Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Disney Parents

I read this a few weeks ago and found it interesting, especially since prior I did think about the lack of parents (especially mothers) in many Disney films.

101 Dalmatians and Peter Pan are the only two Disney cartoon features with both parents that are present and don't die throughout the movie.

After the commercial success of his first major movie, Walt Disney purchased a new home for his parents. A defective furnace in the new home led to his mother dying of asphyxiation. This was a devastating blow for Walt Disney and may be the reason for the lack of mother figures in his films.

Interestingly, all this took place between the release of Snow White and the release of Bambi, a film in which a deer has to cope with the loss of his mother.

Losing a parent is such a defining moment in life. It's interesting how often I feel more mature? worldly? jaded? than people who have both their parents living, especially those who are "grown ups." Maybe I feel that I don't get enough credit for what I've been through (especially my particular circumstances) and the fact that I'm still standing/functioning/excelling.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The South is rubbing off on me

After nearly 2 years of living in the Bible belt it's starting to rub off on me a bit. It's not that I am a stranger to the Bible. I went to Catholic school for 12 years (I'll pause while the Baptists and Methodists laugh...kidding) and took religion/theology for 12 years. By no means can I quote the Bible or even have a favorite Bible verse. However I'd like to that I can still to this day sing church songs, especially ones from elementary school when my class would lead mass. Personal favorites: "Like A Sunflower" "The King of Glory" "On Eagle's Wings."

Anyway getting back to the point of this post. I came across this Bible verse on a friend's blog (AKA someone I don't know personally, but know through other people and I enjoy her blog:

She is clothed in strength and dignity and laughs with no fear of the future. Proverbs 31:25

It spoke to me. I am a pillar of strength, sometimes to strong. I would personally prefer the word integrity over dignity, but then again I didn't write this quote. I really enjoyed the nothing of laughing with no fear of the future. The future is coming, decisions have already been made, things are coming together divinely and fate-fully. I can't worry, I can just live, laugh and love.

Monday, March 29, 2010

It all started 2 years ago today...

I wasn't an avid Idol fan at all. I watched the first season and was team Kelly - I even cried when she won, but that was the summer before my sophomore year of college and I was too busy with school to watch after that. I do remember hearing about Chris Daughtry and I think I saw an episode or two when he was on. I also saw the last two episodes of season 6 because I was home for the summer and my mom was an avid fan.

So I remember my mom told me about some guy with a cute mouth on season 7 and I watched the top 16 episode (and remember an awesome version of Hello, that reminded me a bit of an Incubus cover), but I didn't really get sucked in until a few weeks later.

Two years ago today, March 29, I vividly remember it was a Saturday afternoon and earlier in the week some guy sang some totally unrecognizable, but awesome version of Michael Jackson's Billie Jean on American Idol. I decided to youtube it.

I was BLOWN away. That note he held toward the end of the song. WHAT?!?! This was American Idol - spawn of Pop Idol...not rock your effin face off rockstar search.

Now some of you may think I'm really lame for knowing that March 29th was when my love affair with David Cook started, but I must admit I didn't know that date off the top of my head until recently.

A few weeks ago I blogged about my Unsorted Mail letters. Well I do recall that afternoon I first watched David's video that I wrote a letter to unsorted mail and after looking at my "sent items" in gmail (bless for for never deleting anything) I found this dated gem which actually made it to the website the NEXT day.

date: Sat, Mar 29, 2008 at 5:38 PM
subject: DC

Dear David Cook's version of Billie Jean on American Idol,

I believe that is the exact definition of "panty dropper."

Love, Jenniac

I've spent hundreds of hours watching David Cook Pre-Idol, on Idol, Post-Idol, in concert, on talk shows etc. And you know what, every second of it gives me joy (well maybe except when he asked Kimberly Caldwell out on live tv the night of the Idol finale, but I rather block that all out for everyone's sake). I know PLENTY of you aren't on the David Cook train yet and that's fine, but it's your loss.

To quote one of my favorite David "fangirls" Tracy:
"and as i’m fairly certain there are few people in this world who love you [David Cook] as embarrassingly much as i do."

I have really high hopes for his sophomore effort that is due out this summer. He has been able to put more time into it and not rush it like the his post-idol debut. I LOVE all his pre-idol music so I'm excited for this record to be more him and less "american idol."

I'd also like to nite that I weirdly enough I fell under David's spell EXACTLY 2 months after his audition first aired on Idol. Let's hope that this year I can finally meet the man himself, for example at the Race for Hope next month. Currently he is in Ethiopia working with UN foundation because he's an awesome human being and I think he sould be in the running to be cannonized as a Saint - the man has performed miracles I tell you!

UPDATE: Pic from Ethiopia

Seriously though and I think I've mentioned it before David came into my life during some of my darkest days. His music and watching his climb to success on idol week to week helped me get through it and I am forever thankful for that. Speaking of my favorite David fangirl Tracy I'd also enourage you to read this blog post of hers that really spoke to me as well DCRML

DC Love!


Thursday, March 25, 2010

Bills, Bills, Bills

Seriously I hate bills. I'm sure regardless of how much money I make I will hate them, but not having a lot of money makes me hate them extra. Especially when they are effed up. My water bill I just opened is like 4x bigger than ANY water bill I've ever had and I call the water company and they are like looks like you may have a leak. WHAT LEAK?! SO now I just called my apartment complex to look into. And I'm saddled with a bill 4x more than I planned on spending when this month is tight as hell anyway with the whole car fiasco. Oh that's right I haven't blogged about my caryet really, well I will next week.

I just feel like I've had a really shitty month bill and money wise and I'm like enraged by it all. I swear I really want to live somewhere where all the bills are inclusive. I pay one rate and don't have to worry about individual bills - which I guess would be like living in dorm or other college housing options, but it makes good sense. I have enough shit to worry about in life.

GAH I am so stressed out.

I swear with my next move/job I am moving to a place with a roommate and they can handle the bills, I'll just write them a check. And I'll sure as hell demand making more money than I am making now.

Sorry for all the venting, but when my bank account is hurting it affects everything.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Student Musical

University of Michigan students wrote a hilarious new musical called "Me and My Dick" which has gotten quite a lot of hype. In fact the sountrack on itunes climbed into the top 10 soundtracks last week. They students are gonna workshop it in New York this summer

The whole musical is posted on youbube in 18 parts. I have only watched the first act, but it is fantastic and hilarious. Check it out.

Friday, March 19, 2010

200th Post!

Look at me with my 200th blog post and 200th tumblr post within 1 day of each other. I actually have ANOTHER blog as well, but it's more for me and tracking my exercise/eating/weight loss.

Like you know I have been keeping track of my life this year. So writing down what I eat, when I wake up, how much I work out, etc.

Life is going well. I'd down about 14 pounds, but despite the number I feel and look better than that. I'm stronger and faster than ever. I am running 11 minute miles on the treadmill comfortably and have now run two 10 minute miles on the treadmill. The first time I did it I always puked when I got off, but I felt okay after yesterday's push. Today I am actually going to the track on campus and see how fast I can do a mile which I'm pretty pumped about.

All this beautiful weather is only going to help. Today, after a few miles on the track I'm going to go home and shoot some hoops. I hope to take Freddie on my quality walks now that the weather is FINALLY spring-ish.

I really feel like fitness is a big thing with people my age. Two of my friends from grad school are on quests to lose some major weight/get in shape and have been blogging about it:


I look for motivation where I can get it and now having their blogs to look at and see their AMAZING results thus far is inspiring.

I am looking forward to my 300th post (7-9 months from now) and see my progress. That actually should be about the end of the year. ekkk so exciting. Hopefully I've developed a good gym "habit" and that I continue to improve my eating habits

Thursday, March 18, 2010

My Dad Still Makes Me Laugh

This is a gchat between my sister and I. We had been chatting earlier and then I saw she had a status message up which made me think of a memory of my dad.

Jaitlyn's new status message - Pancake is the best dog name
me: no
me: flapjack is the best dog name
me: i vividly remember daddy saying that once
Jaitlyn: no flapjack is too funny
Jaitlyn: hahah
Jaitlyn: wasnt that the name
Jaitlyn: of like
Jaitlyn: a plastic toy dog
me: prob
Jaitlyn: and daddy would be like
Jaitlyn: show us a trick flap jack
me: haha
me: yeah
Jaitlyn: then knock it to the floor
me: im LOLing
Jaitlyn: so am i
me: i wish all of daddy's funnyisms were on like video
me: he'd be a youtube sensation
Jaitlyn: i know
me: best ever was him as a paraplegic
me: and telling elanor about mom and dad's ballroom dancing divorce
Jaitlyn: when he'd lift up his legs
me: lift and move them side to side
me: and i remember his quacking
me: and how he came to QU my frosh year
me: and i had told my roommates about him quacking and he refused to do it
Jaitlyn: if i recall he didnt refuse to do it
Jaitlyn: he was like
Jaitlyn: i dont know what you're talking about
me: and then i got him to use the call box outside the dorm and quack at tara
me: that sounds accurate
Jaitlyn's new status message - "daddy walk like your battery pack is losing charge"
me: ahaha battery pack
me: i remember him doing that in the middle of merrick road after we saw maid in manhattan
Jaitlyn: haha thats exactly where i remember

I'm sure most of this is inside jokes between my sister and i and our dad that you don't understand or find funny. I must say I'm sorry you are on the outside of these jokes because they were hilarious. I am crying laughing at these memories which is much better than just crying over not having him in my life anymore.

I'd also like to note that my dad was not paraplegic, but my sister and I once told her friend that. We made up a whole story that he was injured in "the war" and that's why my parents got divorced because they were competitive ballroom dancers.

Charoulette Improv

For those of you who haven't been on Charoulette it's an interesting experience. This guy has taken Charoulette to the next level. My improv troupe is totally gonna do this at a rehearsal soon.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Rocker Chic

If I am ever given the choice between musicians I'm ALWAYS going to go for the rocker guy.

I swear stubble, tattoos (sleeves are a new favorite of mine, in addition to the "peek a boo" bicep tattoo), some guyliner and a guy caressing a microphone stand and/or beating the sh*t out of an instrument (preferably a guitar, but drums and pianos are sexy too). Oooh throw in some black/dark blue/purple nail polish - yum. Or a lip ring, double yum.

I love my rockers in the classic tshirt and jeans, but I also love them in like button downs and vests - ties are optional.

Rock, emo, glam rock - love it all.

I really wish I let me rocker flag fly more in college, I think the Q was a little too conservative. This weekend I'm getting some LEGIT rocker hair this weekend and I can't wait - black with some colorful all over streaks. Also this month I'm getting my next tattoo. Last week I bought an awesome new barbel with a star on it for my industrial piercing that I'm gonna put in soon.

I just love feeling more and more myself with each change. I also looked into some drum pad sets and plan on teaching myself some basics of reading music.

I've loved this (slightly altered) Something Corporate lyric for a long time and it's still as true as ever:
I'm a punk rock princess looking for my garage band king.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Unsorted Mail

Back in 2006/2007 Unsorted Mail was one of my favorite blogs. The blog was funny "letters" to people/persons/things. Sadly the ladies that ran it have let it fall to the wayside.

After being a reader for a few months, I decided to be a contributor as well. Here is Unsorted Mail - the best of Jenniac!

It all started with...
dear self,
thank you for finally getting the courage to submit a letter to unsorted mail. the world should not be without your comedic genius. love, jenniac.

dear speed limit,
in new york we think of you just as a suggestion, but thanks for the input. love, jenniac.

dear mtv's two-a-days,
why do i watch the same episodes over and over again? oh that's right, i can't get enough of southern boys with long bangs and bad grammar. love, jenniac.

dear short, but kinda cute guys that makes my coffee every morning,
is it wrong that i am beginning to think of our daily encounters as dates? love, jenniac.

Dear The Color Orange,
You rock my socks off! And my phone, and my coat, and my sheets, and my earrings, and my toothpaste, and my sneakers, and...well, you get the picture. Love, Jenniac.

dear 7th grade,
remember the pen15 club? those were the days. love, jenniac.

Dear Piece Of Crap Car Alarm Remote Battery,
Thanks for dying while I was at a rest stop getting gasoline and coffee. Breaking into my own car and having to ask a guy for a screwdriver...real fun, and not embarassing at all. Love, Jenniac.

Dear My Soul Sucking Job,
I'm literally counting down the minutes until my contract ends. And for the record, that's 246960 minutes. Love, Jenniac.

dear homework,
you know i am trying to avoiding you when i start proof reading my friends' facebook profiles. love, jenniac.

dear end of the semester,
thank you for ruining my social life, comedic abilities, and overall merryment. love, jenniac.

Dear Britney Spears,
Thank you for making me feel prettier and less crazy than ever before. Well done. Love, Jenniac.

dear my grad school colleagues and faculty,
high school called. they want their drama back. love, jenniac.

dear margaritas and sangria,
why don't you two kids mix together to form a glorious drink called a swirl. oh wait, those are already invented and i drank far too many of you this weekend. thanks for the hangover, it was well worth it. love, jenniac.

dear trainwrecks everywhere,
beware, lindsay lohan is ruining your good name. love, jenniac.

Dear Guy I Have Gone Out With A Few Times Who Is Everything I Wanted On Paper: Tall, Educated, Older, And Lives In My Town,
Why am I not attracted to you at all, yet it doesn't stop me from making out with you? Love, Jenniac.

Dear Promotion,
Yes, the money is nice and the new responsibilities are great, but is it wrong that I am most excited about the fact that my boss is moving down the hall and I am getting his office? Love, Jenniac.

Dear Nipples On Men,
Why am I repulsed by you? Love, Jenniac.

Dear Phrase "Don't Mess With Texas,"
You bet this Yankee from New York that just moved here is gonna mess with you. Big time. Oh wait, everyone here has guns and uses them freely...just kidding. Love, Jenniac.

Dear First Season of Beverly Hills 90210 on DVD,
Dylan you are looking goooood. Brenda you are lookin rooooough. Love, Jenniac.

I haven't posted my all time favorite letter just yet, but it will be forthcoming along with a story to go with it very soon.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Live Music

I'm hoping to churn out a blog post later today, but incase I don't I wanted to share this picture/quote that has been floating around tumblr and speaks to the music lover inside of me so clearly and truly.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Race for Hope

Hey Folks - I am running in a 5K in May to benefit the National Brain Tumor Society. I am running on David Cook's team and it would me a lot to me if you could contribute to my goal - any donation would be much appreciated. Check out my page here:

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Drag Queens

If I was a guy I would totally dress in drag. I actually plan on being a drag queen for Halloween this year. I really want to wear more glitter than I already do. I love dramatic drag queen make up and their over the top looks.

Last night I finally made time to watch "Hedwig and the Angry Inch" which I got from netflix last week.

I knew a few people who were big fans of the movie - it is very much a cult classic. I was familiar with one of the songs Origin of Love

It is a truly beautiful song that is based on Plato's Symposium. I quickly fell in love with the movie - it was humorous and moving at the same time. I really enjoyed the entire soundtrack. I'm currently rewatching it as I type so I can return it tomorrow, but I do plan on buying it.

Here is the plot summary:
Hedwig, born a boy named Hansel in East Berlin, fell in love with an American G.I. and underwent a sex-change operation in order to marry him and flee to the West. Unfortunately, nothing worked out quite as it was supposed to - years later, Hedwig is leading her rock band on a tour of the U.S., telling her life story through a series of concerts at Bilgewater Inn seafood restaurants. Her tour dates coincide with those of arena-rock star Tommy Gnosis, a wide-eyed boy who once loved Hedwig... but then left with all her songs.