Thursday, March 25, 2010

Bills, Bills, Bills

Seriously I hate bills. I'm sure regardless of how much money I make I will hate them, but not having a lot of money makes me hate them extra. Especially when they are effed up. My water bill I just opened is like 4x bigger than ANY water bill I've ever had and I call the water company and they are like looks like you may have a leak. WHAT LEAK?! SO now I just called my apartment complex to look into. And I'm saddled with a bill 4x more than I planned on spending when this month is tight as hell anyway with the whole car fiasco. Oh that's right I haven't blogged about my caryet really, well I will next week.

I just feel like I've had a really shitty month bill and money wise and I'm like enraged by it all. I swear I really want to live somewhere where all the bills are inclusive. I pay one rate and don't have to worry about individual bills - which I guess would be like living in dorm or other college housing options, but it makes good sense. I have enough shit to worry about in life.

GAH I am so stressed out.

I swear with my next move/job I am moving to a place with a roommate and they can handle the bills, I'll just write them a check. And I'll sure as hell demand making more money than I am making now.

Sorry for all the venting, but when my bank account is hurting it affects everything.

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