Friday night I went to Supper Club with some friends to see Delicious (formerly of the Velcro Pygmies and the Delicious Band) in the band MissUsed - I have to say I was disapointed that the Delicious Band was no longer because Delicious was not only lead guitar, but lead vocals which I loved. Well MissUsed is more punk in their style, but still do 80s/90s covers. I still don't understand the 80s coverband craze down here, but I'm not complaining. Sadly the place wasn't packed, I love was Supper Club is full to capacity. Regardless MissUsed was pretty good. During their intermission I was determined to be a full on fain girl and talk to Delicious so after sitting outside with my friends for a bit I went in to go look for him. He was over at one of the bars with another band member Bullet and some girl. So I like half joined in to conversation and then in a lull I played my "Yankee card" and said something about being a special fan because I was from the North. Whatever it was lame, but it got them talking. It was a pretty fun/random conversation between me, Bullet and Delicious. Well Bullet and I just kept on talking and I must say I was half saddened to find out he didn't dress punkrock in real life and that I wouldn't believe the amount of time it took to get ready for a show. I mean yes I figured he didn't wear stage clothes like that out in public or his hair that redonkulous, but at the same time I told him that if he was fratty in real life I was going to leave right then and there. He laughed and we had a odd, but entertaining conversation which was alright by me. The rest of the set was good, random times.

God I love music, especially live music regardless if it's a small town country 80s/punk coverband. I really need more musical people in my life...I really don't have many musical friends, but those that are I love talking music with (yes Drew I mean you especially). Well a new band I will share with you is Hot Chelle Rae - - they opened for David Cook in Jersey and I really liked them live. Their record hasn't come out yet, but they a bunch of songs on their myspace so check them out. They are good to rock out to - I think I'll really enjoy listening to them at the gym.

So speaking of my guy Dave - this video surfaced on youtube and as creepy as it is, I also find it adorable or aDORKable as some of the super fangirls say. I swear I'm not as "bad" in the fangirl love as some ladies out there.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Wait for it...

WOW...the past 2 weeks have been insane, but I am here to give you a bulleted version of my whirlwind 2 weeks.

Wednesday July 29
*Worked a half day
*Almost forgot to pack my concert tickets
*Drove to the airport
*Flight got delayed
*Delayed more
*Delayed even more
*Finally my 4:05pm flight was cancelled at 9pm due to weather in New York
*Flight rebooked for 8:20am
*Get a hotel for the night
*Only have my carry on and Freddie
*Get to hotel, luckily it wasn't sketchy
*Had nothing of worth in my carry on so had to sleep in the clothes I was wearing
*Didn't sleep well...main due to stress and fear of oversleeping

Thursday July 30
*Get up at 6:15am
*Get to the airport
*My flight takes off on time
*I finish reading one of my Sookie Stackhouse books on the plane
*Got a FANTASTIC view of NYC and the Status of Liberty as we approached our landing
*Flight Landed around 11
*Met my mom and she didn't recognize me (I had shorter darker hair this time, but she never recognizes me until I am like standing a foot away from her)
*Somehow my luggage beat me to NY so we just grabbed it and headed out
*Dropped stuff and Freddie off at home - Freddie was such a great travel buddy and he kept me sane
*Had lunch at "the Panty" aka the Pantry Diner...yum
*Picked my sister up at the train station
*Got my first of MANY Dunkin Donuts Iced Coffees
*Picked up my rental car - I wasn't a yellow VW Bug (bahaha), but I some some KIA SUV that my mom insisted on
*Drove over 2 hours to New Jersey with Caitlyn to go see David Cook
*Paid $11 to cross the Verazano Bridge and another $8 to cross some other bridge WTF
*Got lost towards the end of our adventure and had a mild fight with Caitlyn
*Ate GROSS pizza and then saw a street called Cheesequake that broke the tension between Cait and I which lead to mass hysteria
*Screamed like a school girl for David Cook - we made it to about 10 people from the stage dead center, David looked DELICIOUS (got lovely views of all his tattoos)
*Drove home 2 hours in a David Cook trance...
Drove right under the Brooklyn Bridge and saw some fantastic views of the city on the BQE en route to dropping Cait off in Queens
*Came home at Midnight and fought with my mom ...big surprise
*Went to bed at like 3am completely drained

Friday July 31
*Woke up at like 11am
*Colleen came around noon
*Had a yummy yet sketchy lunch at Friendlys
*Drove to Queens to get my wallet I left in Cait's bag
*Planned on going to the beach since it didn't rain, but by the time we were about to go it rained
*Dropped off my rental car
*Watched like 4 episodes of Cash Cab with Colleen and my mom while drinking DD Iced Coffee
*Met Irene for dinner at Fridays
*Drove all the way to Long Beach for it to be lame
*Drove to RVC and went to Churchills which was lame
*Went next door to a place called LongHorns that I had never been to, but had a "band" aka 2 guys on guitar playing
*Drank beer out of mason jars at LongHorns
*Enjoyed the band and then went outback during their break
*Talk to this fun, random guy from Texas for a while until Colleen heard the band play "Use Somebody" and we ran back inside
*Talked with the crazy bar owner who loved his life and walked on the bar, drank beer out of his shoes, mooned his bartenders and was hitting a cowbell with a wooden spoon
*I also got to hit the cowbell a few times and then the bar owner told Colleen told her she had a short skirt on!
*Went home at last call and directly to bed

Saturday August 1
*Woke up around 9am
*Got another DD Iced Coffee
*Collena and took the train to NYC
*Went to TKTS to get cheap Broadway show tickets, but it was all so expensive
*Went to the box office at In The Heights, but they didn't have any cheat sheets
*Went to the Avenue Q box office and got rear mezzanine tickets
*Took a cab to our hotel which was in an AWESOME location and not shady at all
*Struggled for about 10 minutes to figure out the air conditioner including calling the front desk, but we figured it...stupid switch.
*Grabbed sandwiches at a nearby deli and ate out yummy sandwiches on a bench in the park behind the Museum of Natural History
*Took a cab to the theatre for Avenue Q...we kept looking out for the Cash Cab
*Got bumped up to 2nd row mezzanine
*We both loved the show and laughed the whole time
*Took a touristy picture outside of the theatre and sang songs the entire cab ride home
*Got ready and hung around our sweet room
*Christine came to the hotel as we finished getting ready
*Headed a few blocks over the Silk Road Palace AKA the Chinese place with free white wine
*Waited an hour for our table and all of our friends to get here, but drank free wine the entire time we waited
*Finally got our table for 10
*Got throwback Michael Jackson trading cards from Caitlyn as a "gift" and passed them out as "favors" - hilarity ensued
*Sara gave me an awesome ring from San Fran made out of a fork
*Ate, Drank and were Merry
*Had a waitress take a standard group picture that turned out hilarious with the lonely drunk old lady and random guys giving the thumbs up
*Went to a bar across the street and played beer pong while some people went to the hotel to finish getting ready
*Then went uptown to this awesome rooftop bar except Jeff couldn't get in because he had shorts and sneakers on (which later led to a funny "mad libs" type game about what Jeff was wearing)
*A bunch of up still went to the rooftop bar which has SPECTACULAR views, but $14 drinks
*My friend Rachel from high school met up with us there
*After a while we headed to another bar across town where some Quinnipiac people were
*The night gets a little blurry from here on out
*Rachel and I stopped by another bar where one of her friends was having a birthday party
*We head back to the bar with the Quinnipiac people and are there well past 3am
*We load into cabs and drank friends to come back to the hotel because they were in no shape to take the train home - at this point I think I lost my blackberry case :(
*Drop half the group at the hotel while the rest of us get pizza which took FOREVER and cost a million dollars
*Came back to the room to see Christine and Rachel PASSED out
*East HOT pizza too fast and burn our mouths off
*Collapse and fall asleep sometime after 4am

Sunday August 2
*Woke up around 10 something and have post night out recap and giggles
*Colleen drinks the $2.50 bottle of water in the room
*Slowly start to function
*Rachel and Kristyn go and get us drinks
*Christine FINALLY wakes up despite the fact the rest of us were so loud
*Take the subway to Penn Station hung over
*JUST make our train
*Get back home and it's raining
*Colleen gets on the road back to Rhode Island - bless her heart, meanwhile Sara took a bus back to Baltimore...yuck!
*Lay on the couch and watch a marathon of The Next Food Network Star for houuuuuurs
*Go pick up some stuff/junk for dinner including a Carvel Ice Cream Birthday Cake!
*DD for an Iced Coffee
*Watch the Season Finale of The Next Foot Network Star
*Pass out due to sheer exhaustion

Monday August 3
*Had lunch with my Aunt at one of our favorite Chinese restaurants
*Starbucks Iced coffee - I know, but mom was paying
*Shopped 'til I dropped with my mom at the mall for HOURSSSSS
*Had one of our favorite meals at the Cheesecake Factory
*Rented and watched Twilight with my mom at like midnight since she read all the books and she actually really liked the movie
*Bed at like 3am

Tuesday August 4 - MY BIRTHDAY
*put my phone on silent due to all the texts, facebook alerts, emails and calls I was getting starting at like 6am
*Once I finally woke up at like Noon I unsilenced my phone
*Got a DD Iced Coffee
*Got a fabulous NY bagel
*Went down to the beach to soak in all of its sights, smells and sun
*Checked all my fabulous facebook messages, texts etc - I felt pretty loved
*Christine came to get me and then we took the train to NYC
*Officially turned 26 at 4:58pm EST
*Met up with Rachel downtown and had dinner and drinks
*Christine and I met my friend Jeannine at Radio City Music Hall for our Incubus Concert
*Seriously we have never seen SO many duded in one place before
*The show was great...we all sang and bopped to the music
*Brandon Boyd was looking tasty as ever
*Walked to Penn Station
*Had interesting train ride home involving falling onto guys, spoons and being a big deal

Wednesday August 5
*Slept in
*Watched some Full House
*Got a DD Iced Coffee
*Went to Nathans for a fabulously famous hot dog
*Went to the airport
*Got stopped like every 5 people by people who thought Freddie was SOOO cute - which he is
*Flight was delayed an hour
*Got my FINAL Dunkin Donuts Iced Coffee of the trip (#7 I believe)
*Started reading Julie and Julia at the airport and on the flight
*Got to ATL and remarkably got my luggage and to my car in record time
*Drove and got home around 10pm
*Unpacked and did laundry
*Pass out after Midnight

Thursday August 6
*Came back to 70+ emails
*Met with staff to talk about the year ahead
*Went to a University 1000 instructor training
*Worked on getting caught up on emails, voicemails etc.
*Had rehearsal with my wonderful actresses who were off book!!
*Cleaned my apartment
*Pass out

Friday August 7
*More work
*Meetings across campus
*Mini "reunion" at the AUSC
*Expected and unexpected visitors
*Sarah aka Mrs. Stenlake arrived in Auburn just as I was leaving work
*Major catching up session with Sarah
*Niffers for dinner
*Bodega for drinks
*Supper Club for bad decisions haha
*Drag Sarah's drunk ass home and go to bed at like 4:30am

Saturday August 8
*Sarah can't find her purse...crisis ensues
*Meet peeps for lunch at Toomers including my fabulously amazing friend Star (I figured she wouldn't be happy if I didn't write that)
*Sarah goes back to my apartment to rip it apart looking for her purse
*Take Star and Travis on the best/worst golf cart tour of campus
*Get SnoBiz
*Chill out at home with Sarah
*Briefly catch up with Sara (not the Sarah that was visiting)
*Go to Star and Travis's shower at the Armstrongs
*Introduce Sarah to the first season of How I Met Your Mother
*Head to bed early

Sunday August 9
*Sleep in a bit
*Brunch at IHOP
*Give Sarah a mini campus driving tour
*Sarah heads home
*Lay out poolside all afternoon
*Catch up with Natty Light
*Go to improv which was again superfun

Monday August 10
*Lots of prep work for SOS - Transfer Orientation
*Rehearsal with my cast
*Finally catch up with Colleen

Tuesday August 11
*More office/work craziness
*Briefing meeting with my Orientation Leaders
*Bed early

Wednesday August 12
*Wake up at 5:30am for SOS
*Campus by 6:15am
*SOS all day which was both fun and hectic
*Met with new Professional Development Work Group I am a part of
*Got Colleen a pep talk
*Went to bed earrrrly

Thursday Aug 13
*Went into work late because I wasn't feeling well - perhaps because I have has an insane 2 weeks!
*More work prepping for Welcome Week and an out of state student social
*Announced HCCs and HPCs!
*Even started half this blog post yesterday
*Squealed over some exciting news with Colleen
*Had rehearsal with my cast - our performance is on Wednesday and it's gonna be awesome I can't wait
*After rehearsal we all went out for dinner and drinks to bond and just hang out which was good times

Friday August 14
*Department meeting this morning
*Met with one of our new Grad Assistants about some projects he'll be working on
*Finished up this blog
*I'm about to head to lunch at the moment
*PERHAPS Supper Club tonight to see Delicious's new band, but I'd NEED a nap before then, if not bed early tonight
*Either way I hope to get LOTS of sleep this weekend and sun poolside as well

I hope you all enjoyed summary it was a fantastic 2 weeks and this blog could never do it justice anyway. I would definitely say I have started of being 26 with quite a bang!

Thursday, August 6, 2009


I'm back from New York and turned 26 in the process. I had an aboulute blast, so much so that I was waaaay to busy to post while I was away, but I promise a post in the very near future.