Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Apparently this blog is taking a rant detour as of lately, but I hope you all enjoy the ride regardless. Has annyone one else noticed the REDONK amount of text/im/email smiley faces guys write - especially when they are "trying" to flirt. It's toooo much.
Bad :)
Worse ;)
Devil? - does anyone do this anymore...I vaguely remember it from back in THE DAY ;O)~>

I was recently looking through a text "convo" with someone and I did a count of smileys...out of control.

And it's not only the 20something guys...my friend has been emailing with a 30something guy and same thing smileys out the whoo-haa.

A smiley here and there is fine...but 2 per text or something calm down. Use your words or better yet ACTIONS to flirt. Good Lord. Relationships and technology are going to be the death of me.

P.S. they really need to create a sarcasm font...I'm on board for that!

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