Sunday, September 20, 2009

TiVo and TV

So I FINALLY subscribed to TiVo this weekend. I had my dad's old TV box and once looked into setting it up, but there was some drama so I waited. Well now with the new TV season in full swing I decided I no longer want to be a slave to television schedules. It took some time and a lot of cursing on my part, but I got it set up Friday. So far so good.

I am currently watching the Emmy's (yes live, I am recording it too, but improv was cancelled so I got to watch it). NPH or Neil Patrick Harris is hosting. He opened with a fab song and I'm looking forward to the rumored Dr. Horrible skit. Sadly NPH didn't win best supporting actor for a comedy, but he's fabulous and he knows it.

Tomorrow I fully plan on blogging about the insane AU v. WV game and how ridiculous it is they didn't get ranked.

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