Friday, March 19, 2010

200th Post!

Look at me with my 200th blog post and 200th tumblr post within 1 day of each other. I actually have ANOTHER blog as well, but it's more for me and tracking my exercise/eating/weight loss.

Like you know I have been keeping track of my life this year. So writing down what I eat, when I wake up, how much I work out, etc.

Life is going well. I'd down about 14 pounds, but despite the number I feel and look better than that. I'm stronger and faster than ever. I am running 11 minute miles on the treadmill comfortably and have now run two 10 minute miles on the treadmill. The first time I did it I always puked when I got off, but I felt okay after yesterday's push. Today I am actually going to the track on campus and see how fast I can do a mile which I'm pretty pumped about.

All this beautiful weather is only going to help. Today, after a few miles on the track I'm going to go home and shoot some hoops. I hope to take Freddie on my quality walks now that the weather is FINALLY spring-ish.

I really feel like fitness is a big thing with people my age. Two of my friends from grad school are on quests to lose some major weight/get in shape and have been blogging about it:


I look for motivation where I can get it and now having their blogs to look at and see their AMAZING results thus far is inspiring.

I am looking forward to my 300th post (7-9 months from now) and see my progress. That actually should be about the end of the year. ekkk so exciting. Hopefully I've developed a good gym "habit" and that I continue to improve my eating habits

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