Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Kelly's Visit

Better late than never right? I am currently typing along to Muse's new record that came out yesterday (it streaming for free on their website - glorious).

Let's travel back to Friday September 4. We had an awesome work tailgate that afternoon which was fun and kept me distracted enough from my overwhelming excitement to see Kelly. At like 4:40 (5 minutes early) I leave work jet to my car, run home real quick to walk Freddie and then head off the Atlanta Airport. It is about 90 minutes to the airport from Auburn so I was going to get to the airport at the perfect time. Kelly's flight was coming in at 7:30 eastern/6:30 central (I really loathe the time zone changes). I stopped in Newnan, GA for Dunkin Donuts Iced Coffee - I actually held off drinking anything in the car until then. Well Newnan is like 25 minutes from the airport. I drive a few more miles and then I see brake lights, lots of brake lights. SERIOUSLY. For the sake of me getting re-frustrated I will say that due to an apparent accident I sat in traffic for an HOUR. At one point I had the car off and was standing next to my car. Aggravated! Needless to say about an hour and 20 minutes later than I had hoped I made it to the Airport and picked up Kelly!

We stopped and got a bite to eat in Newnan on the way back because I was hungry, had to pee and was sick of the car. Let's just say that was a crazy random dinner and I like barely ate because I was too busy talking.

We FINALLY get to Auburn at like 10:30pm central. Kelly FINALLY got to meet Freddie and it was love at first sight. Gave her the apartment tour and we were both awake and up for a mini Auburn tour and beverage. I showed her some of the tailgating fields and we drove past all the fraternity houses (and hundreds of drunk students). Then we went to Momma G's for a pitcher of their crack beer. Lots of fun people watching, except we had 2 creeks from California who were like posing as southerns be rude to us because we were from the north. Kelly was shocked to be discriminated against. They were ugly jerks, but it's funny in hindsight. We went to bed at like 3am after giggling and slumber party like chatting in bed.

Well the excitement of football season caused me to wake up at 7:30am!?!?! Really?!?! I know crazy, but I was too excited to sleep. We had breakfast at home, hung around got ready (aka decked Kelly out is tons of orange stuff), went to McAllisters for lunch and then headed to campus. Oh the sea of orange. I loved watching Kelly's reaction to game day in Auburn. We tailgated hopped for a bit, went to tiger walk, drank beer out of the bottle in public thanks to no drinking rules on gameday (Kelly especially loved do I). Before the game we got some Chick-Fil-A, Kelly's first time having it, we drank our beers and ate our chicken it was magical.

So 30 minutes before the game we head to the Stadium (I love have tickets, no need to get to the game hours before it starts for seats!). Umm my seats are KICKASS. Endzone 20 rows up and have a great angle of the field. The eagle, the band, aubie, 87,000 people in orange and an Auburn victory it was awesome! Sadly we didn't get on the jumbotron - HOWEVER at this past week's game I was on it TWICE thanks for my friend Michelle's awesome 1st row endzone seats! I kept getting texts from people who saw me. The first time I was on it was super up close and I even looked up to the jumbotron and saw me on it..creepy, but cool.

So we won and went to Roll Toomer's Corner good times. We headed home to shower and relax for a bit. Then we headed back out on the town...mainly for the people watching. Again I love watching my other Yankee friends observe southerners - especially their fashion. Sadly we didn't make it to Supper Club, but good times none the less.

Sunday we slept in a bit before having breakfast and getting sucked into a SVU marathon. We made it out to the pool for a few hours then got ready and I gave Kelly the grand tour of Auburn's campus and she took pictures of various things mainly because of how redonk they are (the fraternity houses, poultry science building etc). Then we headed to Niffers for dinner and their infamous corn nuggets which Kelly loved (I'm not gonna lie I do judge the people who don't love them ahemCaitlynahem). I even saw the fabulous Ms. Codi and Jim out with her parents are Niffers. I like seeing people out that I know. Then we went to the movies to see 500 Days of Summer. I'm not a huge movie goer, but I really wanted to see it - I had heard such great things about it. At the movies I actually ran into like 6 people I knew. As I'm sure you read from an earlier blog we LOVED the movie. We seriously went to Starbucks after the movie to like "process" it. I had the pleasure of getting a pumpkin spice latte served by one of my students I teach actually and miraculously I knew her name (on my 2nd try). Again somehow we were up til like 2am that night giggling over dumb things on the internet oh and me forcing her to watching David Cook's SNL performances.

Monday we were up bright and early because her flight was at 1:30pm eastern which somehow meant we had to be on the road at 9am with all the time changes and getting to the aiport early. Since I was going to be in Atlanta so early I made a day of it. My friend Michelle came with us so her and I could go shopping after. Before we headed out of town I had to take Kelly to her first Sonic. Then we were on the road - I've said it before, but it's amazing how fast a car ride can go with passengers. Clearly I stopped in Newnan for DD coffee. We dropped Kelly off which was sad, but we had good times and I'm planning on visiting her and the Amish in the Spring. Michelle and I headed to IKEA which was magical. I had not been to the one in Atlanta and it was bumpin. Luckily I got everything I wanted and spent under $200 which was my "budget." Then we went to some outdoor shopping place nextdoor which was cool. We had a yummy lunch at Doc Greens and did some shopping. I got 2 pairs of sandals. Then we lot hella lost getting to the Lenox Mall. Serious it was like 5 minutes from where we were, but we took the wrong highway and went like 30 min out of the way. Sadly the mall didn't have a NY & Co which I thought it did, but goodtimes nonetheless. Lastly we went to Traders Joes and got some yummys (including 2 buck chuck aka cheap wine). Someone it was like 7pm and we headed home again with a DD stop. I was BEYOND exhausted after a marathon shopping day and action packed weekend overall. All of last week I was a zombie, but it was worth it!

Kelly I hope this blog did your trip justice...feel free to comment is you have anything to add!


Kelly said...

Looooooove! It was magical reliving it through the eyes of j.johnson. my only addition would be the randomness that was the rude southern boy SITTING ON MY LAP at the bar saturday night. and, of course, you asking him to get off me, him responding 'give me a second' and you retaliating with 'i thought southerners were supposed to be polite'. HAHAHA

Kelly said...
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Jenniac said...

i believe i said excuse me but you're standing IN my friend. stupid douche