Thursday, March 18, 2010

My Dad Still Makes Me Laugh

This is a gchat between my sister and I. We had been chatting earlier and then I saw she had a status message up which made me think of a memory of my dad.

Jaitlyn's new status message - Pancake is the best dog name
me: no
me: flapjack is the best dog name
me: i vividly remember daddy saying that once
Jaitlyn: no flapjack is too funny
Jaitlyn: hahah
Jaitlyn: wasnt that the name
Jaitlyn: of like
Jaitlyn: a plastic toy dog
me: prob
Jaitlyn: and daddy would be like
Jaitlyn: show us a trick flap jack
me: haha
me: yeah
Jaitlyn: then knock it to the floor
me: im LOLing
Jaitlyn: so am i
me: i wish all of daddy's funnyisms were on like video
me: he'd be a youtube sensation
Jaitlyn: i know
me: best ever was him as a paraplegic
me: and telling elanor about mom and dad's ballroom dancing divorce
Jaitlyn: when he'd lift up his legs
me: lift and move them side to side
me: and i remember his quacking
me: and how he came to QU my frosh year
me: and i had told my roommates about him quacking and he refused to do it
Jaitlyn: if i recall he didnt refuse to do it
Jaitlyn: he was like
Jaitlyn: i dont know what you're talking about
me: and then i got him to use the call box outside the dorm and quack at tara
me: that sounds accurate
Jaitlyn's new status message - "daddy walk like your battery pack is losing charge"
me: ahaha battery pack
me: i remember him doing that in the middle of merrick road after we saw maid in manhattan
Jaitlyn: haha thats exactly where i remember

I'm sure most of this is inside jokes between my sister and i and our dad that you don't understand or find funny. I must say I'm sorry you are on the outside of these jokes because they were hilarious. I am crying laughing at these memories which is much better than just crying over not having him in my life anymore.

I'd also like to note that my dad was not paraplegic, but my sister and I once told her friend that. We made up a whole story that he was injured in "the war" and that's why my parents got divorced because they were competitive ballroom dancers.

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MJ said...

So many memories of your father will always make you laugh. I laughed through your story because I am one of the few who understand how your Dad was. Many years earlier there was a prelude to the story you tell about your Dad's "condition". In 1972, 5 of us, including your Dad visited Disneyland for the first time. It was a hot, crowded summer day. Your father insisted he should be "confined" to a wheel chair so that we could move to the front of the lines. I'll never forget when we were in the Country Bear Jamboree exhibit and the music started to play...he would lift one leg up and down in the wheel chair so he could be toe tapping to the music! Priceless