Thursday, August 20, 2009

Hot for Teacher

Today I taught my first class at Auburn! Granted it's a 1 credit freshmen seminar called "The Auburn Experience" I am still excited about it. I am team teaching it with one of our grad assistants and a peer instructor. We have 25 unsuspecting first semester it.

I think today was a mix of scaring them and making them think where did they find these people...which I think is always good. As much as I love my student leaders I haven't had as much continuious freshmen interaction as I would like so I am really pumped at watching them grow into their own this semester.

Speaking of growing into their own...last night was my Auburn directorial debut. I worked with 3 fabulous actresses - 2 of which had never acted before, but they were fantastic and picked it up very quickly. I directed a scene from Alan Ball's Fine Women Wearing the Same Dress. The scene was a part of Auburn Community Theatre's Sceneworks 2009. In total there were 8 scene all from American Playwrights and most of the scenes were very contemporary. I was very impressed with all the local talent and especially my actors. I had so much fun rehearsing with them this summer. I really did enjoy directing and hope to do it again in the future in addition to act! One positive aspect of the play being over is that I can get back and focus on the gym. I am going tomorrow for the first time tomorrow since who knows when. As much as I like the unexpected I realyl do thrive when I have a routine.

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