Monday, March 29, 2010

It all started 2 years ago today...

I wasn't an avid Idol fan at all. I watched the first season and was team Kelly - I even cried when she won, but that was the summer before my sophomore year of college and I was too busy with school to watch after that. I do remember hearing about Chris Daughtry and I think I saw an episode or two when he was on. I also saw the last two episodes of season 6 because I was home for the summer and my mom was an avid fan.

So I remember my mom told me about some guy with a cute mouth on season 7 and I watched the top 16 episode (and remember an awesome version of Hello, that reminded me a bit of an Incubus cover), but I didn't really get sucked in until a few weeks later.

Two years ago today, March 29, I vividly remember it was a Saturday afternoon and earlier in the week some guy sang some totally unrecognizable, but awesome version of Michael Jackson's Billie Jean on American Idol. I decided to youtube it.

I was BLOWN away. That note he held toward the end of the song. WHAT?!?! This was American Idol - spawn of Pop Idol...not rock your effin face off rockstar search.

Now some of you may think I'm really lame for knowing that March 29th was when my love affair with David Cook started, but I must admit I didn't know that date off the top of my head until recently.

A few weeks ago I blogged about my Unsorted Mail letters. Well I do recall that afternoon I first watched David's video that I wrote a letter to unsorted mail and after looking at my "sent items" in gmail (bless for for never deleting anything) I found this dated gem which actually made it to the website the NEXT day.

date: Sat, Mar 29, 2008 at 5:38 PM
subject: DC

Dear David Cook's version of Billie Jean on American Idol,

I believe that is the exact definition of "panty dropper."

Love, Jenniac

I've spent hundreds of hours watching David Cook Pre-Idol, on Idol, Post-Idol, in concert, on talk shows etc. And you know what, every second of it gives me joy (well maybe except when he asked Kimberly Caldwell out on live tv the night of the Idol finale, but I rather block that all out for everyone's sake). I know PLENTY of you aren't on the David Cook train yet and that's fine, but it's your loss.

To quote one of my favorite David "fangirls" Tracy:
"and as i’m fairly certain there are few people in this world who love you [David Cook] as embarrassingly much as i do."

I have really high hopes for his sophomore effort that is due out this summer. He has been able to put more time into it and not rush it like the his post-idol debut. I LOVE all his pre-idol music so I'm excited for this record to be more him and less "american idol."

I'd also like to nite that I weirdly enough I fell under David's spell EXACTLY 2 months after his audition first aired on Idol. Let's hope that this year I can finally meet the man himself, for example at the Race for Hope next month. Currently he is in Ethiopia working with UN foundation because he's an awesome human being and I think he sould be in the running to be cannonized as a Saint - the man has performed miracles I tell you!

UPDATE: Pic from Ethiopia

Seriously though and I think I've mentioned it before David came into my life during some of my darkest days. His music and watching his climb to success on idol week to week helped me get through it and I am forever thankful for that. Speaking of my favorite David fangirl Tracy I'd also enourage you to read this blog post of hers that really spoke to me as well DCRML

DC Love!



codi.susanne said...

I've never listened to "cookie" but is this my new favorite song? maybe

Jenniac said...

it's a FANTASTIC cover. Here is the studio version of the song, slightly different/the full song and I think I even like it more than the live version