Friday, September 25, 2009

Party Barn

Tuesday night I went to my first Presidential shindig. I was invited to a Student Leader Reception since SO many of our students were being honored. I've only seen President Gogue from afar so I was pretty excited to be invited. So we arrive at the President's mansion and get to parking in their huge horseshoe driveway. We get greeted by the President and his wife at once we walk in. The mansion was beautifully decorated. We also walked through the mansion to their new reception area that is just outside...aka a party barn. We were like one of the first groups in there, they had not even completely finished landscaping. My goodness the party barn was beautiful! It was great to see so many students that have come through our office in leadership positions being recognized. I'd say about 60 students were there and about half of them had worked in our office at one point or another.The food was yummy and they served soda in little glass bottles - it so cute. The President said as few words as well as our new Vice President for Student Affairs. It was a very classy event and I know the students felt really honored. I'm really happy President Gogue held this event and I also felt pretty special since I got to go as well!

I got a group shot of 2009-2010 FYE Student Staff with the President.

The President told Rachel to stand in front of his to "hide his pot belly." - too funny!

This also led to like a 10 minute photoshoot with people with the President in smaller groups. Oh how I wish I had a picture with Quinnipiac's President Lahey - maybe at Alumni Weekend this year!

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codi.susanne said...

are you kidding, it was so much harder our year...