Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Rocker Chic

If I am ever given the choice between musicians I'm ALWAYS going to go for the rocker guy.

I swear stubble, tattoos (sleeves are a new favorite of mine, in addition to the "peek a boo" bicep tattoo), some guyliner and a guy caressing a microphone stand and/or beating the sh*t out of an instrument (preferably a guitar, but drums and pianos are sexy too). Oooh throw in some black/dark blue/purple nail polish - yum. Or a lip ring, double yum.

I love my rockers in the classic tshirt and jeans, but I also love them in like button downs and vests - ties are optional.

Rock, emo, glam rock - love it all.

I really wish I let me rocker flag fly more in college, I think the Q was a little too conservative. This weekend I'm getting some LEGIT rocker hair this weekend and I can't wait - black with some colorful all over streaks. Also this month I'm getting my next tattoo. Last week I bought an awesome new barbel with a star on it for my industrial piercing that I'm gonna put in soon.

I just love feeling more and more myself with each change. I also looked into some drum pad sets and plan on teaching myself some basics of reading music.

I've loved this (slightly altered) Something Corporate lyric for a long time and it's still as true as ever:
I'm a punk rock princess looking for my garage band king.

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mel said...

Oddly enough, I've been entertaining similar thoughts lately. I'm glad you're seeking out the rocker in you.