Monday, August 17, 2009

Fan Girl

SO Friday night I went to Supper Club with some friends to see Delicious (formerly of the Velcro Pygmies and the Delicious Band) in the band MissUsed - I have to say I was disapointed that the Delicious Band was no longer because Delicious was not only lead guitar, but lead vocals which I loved. Well MissUsed is more punk in their style, but still do 80s/90s covers. I still don't understand the 80s coverband craze down here, but I'm not complaining. Sadly the place wasn't packed, I love was Supper Club is full to capacity. Regardless MissUsed was pretty good. During their intermission I was determined to be a full on fain girl and talk to Delicious so after sitting outside with my friends for a bit I went in to go look for him. He was over at one of the bars with another band member Bullet and some girl. So I like half joined in to conversation and then in a lull I played my "Yankee card" and said something about being a special fan because I was from the North. Whatever it was lame, but it got them talking. It was a pretty fun/random conversation between me, Bullet and Delicious. Well Bullet and I just kept on talking and I must say I was half saddened to find out he didn't dress punkrock in real life and that I wouldn't believe the amount of time it took to get ready for a show. I mean yes I figured he didn't wear stage clothes like that out in public or his hair that redonkulous, but at the same time I told him that if he was fratty in real life I was going to leave right then and there. He laughed and we had a odd, but entertaining conversation which was alright by me. The rest of the set was good, random times.

God I love music, especially live music regardless if it's a small town country 80s/punk coverband. I really need more musical people in my life...I really don't have many musical friends, but those that are I love talking music with (yes Drew I mean you especially). Well a new band I will share with you is Hot Chelle Rae - - they opened for David Cook in Jersey and I really liked them live. Their record hasn't come out yet, but they a bunch of songs on their myspace so check them out. They are good to rock out to - I think I'll really enjoy listening to them at the gym.

So speaking of my guy Dave - this video surfaced on youtube and as creepy as it is, I also find it adorable or aDORKable as some of the super fangirls say. I swear I'm not as "bad" in the fangirl love as some ladies out there.


Chris Landry said...

Wait, did Green River Ordinance open for David Cook? I stumbled upon them a few months ago and can't decide what to think.

Me said...

GRO has been opening for David, but they didn't at the show I was at in jerz. I do like thier song Goodbye LA