Tuesday, September 15, 2009

DC's my TWEETheart

I still need to blog about Kelly's visit...hopefully tomorrow, but while I'm still in ecstasy I need to blog about what just happened an hour ago. David Cook joined twitter like a month ago and since then he's had like 2 Twitter Q&A's (not parties because parties have punch and this does not - his words not mine) anyway I've submitted questions to him via twitter and he never got to them which was sad, but at the same time it was exciting to be on twitter whilst he was on twitter. So today I was hope at lunch and logged on twitter to see he was in the middle of a twitter Q&A he only does them for like 20-30min at a time. I've submitted a wide range of questions, but the first one that came to mind was "@thedavidcook have a new tattoo planned?" and then I submitted two others. Well I go and look on his twitter page and right at the top only moments after I submitted my question I see:

RT jjenniac@thedavidcook have a new tattoo planned? I've got like four planned.

RT = Re Tweet aka he copied and pasted my question and then just answered his. I've learned so much twitter lingo in the past 2 months.

Umm I love that he has four planned because I have two planned. He's totally a planner, not someone who just decides to get a tattoo. I've had tattoos (both my future ones and his current ones).

Actually his answer was vI've got like four planned. A TYPO. He rarely has typos. Maybe my little pic was so beautiful that it distracted him. Regardless still magical and I've "edited" his typo in all my many repostings, but it's nice to know he isn't perfect. I love his imperfection actually. Agh and I heard a really cute radio interview with him today from last week. Like NO JOKE him and I would really be compatible. Yes, I lust after him, but I would settle for being his friend because I know we'd be awesome friends.

Regardless today is the beginning. Contact has been made. I'm seeing him in concert in a little over a month at the Georgia State Fair. The possibilities are endless. I may have to delete this blog if I ever have the pleasure of knowing him - too much evidence of my obsession.


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Carla King said...

Woooooow! hahahaha.

Im gald he made your day!