Friday, August 28, 2009

What's the Rush?

Okay I am by no means a wedding expert. Scratch that I have very little to no interest in weddings. However due to Facebook I constantly see in the newsfeed tons of wedding talk. First off I don't understand why people pick their wedding date within hours of getting engaged. Umm you JUST decided to MARRY someone, give it a few days to marinate before you commit to a day. If I get married I really don't want to get divorced, but I also don't want to have a shitty marriage and stay together "for the kids" or someone garbage excuse.

And does something magically happen when people get engaged that they don't need to sleep because all of a sudden they have websites and registries and have picked out all their stuff. Don't you have a job? When the eff do you have time to do this crap? Another reason not to rush.

What really KILLS me are the bridezillas who then have the audacity to COMPLAIN about the wedding and wedding planning (especially on Facebook). Dude it's YOUR wedding do what you want. You are the only one making it complicated. If you don't want to deal with having a big wedding then guess what DON'T HAVE ONE.

I still don't understand the concept of these child brides. I actually saw someone who got married out of college say (via blog) that it was smart to get married out of college because they got to make their big furniture purchases together and got to register for all the stuff they needed for their place. WHAT?!?! If you are getting married at 22 for the ECONOMIC benefit than you clearly shouldn't be getting married. You should be traveling or living alone or embracing one of life's challenges. Don't get married until your 30 and know who you are. Or more importantly when the person you are marrying knows who they are.

Okay I'm done. My "wedding" or just party with my fiance (because I may never want to actually "get married" and I like the word fiance better than husband/wife anyway) is gonna be fun and drama-free. You should start getting excited for the future invite now!

I also find it ironic that I am posting his above a post called "My future husband" haha. That guy totally does sound like cup of tea who would want a fun, chill wedding.


Star said...

I'll just assume you aren't talking about me. LOL.

Anonymous said...

I understand completely.
Nate and I have been together over a year and talk about getting married eventually but we are in no rush and I feel me being almost 27 and him 31, both of us home owners, adults, etc, etc that we are mature enough to make this decision.

Ive also decided I will be hiring a wedding planner to do all the work, I refuse to stress out over it when it does happen!


Jennifer said...

no star you are awesome and not a bridezilla at all

LegallyBoston said...

I may be a little different than most... Having just got engaged over the weekend, we pretty much already have a date. However, the difference being we started researching places for the reception BEFORE getting engaged. We both knew it was coming so we started the research and looked at availability of dates ahead of time.

- Lindsay B.